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Fake ID Maker

Make a license for yourself. create a passport for your dog. create a mastercard for your baby.
You could even create associate ID for your left foot, if you needed to! faux ID Maker makes it simple and fun. For recreation solely.

Fake ID Maker takes you thru a fast method wherever you enter data that you just would really like to look on the ID card or license. you'll even add your own pic, and draw your own signature. If you do not desire together with a definite little bit of data, no problem, simply leave it blank; it's all for fun! within the finish, you will be shown your absolutely made-to-order ID or license, that you'll save, share with friends, or edit till it's good.

Be artistic, or be realistic; it's all up to you!

Though I attempt to create the licenses look as real as attainable, please don't try and use them as a true ID card! they're for recreation solely.


Category : Casual

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Reviews (21)

Anj. K. May 9, 2017     

It is so worst game in world I hate it so much don't download this app

Jit. K. Nov 18, 2015     

We cant see any id in gallary...and also there is no name of Indian contoury...

A. G. u. Sep 4, 2016     

this App is useless and Rubbish ..Nonsense

Abh. S. Dec 2, 2016     

Ya ,,, this is a very good app for Android for time pass

Sha. S. Apr 17, 2016     

We can't fool anyone if it is

Dav. C. Sep 13, 2015     

but won't go to Starbucks to have a coffee with me ....... not the gay juice either.... Reality and all it glorious wonders of the world

Ray. s. Jun 17, 2016     

I hate it

Eri. W. Mar 6, 2016     


Sha. N. Jul 5, 2016     

Loved it

fer. a. Jul 10, 2016     


Ed. T. Nov 2, 2016     

This app shows up as one of your games. Gamers are able to see that you installed it. I recommend you remove this app.

Sli. S. Oct 18, 2015     

I really like where I i can honk the horn to get cars away and it's really fun when you use the red,yellow and green light and the game is free or also doesn't take up much space in your phone and there are up to 235 levels

Ray. T. Sep 20, 2015     

Doesn't work... I feel everything in. Then it keeps say fill in sign also doesn't let me save id.

Ale. J. B. Feb 13, 2017     

Nothing came in the gallery, the setting was all off. It sucked.

fre. m. j. h. n. j. r. f. m. Dec 23, 2015     

lost my id i could buy liquor agai n love it

Mah. h. Jun 20, 2016     

The badest program ever in the app

CoC. R. Nov 1, 2015     

Not bad one :-)

Ruh. G. Jan 21, 2017     

This is a good app to feelings

YEK. A. Aug 19, 2016     

Love it

ren. r. Nov 7, 2015     


cor. p. Jan 2, 2016     

Uses old id's