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Fake ID Generator

IDs, Badges, and more. Make an ID card for yourself. Make a student ID for your cat. Make a credit card for your baby. You could even make an ID for your left foot, if you wanted to! Fake ID Generator makes it easy and fun. For entertainment only.
Fake ID Generator takes you through a quick process where you enter information that you would like to appear on the ID card or license. You can even add your own photo, and draw your own signature. If you don't feel like including a certain bit of information, no problem, just leave it blank; it's all for fun! In the end, you'll be shown your fully customized ID, which you can save, share with friends, or edit until it's perfect.

Right now you can build on these ID templates:
• Blueprint ID
• Credit Card
• Generic Identification
• Employee Badge
• Student ID
• Police ID
• Inmate ID
• Movie Ticket
• More coming soon!

Be creative, or be realistic; it's all up to you!

Remember: These IDs are for entertainment only.

Disclaimer:This app does NOT collect any inputted information or images.This app DOES collect Anonymous data for analytic purposes, such as information about errors, browsing habits, device type, and geographical location. I use this data simply to fix bugs, decide which ID template to make next, and to create an all around better user experience.


Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Feb 1, 2018     

Total waist of time. That is time i will never get back. May god curse you for making a realy stupid app. Or me down loading it.

Dir. G. May 10, 2018     

A fun little app to make fake ID images. The results are very authentic looking to the unsuspicious eye. Intuitive and everything works as you would expect it.

Dr.. I. O. P. A. L. Feb 25, 2018     

I think it's an amazing app.on the side of the passports I would love to try that too but unfortunately is not opening or showing please help me see what it is like having anonymous identity

Pre. B. Feb 22, 2018     

Child's play!lol I was looking for some criminal sh**! You know after using the app look out the blinds to see if the cops are coming! Lol

ran. c. Mar 27, 2018     

Love this app, since I've had nothing but fun with it.

A. G. u. Mar 9, 2018     

Nothing even pretending to seem to be legit.

JKe. Feb 17, 2018     

Thank you so much for this.

Des. D. Mar 22, 2018     

Does not generate anything

Nit. K. Apr 29, 2018     

Get should more time

Geo. Y. Apr 5, 2018     

This is awesome

Kar. G. Mar 17, 2018     

Love it

Jer. M. Mar 3, 2018     

Is it legal

Kat. Sep 13, 2017     

Omfg guys if you have such an issue with the watermark in the corner, download an app like Retouch to get rid of it instead of bitching about it on here. Just saying.

A. G. u. Jul 29, 2017     

I'm making a mystery detective story and I wanted to add some cool props. This app provided just that and I'm satisfied with the outcome. It's nothing too hard and I love how easy it is. Great work!

mec. m. Apr 11, 2017     

Very good app. Sometimes when adding new photos it has to be restarted also you have to crop what ever photo you put in before you use. But all in all best fake id app out there

A. G. u. Oct 27, 2017     

It says requires password to open, i have no idea what the code is. Trjed re installing but makes no. Difference

joh. O. May 8, 2017     

Good one. Please remove the watermark in the bottom that says "fake I'D generator" to make it a bit real. Thanks, I will give it 5 stars if that's done.

A. G. u. Apr 20, 2017     

Well I love this app but at the bottom is showing FAKE ID GENERATOR, how can I erase it

A. G. u. Jul 19, 2017     

It's of very limited use. For example: no foreign cards. Also, I would have liked to in know in what format the date ought to be.

ANT. U. May 25, 2017     

You guys spell bad sorry to say that but my friends were making in fun of.

H. R. Jun 10, 2017     

If u could remove the fake ID generator show in the bottom of ID it would be more better

Jsh. Sep 16, 2017     

Awesome 😘😘 i confirm my facebook id with the help of fake id 😇 love it 👌

The. A. C. Jun 23, 2017     

Can not be used, "FakeID generator" badge is visible

Chr. E. Aug 16, 2017     

Simple and Fun, I've beem making fake ID's for Moon Moon for a while now, i SO love this app!!

Ame. B. May 19, 2017     

5 stars if there is available more country id's farms

The. S. Sep 5, 2017     

Worst app. Fake id after you finished . Don't install.

Rt. H. Jan 24, 2018     

Its great thanks to this app underage I illegally ordered cigars and alcohol online

A. G. u. Apr 24, 2017     

Its good because I can now recover my account on facebook

par. k. Sep 10, 2017     

Its a fun thing to do when u get bored

A. G. u. Oct 29, 2017     

Good but only one problem that I facing is please remove the sign of fake id generator which is on lower side Thanks