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Face Changer Gender Transformation App

Welcome to Face Changer Gender Transformation App

Wondering how you would look as an old man? No longer need to do it! Age Face app is typical face aging booth machine. Just add photo (from gallery or camera) and watch your scary old man face ;)

Are you curious to know, how will you look when you get old or want to see your old face. With this super cool photo editor app you can make yourself or your friends old.
If you have always wondering how do you look like when you became older, women, child, or even ugly and creepy...
Well "Face Changer Gender Transformation App" Application will make you imagine you female or male And many great features.. Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence with amazing stickers in just one tap!
With Face Changer Gender Transformation AppEveryone can make up their transgender changement in seconds! Variety of gender changer makeup styles are ready to use too! Like: Changing eyebrow, Make up your lips, Skin smoothened, Eyes beautify, Funny face changer & facial effects, Visage changement for feminization, cross dresser, urdimbre... We believe that youíll be totally inspired by this makeup app.
- Add Ears, Eyelashes, Eyes, Glasses, Hairstyles, Mask, Hats, Lips, Nose..
- Add Emotions to your face, Sad, Happy, Angry, Crazy, Sleepy..
- Add long hair, Short hair, Bald
- Get fat face or skinny face, Younger or Older
- Change gender
- Become more attractive
- "Face Changer Photo Gender Editor" Apply funny face warp effects on your photo.
- Funny Face Swap. creepy Face Swap. fresh Swap faces between 2 people in camera
phone directly or choose one from gallery.
- Face Mask - Animal face photo editor filters, Skeleton face filters, Animals lips, Teeth and
more. Animal Face Swap.
- Blend two faces into one - Face Blend.
- Add and edit face with stickers - real Face Sticker editor.
- Improve your selfie with cool style Filters and Stickers.

- New Release
- Bugs Fixed.
- New Featured Added.
- New Cute Stickers.
- Heart Crown & Frame Effects.
- Flower Crown.

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Ken. L. May 15, 2022     

Skip this. Does nothing its name or icon suggests. This is an ad spamming, buggy, generic photo filter app, unremarkable vs others in the Play Store. It gives simple control over colors, tints, levels, cropping and contrast. It has some gimmicky decal and background replacement features, and can apply some very basic warping. However, it saved an obnoxious watermark over the photo I opened from my gallery without making a copy, and forced me to rate the app and enter a share menu before saving.

Nix. May 6, 2021     

Completely agree with everyone else here, the app is kinda hard to figure out. Filters are auto applied with no removal. I messed around and couldn't remove a thing thats supposed to cover up dark circles that went over my eye. There isn't even a gender changer option, its misleading in that it is just a bad face editor app. I see no option apart from a little bit of makeup. Just don't bother with it.

Sai. g. Jul 2, 2020     

This was very very worst app. Picture was not capture correctly. When I take picture it shows picture wasn't capture. Im try somany times but it shows picture wasn't capture. There is beauty option and I go with that option. In that option it told select one image then I selected one image it told that image was unsupported file. Please guys don't install this worst app.

Sal. B. Apr 22, 2022     

Everything works fine, no grandma filters though..

Sup. K. Jul 18, 2020     

WARNING possibly fake app! After giving this app all permissions to use the camera and save/upload files, it fails to store pictures taken, uploaded images all give the same error "unsupported file format" are you kidding me? No file format seem to work in this app! Shady photo app that doesn't even use your camera functions correctly, to make things worse is full of adds and very limited options, also is no a gender swap app, totally misleading with all the intention, be careful.

Wil. P. Apr 25, 2020     

Its bad lots of ads, cant see how this is a face changer gender transformation, its useless, a waste of storage. I recommend not to get this app, but if you want to then go ahead, it's a crappy waste of time.

Piy. D. Jun 22, 2020     

Where the hell all the options are! Where to choose select gender... Not usefull at all... Only showing some Beutifing tools like lip color, tooth etc . Also showing wrong msg as can't connect to the Internet.

Dia. Z. Jun 17, 2020     

The worst app ever! Too much advertisement and nothing works - pictures from the gallery isn't upload and taking photo in the app in awful because of terrible quality and even more - with that photo isn't working too. Deleting for sure!

Sca. Jul 20, 2020     

Worst App. Crashes always. But ads working perfectly. Im not sure if it is functioning or not. Not recommended. Go for "Faceapp" perfect use, half in size.

Kat. P. Jun 20, 2020     

Did NOT allow anything other than what my regular camera did. Said "check internet connection" whenever I tried to do anything else. Had internet connection. Completely skipped the tutorial part & went straight to the "Get Start" bad English screen.

Emi. M. May 1, 2020     

There is more adverbs than anything else. When I took a picture and wanted to edit it white screen appeared and nothing else happened. This app does not work at all !

Kay. S. Jun 17, 2020     

I don't understand this app, so I'll give it 3 because I'm not gonna rate 1 star because I didn't know what to do.. but my main purpose of downloading this app was too look like I guess a boy, But when I did my face.. it had only options to brighten my teeth, give me blush, give me lipstick and make my eyes bigger... but no option to change my gender? As, I'm not making a big deal out of this because it's just a little thing.. I'm just confused? maybe the developer can write back and help?

Mia. L. B. May 30, 2022     

I love the app i laughed my head off

Gam. D. Dec 29, 2021     

wouldn't even start letting me use app keeps saying "unsupported files" while using a jpeg, who doesn't support jpegs. Also wayy to many ads for not even opening a file yet.

Lit. B. J. Feb 14, 2022     

I gave this 2 stars because, look at the pictures they can't even spell makeup!? I haven't opened this, but it's probably really bad quality.. I don't understand. 😒

Sha. K. Jan 22, 2022     

Yall do not download I am sorry but this thing ain't good at all and it keeps saying could not load it when my internet is working just fine also there is basically nothing to do in this app sorry but this just ain't good enough for me !!

Rac. Q. Jan 3, 2021     

If you do an apps make sure it's complete you just copying others applications. - make up lipstick that's fine the blush on, the eyes well please improve and the hair duo cheap.

Con. K. Apr 20, 2021     

Ads right away, didn't use right camera, auto applied filters to camera before taking picture, and then didn't even take the actual picture. Don't bother.

Mar. B. May 23, 2022     

This app doesn't provide the functionality it claims

Hod. T. Oct 10, 2020     

It was absolutely horrible. It did not have a way to take photos or gender swap them. It only made me download another camera app and was non-stop ads for other apps. No service of its own whatsoever. Do not download this.

Abh. P. May 25, 2021     

This app is very bad . It is not working at all. Such a useless app. Just made for filling up the storage . Not used at all . I have downloaded it now and after that I deleted it because it was such a useless app.

Cai. M. Mar 23, 2021     

Tried on my friends phone and mine both time its couldn't detect the photo once it was taken it ads every 5 seconds. I do not suggest useing it just find another gender swap add.

Tay. B. Jun 13, 2021     

Every time you click, it plays an ad. It should just be labeled as a ad playing app, not photo editor.

Col. L. May 2, 2020     

Avoid this app! Advert after advert! Total click bait. Didn't even get to the app functionality as it's literally full page ads you're trying to dodge!

Cik. M. Aug 28, 2021     

This is not face changer gender app. It's just simple editor app that you only apply lipstick, blemish etc to your picture. Even beauty app is more better.

JJ. F. Jun 18, 2020     

Genuinely THE WORST app I have ever downloaded. All it is is an advert generator - do not download, there are literally no redeeming features about it. You have been warned.

Jes. B. Jun 27, 2020     

Waste of time, let's me take a photo.... and edit it slightly, no option to split screen. Apparent problem with my internet connection??? No there isn't! Don't download

Cli. P. Nov 16, 2020     

Come on now why you want to send out a useless app and does not really work because doesn't change the age what you look like when you get older and plus it doesn't shows you look better girl or boy it did not show that future but everyone please do not install this app it is useless to install.

Ila. V. Jun 9, 2021     

BS app. Blemishing does NOT equal gender swap. I'm giving it 1 star for the blemishing auto tool that smooths the skin. Uninstalled 5 minutes after installing.

Dan. F. Apr 4, 2021     

Awful app cannot use this app. It keep on telling to check my internet connection and there is nothing wrong with my internet connection it's just a very useless app. I strongly recommend don't install this app.😡😠