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EyesPie - Family Security Live Monitoring Camera

Use your smartphone to ensure family protection with 24x7 on-demand live remote mobile monitoring.

Features To Provide Better Family Security
- Fully secured with end-to-end encrypted connection over SSL
- Full privacy
- Motion detection
- WiFi with hotspot
- HD quality video
- Zoom & Pan
- Two way audio/video talk
- Local/Remote recording
- WebView to connect multiple device

How to protect family with EyesPie?
1. Install EyesPie on two Android phones.
2. Name each device differently. Names are unique and case-sensitive.
3. Add those names into each other's device list.
4. Start monitoring.

- Free from any personally identifiable information such as mobile number or email-id.
- Information of devices which can access your device is saved locally rather on server. Request from a device will be rejected if you have not added it.
- Enforced binary communication over SSL.
- EyesPie is a WebRTC based application which establishes end-to-end encrypted connection. You can read more about it and its security here : http://webrtc-security.github.io

Motion Detection To Use As Home Security CCTV Camera
- Works best in ambience with enough light.
- Only alerts when continuously detects motion for a certain time.
- Records locally when motion is detected.
- Alerts when device is running low on storage.
- Keeps recordings of 24 hours to maintain storage.

WiFi Support
- Device with hotspot enabled, must have internet to detect other devices.
- Few devices do not connect, when they are locked.
- Due to WiFi security policy & battery optimization settings, device disconnects after going into sleep mode.
- If device doesn't connect for long, stop app from recent apps and start again.

Connectivity Issue ?
- If the device support battery optimization, please disable it for this app
- If name you are trying to set shows "already taken may be", try in a few seconds. Happens when you try to set previous name again.
- Check device name you are trying to connect. Names are unique to each device and case-sensitive (meaning small and capital letters are not same).
- It only connects when your device name exists in other mobile device list, for security reasons.
- Does NOT work on VPN

Please note EyesPie uses your 3g/4g internet connection. Carrier charges may apply.

Please avail 7 days free trial of services before subscribing as we don't have a refund policy for monthly subscription.

For security reasons, you must add your device name to other device in order to connect. For example if you have a device with name "deviceOne" and you are trying to connect device with name "deviceTwo", device with name "deviceTwo" must have device name "deviceOne" added to its device list.

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