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False Vows, True Love -Otome-

Fate is in your hands——A visual novel where you are the main character, and the story unfolds differently depending on your choices.An original romance brought to you by the creators of Japanese hit Otome games.Available in English.
【Features】・You can choose 2 endings.・You can see beautiful pictures for free.・You can keep reading until the end for free.Advancing is easy. Simply by tapping the screen, you advance the story, and can enjoy being the heroine of this romance.By the choices you make during the story, you can obtain beautiful stills, and enjoy sweeter developments.

【Synopsis】Unusual circumstances have driven you to pose as a young noble lady.Men harboring ambition struggle for your heart and your body——Is it a cruel scheme or a true love that awaits the false lady——?

【Character】Eldest son of the noble Tachibana family. Handsome, but isolated by his unapproachable aura.He, who knows not the love of another, is changed by his encounter with you——.

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Category : Simulation

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