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Eva's video chat

Want to meet girl who can become your girlfriend? Want to find such a girl in your city? May be you prefer to flirt online with single women near you? Yes, all of this you can find here. This is very easy to catch girlfriend if you know where to look. This app is offering you a rich choice of pretty girls who are looking for a boyfriend. Many of them live nearby, so it will not be a problem for you to invite some of them for a meeting. Just imagine, real dating in a real life. Or may be you prefer dating single women from other city? No problem. Simply change the search filter and you will get a list of beautiful girls from other cities. If you want to get a girlfriend just download Eva's video chat. After that the first step will be start search the single woman, go to speak with her in video chat, ask her about her tastes, invite her for a date and have fun with your new girlfriend.

Category : Dating

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Reviews (27)

vic. k. Dec 26, 2016     

Best app

Say. M. Oct 29, 2016     


Onl. M. Sep 18, 2016     

I'm sending msg but no rply . no open cam. here is no good app no sarch also please make the good app no nearby everything is not here...

NOU. K. Aug 24, 2016     

I update eva's and now my cam is not working and not shown any partner video plz fixed it

Akh. G. Sep 18, 2016     

Im not getting the messages from the other side...they are typing and sebding but im not recieving it....please fix this thing ASAP

Bha. R. Y. Sep 14, 2016     

It's a nice app to make friends, but don't no how to make visible to others for video call, we can only see others by video chat, can't we be able to enable video for ours.

Foo. &. B. H. A. T. Aug 26, 2016     

I send the msg for any one but there is no reply its fake pls give me some idea

Ahm. S. Sep 16, 2016     

I am sending text those who in my chat log. It's showing delivered but I can't get any reply from them. Pls fix this issue as soon as possible. ......

foc. w. s. 8. Sep 20, 2016     

Conecting pblm

A. G. u. Aug 18, 2016     

Did the pain of no use a star to her head--

nou. p. Aug 18, 2016     

This is fake Becos recording modes videos

Hil. K. Aug 14, 2016     

Its not working

Imr. M. Aug 10, 2016     

Very nice app .I'm enjoying this.

Dan. E. Aug 5, 2016     

I have been looking for a girlfriend

Bob. P. Jul 25, 2016     

My improve...i like this app

Dan. M. May 25, 2016     

Nothing but a few muslim men pretending to be women.

Shw. A. Sep 19, 2016     

Please fix my video it's not working

Awa. A. Apr 19, 2016     

its ok but slow

Meh. h. A. Apr 15, 2016     

i love all

are. r. Mar 31, 2016     

It is good app and chat

sye. p. Sep 2, 2016     

Waste app time and money waste no settings si gle indian girls r not there

Kha. H. Sep 4, 2016     

I thank u should try it once

Zia. u. Jan 12, 2017     

Will see it after using this app

ind. s. Dec 27, 2016     

It's nice.but sometimes hang on

say. A. k. G. Aug 22, 2016     

It's my feeling

Dav. C. Jan 28, 2016     

Its a waste of your time

Eri. K. Aug 17, 2016     

It's broken