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EPUB Reader

EPUBReader is a fast and lightweight (< 1 MB) HTML5 based ebook reader.
✔ Reads ebooks in the EPUB format without DRM

✔ Uses the proven reading engine of the Firefox Add-on EPUBReader (500,000 daily users)

✔ Opens the ebooks in memory at the location where they are stored, no extra space is required

✔ Only right required is reading the SD card

✔ Auto bookmarking

✔ Day-/Night-Theme

✔ Tagging

✔ No in-app advertising

* If you experience any problems, please contact me via my support mail address shown below. Thanks! **

Keywords: ebook, ebook reader, epub

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (30)

Bry. H. Mar 22, 2020     

This app is amazing! It's just a few KB but works like a charm and does what its title say: let you read EPUB and nothing more, apart from letting you configure things such as font size, and it even has a dark mode! I've looking for an app like this for a while, most apps are bloated with ads and even other features, but nothing a web browser can't do. Thank you for making such a beautiful piece of software!

Mis. R. Jun 30, 2020     

Every time ny screen rotates, I am logged out of the book. That's so annoying. Half the time, all I'm doing is back and forth between the book list and the book I was reading. Not cool.

kmn. Feb 18, 2019     

compact but keeps going into landscape. when I lay down to read, the app goes into landscape. my phone is locked on portrait mode, but the app keeps on going horizontal.

Luc. O. Mar 27, 2022     

Scan does not work. I restarted and retried 10 times. Access to storage is enabled. It just doesn't work.

Haj. M. Oct 6, 2021     

Whoever says whatever about it, might be missing some features regardless of that " its the most awesome epub reader " and perhaphs its the simplicity of it that got me attracted at first. Love it the way it is. thanks mate

Ani. A. K. May 7, 2020     

Will share any constructive criticism with you when I find any. This is how an app should feel, perform and function. I respect the restraint you've shown. Minimal iconography, minimal footprint, no requirement to have your audience sign up for some account against their will. The wisdom to free the audience from commercials or ads that incentivise disengagement. To me, with this app you portray the sort of ethics in software development that I respect, that I am happy to support.

Car. H. Mar 6, 2020     

I really wanted to like this app but it freezes out of the blue and after a certain point it loses the page I was reading every time I open it. Too bad!

spe. d. Nov 28, 2018     

I'm absolutely in love with the design philosophy of this app. It is awesome, simple and world's boldest functional epub reader.

Col. C. Nov 9, 2019     

Immediately launched with errors. Not impressed.

Shy. K. B. Nov 29, 2018     

Very basic Epub file reader. Just opens the file. 👌🏼

Pha. N. Feb 21, 2020     

Very flimsy, choses to open epub files selectively.

Het. F. Jan 22, 2020     

Easy to read and to.open on telephone.

RAH. K. Jan 22, 2022     

Not working on android 10

Ana. M. Oct 19, 2020     

Simple and efficient.

Nei. G. Feb 28, 2021     

Loved this samll pp with usable features, thanks developer

dar. o. Jan 31, 2021     

useless without additional plugin

Les. M. Nov 19, 2019     

Great app. Barely takes up space

Mis. L. Jan 5, 2019     

Guys relax. the developer of this app is no more. he died 3 years ago. stop abusing his work.

Aly. S. J. Feb 10, 2022     

No scrolling 😭 No settings to change anything.

sam. m. Jan 13, 2022     

It doesn't work on new phone models 🤬

Raj. C. May 8, 2020     

Pl add sephia and grey reading mode, why not updating since 5 years

Ano. 0. Apr 21, 2019     

Exactly what I needed, thank you for this app !

A. G. u. Oct 24, 2018     

Software is good.

T.. G. Apr 21, 2019     

Simple. Does what it says.

Muh. Y. 0. Jun 4, 2019     

what a worst app.

Dmi. B. Mar 24, 2016     

the most beautiful epub book formatting with no additional effort. convenient navigation. but some things are really annoying. * the most awkward things: - book is closed when rotating device or reentering app; - no way to close table of contents without reentering app or selecting heading; * some useful features missing: - open books directly from folder without scanning; - full screen support; - return button support in toc and book; - select and scroll to current heading when opening toc; - sometimes blank page between chapter, need to fix; - recent/fav books list would be fine; - link support would be fine;

Tim. m. Jan 28, 2015     

@MichaelVolz, this is an impressive programming feat, to have such a compact and efficient program. The only device googleplay would allow me to install this on, is a more modern tablet for which I have no use of a simple compact program, as there is memory to spare. I have two older phones, one 4.x and another 2.3, and neither is allowed to have it installed. Fix this with googleplay - I have a hunch it's more about some check-boxes that were left out than about system requirements.

Rit. G. Jun 22, 2018     

This app is lightweight and comprises of features that are useful. But each book I open, the links inside the book never works. The links that connect two different places within a book, never work. The blue text always turns to black and there is no link. Would love to use it if it had all the features correct.

Hel. Jul 15, 2015     

New review with different phone. Didn't show books on old phone, got a different one and the reader finds all my books and shows them unlike on last phone that books were blank. Only complaints are that it seems to destroy some formatting in some books, even though they are still readable. It seems to be justification and line height that are not rendered correctly. Plus when part way through a book it always starts with the book list and not automatically on the last page you were on. Once the book is selected then it does go to the last page read.

Mad. C. May 27, 2016     

I love the lack of permission requests, but I hate that I have to really press the screen in order to turn pages (although my smartphone is almost brand new). Other than that, when on Auto screen flip, the app goes to Bookshelf at the slightest move.