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Fake ID Detector

Fake ID is an Android vulnerability that allows applications to impersonate other applications by copying their identity that can then be used for malicious purposes.
Allows for malicious apps to impersonate other applications by copying their identity – their digital certificate(s) used to cryptographically sign the application package (APK file) – and combining it with their own signature making a chain whereby the parent signature (also known as the “issuer”) can be used to verify the child signatures.

The Fake ID vulnerability, is present in most Android versions 2.1 and above. Depending on the hardware manufacturer and the version of Android running on your device you may be vulnerable to one or more of more privileged attack vectors as described by BlueBox who discovered the vulnerability and of course, given this problem relates to chains of certificates, a hacker could chose to include many certificates to cover all of these options, and more, in their specifically crafted malware.

McAfee Fake ID Detector enables you to quickly discover if your applications contain the exploit.

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Reviews (30)

Ale. B. Apr 25, 2016     

It should add things like scanning for fraudulent items or targeted scams. And for those of you that say it doesn't work... Check the terms/conditions box. You need to do that to start the scan....

Mar. J. Oct 29, 2016     

Great checks all downloaded apps for authenticity. Thanks to those who correctly advised to check the allow permission box on the left of terms and conditions. Enjoying the added safety this app provides now..

Lor. A. Jun 13, 2016     

Love it so far so good. Have had for a very long time. I download all their apps every time I upgrade phones

K. S. Mar 13, 2017     

Yes it does work. However in defence of those who couldn't get it to scan because they didn't check the terms and conditions box, said box is virtually impossible to see.

And. H. Jun 21, 2016     

Same issue for me. Wont allow me to start scan. Whoever allowed this app to be released without it working needs to be sacked. Im using Kitkat 4.4.4 on Sony expira E4

A. G. u. Jan 16, 2017     

When it first open you get the McAfee symbol then blank screen and the security agreement sentence at the bottom . At first did not see the check box in front of the sentence so was not able to run it until I saw a very faint impression in front of the security sentence which is very hard to see for its the same color as background so once checked it worked just fine.

ken. c. May 13, 2016     

Some kind of illegal hacking, provided by kvcc police academy bypasses everything, but I keep app!

Cel. B. May 27, 2016     

How do you open it. Have used McAfee on my desktop never had this kind of trouble. Maybe will reinstall after bugs are fixed.

So. W. Feb 20, 2015     

Downloaded this and heart detect on my moto g and my boyfriends moto g and scan doesn't start. Love the virus app.

Dun. N. Apr 7, 2015     

This app works great for me on HTC one M8, I have no problem with it.

Tom. May 8, 2017     

The button for the agreement (the check box) is too close to the end, and some screen protectors making it hard/impossible to click. It should be able to run in background, or save history.

lif. o. K. Nov 19, 2017     

I can't believe it a dedicated app for this exploit my heart kaspersky got hijacked with cartoonist GUI till then I did not know if this exploit innovation truly

Jam. C. Jul 12, 2017     

No Surprise to me! Just as it says, McAfee checks apps for fraudulent activity. Keep up the Good Work, guys! Prevent your Android from becoming infected in the first place. Read, learn, Research! Avoid Cognitive Dissonance >>!

Ste. P. Sep 10, 2015     

But as usual it is not very well thought thru.

A. G. u. Feb 2, 2017     

Does not scan on Android 6.0.1, Zen phone 3

C.. G. May 17, 2015     

It worked fast and smoothly on both my 4.4.2 androids.

ADV. D. Dec 18, 2017     


A. G. u. Aug 11, 2015     

I have the same issue with failure to run, in my case the button doesn't respond. Even trying to read the EULA caused a screwup! Time to pass the drunken Irishman bye and keep looking for a backup to the one that worked .... so far.

A. G. u. Aug 6, 2017     

For anyone reading these reviews, DO NOT listen to the whingers & liars!!! I'm on Android 7 & this app works perfect, thank you #Macafee

Ste. P. Jun 3, 2017     

One one advert and it was to download McAfee Mobile Security which the Play Store listed as containing ads.

Jov. A. Oct 9, 2016     

It works and I've had this application installed for a year now and never, ever encountered any issues or problems:) :).

Stu. C. Aug 28, 2014     

This great app gives U peace of mind when U download apps.. Keep safe, download & scan Now...

ish. v. d. p. Oct 7, 2015     


Mar. B. Oct 17, 2014     

No opening_ is it a joke? Dontcha kid me. The only fake here is the app...

Gra. B. Mar 11, 2015     

Very useful. All McAfee products are simply fantastic.

Chr. R. Nov 3, 2015     

Scan button greyed out/doesn't respond. Uninstalled

zer. f. Mar 15, 2015     

Have to install so many apps

Bob. B. Jan 21, 2015     

Should be used regularly to stay safe.

Amb. o. t. Aug 30, 2017     

Another great app from you guys and it's great been protected

ann. s. A. Oct 26, 2015     

It s work smoothly