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EPUB Reader for all books you love

EPUB Reader is a beautiful application for reading all the books you love, just download this app and enjoy.

Great ways to read books
• Support formats EPUB, PDF, MOBI, DJVU, FB2, TXT, RTF, AZW, DOC, DOCX, ODT
• Choose attractive fonts and customize the background
• Add bookmarks, notes
• Open selected word or sentence in the dictionary
• You can find a word or phrase anywhere in your book
• Turn on Night Theme to make reading more comfortable
• Adjust your screen brightness
• Choose of reading mode: scroll continuously or flipping in book pages
• Organize your library any way you like
• Search for many free books in OPDS Catalogs
• Listen to books that are read out loud to you with Text To Speach (TTS, Speech synthesizer)
• Browse the books in the built-in File Manager
• Organize books in Favorite list, tags collections
• Table of contents
• Fonts, Font color, Background, font size, margins, line spacing, hyphenation, hyphenation language, skip author style options
• Brightness control (swipe up to down to adjust)
• Rotation lock, left-right movement lock
• Bookmarks (possibility export as text to email)
• Double(two) pages, half page or one page on the screen.
• Opening books from external applications and browser
• Recent (last open) books list
• Online book catalogs(OPDS)
• Share Web page to EPUB Reader as a book
• Beautiful books widget(recent or favorites) to the desktop
• Fast reading mode
• Support books in the archive (zip, rar)

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (30)

Raj. K. I. Jan 6, 2022     

I seldom bother to rate any application on playstore but this app literally made me open the playstore and rate it five stars! Bravo the developers!!! One suggestion I would recommend is to see the syncing of pages (turning over of pages) when listening mode applied. Sometimes, the page turns over quickly and the narration falls out of sync of the page if you are reading+listening. Thus, you have to scroll to the previous page again to read the rest of the lines. Except from that, 5 stars!💖

Chi. A. Jan 26, 2022     

Ever since I started using Epub some years ago. I have recommended it to a lot of my friends. There's so much to say about this app... I have used a number of readers and I can proudly say that it is the best reader anyone will ever use. ❤️❤️ I recently downloaded the update and I can see that things are more beautiful 🥰. I recently had a problem with one of my friend i recommended it to. He can no longer access the library tab and neither the preferences settings. What can he do?

Joh. R. Jan 6, 2022     

Latest update reset me completely! I lost my library and had to fish for all my books again, lost all my bookmarks, and now it's become an ad machine all the sudden. What gives guys??? It was fine before. I'll continue to use for now, but for the love of God, don't make me have to lose all of my set points again with your next update. Very annoying!

Sah. .. May 27, 2022     

this app used to be perfect but ever since this one update, it wont allow me to change the color of the font and background. I try to change them in the setting but it just wont work. there is a lot of useful settings i could change before that now disappeared n i have no idea how to adjust them like i used to. so disappointing.

vig. Apr 24, 2022     

This app is really amazing. Best reader app for books supports every formats. There are also room for improvements for example when I use TTS and autoscroll at the same time they don't sync. Autoscroll rushes to the next page before TTS could complete reading, so I have to keep manually scrolling along so they are in sync

The. I. Dec 6, 2021     

I would like to say this, the new update had caused me a problem but it was fixed after I reinstalled the app. I would've gave the app 5 stars if it wasn't for that problem(being each time I opened the app the word 'success' would pop up with the screen bugging out) however besides that it's still a very good app would recommend it to others. Also it still had my bookmarks even after I had reinstalled the app thankfully.

Oge. e. Dec 15, 2021     

I can't believe I'm just seeing this app. The layout is so beautiful and the words are not packed together. I love the night mode and I love the scroll option. It's 2021 and I'm still using the app. It keeps getting better. I have never seen an app that is as convenient as Epub reader.

Nil. D. May 17, 2022     

Phone was in my pocket and whioe a book was open something happened. The pages of tye books now are vertically flipped and no matter what I do it doesn't get corrected. I tried tge portrait flipped but nothing happens. Need help.

Tri. R. Apr 13, 2022     

I really like this app for a lot of room to hold books. Its not as easy to read from it or maybe I dont understand how to use it. Its easier to look up definition of words. It doesn't let you copy the word so I can look up the definition on internet.

San. Z. Dec 15, 2021     

The new updated version is perfection l have found my self returning more and more. The way the books are layed out is, l assume one of those reasons. Great work. One thing that should be improved though , is the audio. Fix that an it will be Perfection 🥰

Ben. O. Jan 13, 2022     

First time download and with the experience in my very first opening of the app and with what I see, I can't but give it 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. This app deserve 10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Amazing features, easy to navigate, absolutely awesome. With my full chest, am recommending it to anyone that's looking for books reader, this is the best. Thanks to the developer, you are wonderful.

Aud. M. May 21, 2022     

The app is great, lightweight and no ads. My only struggle is highlighting the words, I simply can't find the option.

Zai. S. Feb 5, 2022     

App is great. easy to use and functional. But recently i accidentally removed a book. It is still downloaded and i tried downloading it multiple times. But it won't show up. Even deleting and reinstalling didn't work. What should i do?

Luv. M. May 4, 2022     

Love this app until it suddenly didn't load anything, i restarted the app and now all my bookmarks and progress is gone, I didn't get the chance to export my progress yet so now it's all gone :((

Nda. F. Dec 5, 2021     

One of the best apps I came across through a friend it keeps all your PDF's, documents and books in one space and then creates an easy accessible way of finding your documents. It is very easy to use. Plus I like that it keeps a record of your previous reads and allows you to continue right where you left of.

Kil. B. D. Apr 16, 2022     

I love how it makes reading easy for me. Thank you. Please I'm currently having issues, my newly download don't update. Even when I open the ebook with epub reader. The book shows in recently opened but it's not in my library.

Ale. Q. Nov 20, 2019     

Update: turned off various options and it seems very usable, the ad banner is not a problem and a full screen ad when exiting the app is not a problem either. However, whenever I quit the app and go back to the same book as earlier, it throws me in a few hundred pages further that I've been. Again and again. Unbelievable.

Aes. P. Sep 28, 2019     

This app, could be said to be superb; save the poor access to the settings within, it difficult to access the green ribbon. I'm unable to play audio, when I want to, the green ribbon pops up intermittently and all of a sudden disappears ... Its really wanes the supposed credits to this app. Must commend the developers, they did a nice work.

Zuv. N. Feb 12, 2021     

This is definitely my favourite reading app so far, I love the different ways ou can read your book. It has so many little features that just make the whole reading experience enjoyable! I would have given it a five-star rating if only it had the option of converting text to speech, so that I could take a break and simply listen to the book every once in a while. But overally, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the app.

Bam. A. Jul 4, 2019     

Excellent Experience, I would say. It does everything expected of it, quite pleasant reading experience. I had a challenge with it skipping the apostrophe in possessive pronouns, but I discovered that it could be corrected in the settings. I accessed TTS through the headset icon on bottom left and removed apostrophe from list of punctuations it should skip, and voilà! Good job team.

Jen. M. May 5, 2021     

Some things EPUB reader NEEDS to fix to get a better score: In text to speech, it needs to recognize contractions instead of saying the "t" separately in words like "can't" or the "s" separately in possessives. The dimming function is terrible. I set it to use my device's dimming, then a few minutes later I touch the screen and it dims so much I can't see screen to fix it. Highlighting just covers text so you can't read it.

Sal. O. Jan 29, 2022     

This app is like the holy graile for all types of eBooks. I like the layout, reader options and whatnot. It's truly an awesome app to have if you consume e-books a lot. Thank you.

Olu. S. Feb 6, 2022     

This is actually a very useful app, i would have given 5 stars if only there is anotation in book mode, so that one can highlight/underline just like in scrolling mode when reading.

Ani. M. Dec 5, 2021     

The app works and delivers what it should, but there is a flaw which made me uninstall and reinstall it: The brightness can be set to Negative. And one can set the brightness to a large negative number simply by scrolling down. I don't see why the brightness level can be negative, but even if it's needed that way, there should be a way to disable setting brightness levels by scrolling up and down to avoid going too dark to even change that setting back to normal.

Anu. Dec 19, 2020     

The best reader out there. Reads all types of files. Wonderful options that can be easily switched between without disturbing the flow of reading. The pdf reflow was truly wonderful. Because of this app I have even let go of the idea of getting a new E-reader. Congratulations, team and a big thank you from a die-hard bookworm.👍

Wis. E. Feb 4, 2022     

When I first read the reviews, I thought there's no way the app could be that good. All I can say now is that, the reviews don't give it enough credit. I don't think anyone can give it enough credit. The no. of stars it deserves are like the stars in the night's sky. Bravo to the designers for this work of perfection. I would say keep up the good work but I don't think there's any left to be done.

Dim. Mar 4, 2022     

It is very good app but to improve it more I would like to suggest that you guys should add some editing tool something like at a highlighting tool because some students also use so they need to highlight the important stuff .

Ob. L. Feb 24, 2022     

Very nice app for reading and the options to personalize your reading experience with the ability to turn any book into the audio version and very few ad's

0-0. .. Nov 17, 2021     

Terrible. Not only would it suddenly have the brightness change when I'm trying to get to my phone's status bar and i had to go to a dark room to see and change the settings, the reading features are inconvenient, and also every time i try to exit a book to try and see what else i have and try to read the books without this change of book features, i get an annoying ad and have to wait a few seconds to skip. Every. Time. I would not recommend.

Sum. Feb 19, 2022     

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to anyone, but it's honestly not a bad app. I had an issue with the page & book controls since there were SO many and it was a little too complicated. Plus, I also found the layout a little frustrating & unappealing to the eye. Aside from that, it's not entirely unusable and I'd suggest downloading it, just to see if it's for you.