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False Vengeance

Like Baldacci, Patterson, and Childs? What about Mark Edwards, Vince Flynn, and Adam Croft… Then you’ll love FALSE VENGEANCE. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s the real deal. Over 400 pages of page turning suspense. False Vengeance is a modern day thriller, laced with lust, action, and intrigue…but in this case, it's more than just a book, it’s an App. An App with video seamlessly integrated into select parts of the story. Imagine simply turning the page and watching the story come alive in a short burst of video, and at the end of the video clip the page automatically turning as you continue reading (There is no interaction). This is what the future of eBooks is going to look like, where the strengths of both the written word and film come together on one canvas. This is the digital medium and it's only the beginning.
What’s this thriller about: A unit of the CIA’s Special Activities Division uncovers a plot taking place on American soil, the information is credible, but it doesn’t make sense, the assassination of nanotech scientist Jack Scott. A small team is formed under the oversight of NSA department head, Alan Cashman, who quickly recruits the young and upcoming Special Agent Sara Flynn of the FBI onto the team after discovering she’s personally linked to the nanotech scientist. Sara and her partner Special Agent Nick Price quickly realize that not all is as it appears as their adversaries seem to be a step ahead of them, and in order to prevent the very people Sara loves from ending up in the crosshairs of the men sent to kill him, she’ll be forced to compromise herself in more ways than she would have imagined. As this original fast paced narrative unfolds, the reader is transported into a steamy love triangle, high-speed car-and-helicopter chases, and unforeseen corruption.

False Vengeance is a 408 page action packed thriller, written by M. Scott and in association with Thom Racina. Visit us at FalseVengeance.com for even more information.

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