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F16 Jet Fighter Sniper Shooter

Captain Hogard is the last man standing against the enemy warfare and their deadliest F18 and F22 Raptor aircrafts, the safety of air force base is in Captain Hogard's hands, trust your instints and snipe all the enemy fighter jets and planes with your elite sniper rifle.
Having zero support from airplane aviation and control towers as all the modes of communication are destroyed with heavy bombardment and missile strikes from F15, F18 and F22 Douglas airplanes and airforce weaponary. F16 Jet Fighter Sniper Shooter is consisting of four deadly levels of extreme sniper rampage with only one mission
- Kill'em All.

***Background Story
- F16 Jet Fighter Jet Games***

The gangsters within the state have joined hands with terrorists to fulfil their evil plans and to burn the whole city with aerial attacks in order to declare state of war, you are the last man standing and the lone survivor between the city's satefy and the terrorists. Your mission is to eliminate and snipe out the enemy fighter jets with your single rifle. The ammo and explosives are limited so use them wisely or you will end as dead meat and your beloved city will burn into ashes.

The gansters have also capturted hostiles, aim perfectly to attack and kill the wartime gangsters only, remember your military training and combat tactics on WW2 battlefield. The army and naval troops are on their way, until they arrive you have to counter-attack and eliminate the threat as much as possible. If you can aim and destroy the enemy warship, their support will cut off and you can easily conquer the war.

Get indulged into a realistic 3D era of F16 Jet Fighter invasion games filled with firepower, equipped with expert sniper shooter skills. You must be an expert in sniper shooter hunting to take the F16 jet fighter planes down on Earth.

Enemy F16 Jet Fighter planes are doing flights in your territory. Rally up your firepower in an extreme air combat against F16 Jet Fighter jets to save your ships and aircraft career. Use your sniper hunting mastery to your advantage in this gunner war, as you are heavily outnumbered by firepower from a wide array of advanced jet fighter planes.

***Sniper Games 2016***

Get ready to unleash your inner Commando Shooter with this free Sniper 3D Game, you can also play this war game without internet and enjoy the complete features i.e. sniper rifle, guns, missiles, bombs, bullets, anti aircraft guns


- Smooth 3D graphics with realistic wargame environments
- War Fury combat missions
- Sniper shooter hunting variety of enemy planes like:
* Su
- 14
* F15
* F18
* F22
* Eurofighter, Douglas, Raptor, Mcdonnell and much more.
- Extreme Air Combat, with each type of F15, F22 and F18 jet fighter plane posing an even higher threat as the levels progress


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