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Family GPS tracker My Family

A fully cross-platform family locator and multi-purpose family helper.
Not only is "My Family" is the most easy-to-use and accurate locator where everyone in your family is and tracking their locations in real time, it’s an entire family service centre with a win range of functions.GPS tracker My Family
- is the most secure app! We have no registration and no reference to personal data. We do not store any chat history, nor information about locations. All data is stored only on the phones of our users. Our servers only transmit the "impersonal" information between users. You can be sure that nobody will be able to know where your child is or read your messages.

MY FAMILY LOCATOR allows you to:

- DETERMINE THE LOCATIONS OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS IN REAL TIME. You decide on your own when your family can see where you are.

- TURN ON KID MODE on your child’s phone. Your little wanderer won't be able to turn off location services or change the app's settings. As well as producing a voice audition for VoIP means. You will be able to hear what is happening near your child and say something on the speakerphone.

- VIEW MOVEMENT HISTORIES for any of your family members on the map using the Tracking function. Movement histories are stored for three years!

- CREATE PLACES and receive a notification when a family member arrives at or leaves a place. You can set up multiple geofences. You will no longer have to worry about whether your child made it to school or your grandma to the cottage.

- FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Select from 15 colour themes!

- HAVE A FAMILY CHAT. Your family will always be there to talk.

- ASK YOUR "FAMILY MENTOR" FOR ADVICE. A family counsellor of sort that will give you advice based on your family’s behaviour.

Why should you download family GPS tracker "My Family"?

- Family locator lets you ensure your children and elderly parents are safe and secure. Say good-bye to unjustified worry. Tracking kids was never so easy
- You decide for yourself when your family can see your location. You can always make your location invisible in the App's settings, but not in Kid Mode!
- Your children will be less scared to leave the neighbourhood and venture out into the city.
- You'll keep in closer touch with your loved ones
- View any family member's movement history for the past three years!

Please note that all features based on GPS technology require a GPS-equipped smartphone and require GPS to be turned on in your phone settings. Of course My Family tracker can find where you are using your cellular signal or network alone but the GPS offers exact coordinates.

The App conserves power, but as with any app with GPS functionality, your battery life may be slightly diminished.

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Reviews (30)

Tay. A. Jun 21, 2018     

Uses 13-30% of battery in one hour (replaced my phone's battery because i thought that was the issue but it still does the same thing), this is on the lowest location update setting for my phone. Bought the premium version and the functions still don't work. Phone freezes and crashes every time i stop the app. Location updates for my kids phone are terrible and often don't work. There is an update every week almost but it keeps getting worse. Tech support stopped returning my emails but when they did return them a long time ago i was asked "what models of phones are you using?" So i told them samsung s6 and the kids are s4's, i was told "hmmmm thats what i use and it works fine" implying that my phone was the problem! Anyone else hear this? . Don't waste your time with this app! It will cause you headache. Get life360, way better app because the added features on this one wont work anyways!

Tom. P. Aug 3, 2018     

Use the free version. Was great, albeit with sometimes v slow location updating (e.g. 5 mins +) until it started crashing. Now it opens up and dies almost immediately, no good like this - please look into what's suddenly gone wrong please

Lyn. B. Jul 17, 2018     

Paid for premium & only the camera works decently. Still waiting to hear why forced call doesn't work. My review will change if they fix it. For now, disappointed. Contacted them to fix issues. Still no reply. App seems to be getting worse, not better. Very disappointed. Will not rate better until contacted & fixed!

Moh. H. J. Jul 2, 2018     

In terms of features, it is a very rich one. You will have almost everything you expect from such an app, ofcourse if you buy the premium (for me, the free one does what I want). Edit: The problem I had with location not updating gone by itself. Now, there is absolutely no problem.

A. G. u. Jul 23, 2018     

The app works well but I've lost my paid premium features and the developer will not respond to my emails. The app itself gets 5stars when it works, but I'm rating 1 star for losing what I paid for. I will revise this review if I ever hear back from the developer. I don't have high hopes though because I've sent two emails in the past two weeks.

Anj. R. Jul 12, 2018     

This app works some of the time but when you have an issue, the response and resolution is as fast as a two legged unicorn on planet Earth without wings. I have sent over 15 emails simply asking for my Premium subscription to be transferred since I got a new phone. That has been since April. I still do not have the privileges I paid for and no one from the company seems to be available for a response. I received an email, literally at 2:38 in the morning asking for info verifying my purchase and after I sent it.... CRICKETS. They have the audacity to say they need more subscriptions to better the app... Well, I say the first thing they might want to work on is customer service! I welcome the owner, a manager, even a sales rep to get back with me as soon as possible. I will definitely let you all know if that happens.

Chr. H. Jun 20, 2018     

Good app. Has been working well for me for a couple of years, but since my phone updated to Android 8, notifications haven't been working. Also, for some reason, there are some messages that won't delete from family chat. I clear the chat, but they keep coming back.

Joh. H. Jul 17, 2018     

UPDATE: I have contacted support on two occasions and have not received any assistance. App was working great, but after an update the forced call option doesn't work. I have contacted support, but have not received any assistance. Past response was decent and problem seemed to have been resolved, but now can't seem to get some help.

A. G. u. Aug 9, 2018     

It was working good till I broke my phone. I got a new phone and I put app again but doesn't let me go in mine. My son had to send me invite to join family again and the Premium that I paid is only on the phone I broke can .I email in April never heard anything on how keep my premium or switch to my phone

Jas. K. Aug 6, 2018     

I agree 100% with Angela...total waste of money. Shows position accurate within 1km. I pay for full functioning version and I get the addition of a camera shot? But no forced call. And IT support for this is horrible. Have waited one month for a reply and still waiting .... total garbage, total BS

Har. R. Jun 26, 2018     

App doesnot show the location of other menbers except mine.. completely wasted my data by downloding this..

Me. M. Jul 11, 2018     

The app worked until 2 weeks ago. Contacted developer several times but only got a general response.

The. A. C. S. Jun 4, 2018     

Please help me by mistake I uninstalled this application but I am a premium user for one year subscription now I am download this and it is not showing my 1 year subscription plan please help me......

Rac. J. Jun 2, 2018     

When you get new phone or factory reset you can't log in to premium account & support doesn't respond to emails for help. Otherwise I would highly recommend. I need help and cant get anyone to respond.

Tri. C. Jul 3, 2018     

This app sucks. It never refreshes so I never know where my family is. Worst app ever.

amy. m. Aug 12, 2018     

For us this is good. But i would like a function to "refresh" or something. It randomly refreshes. I wanna know where a kid is now; not four hours ago

Chr. J. Jul 18, 2018     

Does not update location. Even with all the location accuracy settings found in the setting of a Samsung s7 phone I cannot use this app without wifi. I must turn data on for the app to work. In general this app is not reliable and not the best.

Nic. M. Jun 6, 2018     

Don't waste your money buying the premium version forced calls and photos dont work.

Cri. Aug 6, 2018     

Worked fine for a couple days on my daughters phone but then stopped updating her location entirely. Tried a couple time to reinstall but the app wouldn't accept the access code. Glad I didn't pay for premium.

Ron. K. Jun 22, 2018     

Accuracy is terrible. It gave me an accuracy radius of over 43000 ft. or about 8 miles to locate my phone. Dont bother downloading.

A. G. u. Jun 16, 2018     

I'm Premium user even though They never answer my questions or replies my email, it was working fine before but after one month stop working. Update for respond: I already went to this website and sent email, but never get respond. The forced call not working also.

adn. d. Jul 17, 2018     

I pay it and now i am not satisfied. My phone updated on android 8 and app simply crash down... i contact support but they even did not respond at all.

ann. b. Jul 25, 2018     

I would like a refund, premium does not work at all. $28 wasted! Devastated

Mah. E. Jun 4, 2018     

This App is working great only at home when all devices are connected to wifi. My kids left for school but the app was showing them at home all day. 😒😫

ada. l. Jul 14, 2018     

Only works correctly with android. Pointless app if family has iphones.

Sha. H. Jun 25, 2018     

I've continually had problems with the connection between family members. I decided that maybe if I went up to premium, it would fix the problem. Nope, silly me. I just made s $20 donation that I'll never see any benefit. I contacted the app owner and I didnt get a response.

Cha. O. Jul 23, 2018     

Only works some of the time.. And when you open it it does not show love location. Not worthit as it will let you down in an emergency

Mar. D. L. Jul 16, 2018     

Black or white screen app does not start properly s7 edge with Android 8 I reinstalled and now I don't have my premium anymore

A. G. u. Jul 11, 2018     

Unreliable to the point of being unusable. Sick of trying to get it to work effectively.

Chr. B. Jul 13, 2018     

I started using this app and it was fantastic however for around the last month it has been very unreliable not working for periods of time sometimes longer than a day not good enough if this is not sorted soon I'll be uninstalling and cancelling my subscription😒