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EveryWiki: Wikipedia++

EveryWiki gives you access to the usual wikis like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, but also to the likes of Uncyclopedia, Wikivoyage, and many, many more.
Fast✔ Fast searching✔ Loads articles quickly and shows them while still loading✔ Articles and images are cached for even faster access✔ Search widget (shortcut on older devices) for instant search on your home screen

Beautiful✔ Transforms articles into a more readable and pleasant format✔ shows all images in high resolution✔ Material design✔ white and dark themes

Wikis✔ Lots of Wikis about video games✔ Funny wikis like the Uncyclopedia or the Zombiepedia✔ Wikis about TV shows✔ Scientific wikis like Rational Wiki✔ and many, many more

You can follow me on:Twitter: https://twitter.com/EveryWikiGoogle+: http://plus.google.com/+EveryWikiApp

EveryWiki needs a few permissions:
- Internet: allows to load articles
- Write to SD card: EveryWiki caches images and articles there
- Network status: figure out if you are on WiFi, saves bandwidth when on mobile network
- NFC: for Android Beam. Hold your NFC-enabled device to another device to beam your current article over

Category : Books & Reference

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