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Eyes MakeUp Step by Step

No matter what your eye type and color, you can wear any eye makeup look you desire, whether smoky for the nighttime, or something more discreet for the daytime. Just follow these basic rules.
A magazine tutorial for smoky eyes will tell you which colors to use and exactly where to place dark and light. The problem is, it will only work if your eyes are perfect—not too small, not too large, nicely placed, lids visible from corner to corner.Unfortunately, not many of us have perfect eyes, but that doesn't mean we can't wear whichever look we choose. It’s a question of adapting the look to eye shape, size and spacing.

-Eyes and Eyebrows on Eyes MakeUp Step by StepYou have to be very careful about your eyes and eyebrows. Plenty of men find eyes the most attractive organs in a woman’s body. Today it has become quite common for many Asian women – mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese – to go for eyelid surgery to give more define looks to their eyes.

Eyebrows not only protect your eyes from dust, but also form an exotic frame for the eyes. It is important to keep eyebrows in perfect balance with the shape of the face. You can give a proper shape to your eyebrows by threading or remove stray hairs with a tweezer. Remember, not to pluck hairs right above the brows. After your eyebrows get defined shape, use light feathery strokes with an eyebrow pencil. You have to use a brown pencil or shadow instead of black, because brown color gives you a more natural looks. Nevertheless, you may use black pencil if you have dark black eyebrows.

-Eye shadow in Eyes MakeUp Step by StepKnowing the right shade for your eyes is very important. Eye shadow can make you look glamorous, innocent or decent. If you prefer to look glamorous, use glittery eye shadows. Eye shadow helps recontour the eyes and add emphasis to them. Learn to experiment with colors and textures.

Eye shadows come in cream or powder. They can be frosted or matte finished. Powder shadows are more popular as they are easier to apply and blend. Use light colors to highlight and dark colors to make the area recede.

-Mascara and eyelinerMascara and eyeliner makes your eyes bright, giving you appealing look. After you apply eye shadow, you have to use eyeliner and mascara.

-The Finishing TouchAfter you are done with makeup, look into a small mirror and see if there are smudges on your face. Brush your face with a large clean brush. Brushing helps you to remove excess powder or eye shadow. these all of the Eyes MakeUp Step by Step

Your beautiful eyes could express your mood today and make your eyes more shining. thanks for download Eyes MakeUp Step by Step and make your eyes gorgeous everyday !!

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