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FallenSouls: War of Swords

So here you are, Cosparm, a land filled with chaos, where human, orc and undead have been fighting with each other to take control of the world for thousands of years. And now it is facing a new threat: invaders from the void.The only way to save the world is to unite all the three races and find the sword of the legend: sword of the eternity.My hero, what is your favorite style to save the world? Use the human wisdom to enlighten the world, conquer the world with the wildest strength, or use an immortal life to fight against the void?Here you can be the strongest player in the Arena, and the leader of the best guild of the server ---
- you even have the chance to compete with players from all servers.Epic mercenaries, legendary weapons will be your honest partners on your way to the sword of the eternity.• Be the strongest player and show your battling strategy in front of all players ---
- defeat Leviathan, dragon of the void!You will have a castle of your own, where you can develop your tech and improve your weapon! They say the strongest play can have their weapon and armors blessed!Also as a leader with highly responsibility, you need to help your members. Defeat guild boss with them and lead them to their own victory.Come and join us in War of Sword!War of Sword Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/tbfallensouls
If you have any problems about the game or problems with diamonds recharges, please contact customer service. Our email address is : fswoscs@yeah.net

Category : Role Playing

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