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Fairy Tale Love DatingSimGame

Be the queen of the fairy tale world! Love game with seven princes is open!
"I told you that I fell in love with you at first sight. I won't let you go to other princes."Suddenly taken by the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, then became the queen of the fairy tale world!? As the queen of the fairy tale world, you choose your partner and open the forbidden door to rescue the world――The shocking ending is waiting for you――!?Join in this free dating love simulation Otome game now and fall in love with the hot 7 princes!!

【Story】Before the due date of tasks, you were nodding in the office because of tiredness. All at once a white rabbit appeared in front of you and took the important document then ran away!Running after that rabbit, you accidentally fell into the mysterious strange black ground…….When you woke up, you realized you were sleeping in the gorgeous room of a fairytale-like castle!?You were regarded as a queen of the fairy tale world, and got proposed by the 7 princes!In confusion, you would have to choose one prince to become your partner and also the king of the fairy tale world to rescue the world――The fate of if is in your hands!

【The Princes】All of the hot princes are from the famous fairy tales!■Albert(Elegant prince from Cinderella)"I would like to be with you forever. Can I hope this...?"■Luca(Tough guy prince from Little Red Riding Hood)"I told you that I fell in love with you at first sight. I won't let you go to other princes."■Leonhardt(Cool prince from Beauty and the Beast)"Don't touch me like that, I might be under an illusion……"■Ferris(Arrogant prince from Sleeping Beauty)"Just remember that since we’ve met for the first time, you’ve belonged to me.”■Elio(Gentle prince from the Snow White)"What do you want me to do for you? Well, ok, I'll love you more."■Silvio(Sadistic prince of Blue Kingdom)"What a nice reaction. Queen, I feel like I really want to……harass you"■Kite(Cold-hearted but actually warm-hearted!? prince from the Snow Queen)"If I was your lover, would you rely on me……?"■Harold(Faithful white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland)

※Basically, it is a free game. But there are some charged items which will help you to progress the story more easily.

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