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Family Guy Pinball

Experience Quahog like never before in Family Guy Pinball! Help Chris catch the Evil Monkey that’s been living in his closet, team up with Peter as he goes head-to-head with the Giant Chicken, work with Stewie to save Rupert from a fiery death, and more! Get ready for a “Freakin’ Sweet” pinball table!
In Family Guy Pinball, get ready to relive iconic gags and moments from Family Guy episodes, activate unique character-themed modes for the entire Griffin family, as well as play fun side quests featuring the Quahog 5 News team, Bertram, Consuela, and more!

This awesome pinball table also features unique achievements, online scoreboards, unlockable leaderboard avatar images, and hotseat multiplayer, all combined on a beautiful table with a state-of-the-art physics model!

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Category : Arcade

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Reviews (30)

Mar. B. Nov 2, 2018     

For a game that cost 1.89, it still pushes tokens and skill packs. I would like a game that I pay for to be a full game. Android, and gaming in general is getting money grabby.

Rex. F. Dec 11, 2018     

Very accessible and entertaining. I would like the fourth ball I paid for to be available offline, where I have to play it most.

Cha. B. Mar 22, 2019     

Good game, like playing Pinball, however, still don't see why all these permissions are needed just to play the game. I email several times and still no reply.

Mik. A. Apr 26, 2020     

Gameplay:Righteous. Fun Factor:Super-duper. Having to spend real money to get enough balls (giggidy) to get anywhere in the game:Tripe.

Vin. D. Dec 14, 2018     

Probably the most entertaining pinball game in the Play Store! Great controls and game play, too.

ant. g. May 9, 2019     

would have been 5 stars but not enough balls and there should also be bonus games to get bonus balls for those not too good at pinball

ST3. Mar 25, 2019     

Still the best pinball gameplay combined with a barrell of laughs espesh on skill shot...so funny 6/5

nik. j. Apr 15, 2019     

i bought the app and it wont even open its stays stuck on verifying game license or sum nonsense

Bat. M. Jun 10, 2019     

i paid money for this game an im stuck at verified. it wont load the game at all. is this a joke? this is the second game i spent money on an it wont work.

jr. s. Dec 28, 2019     

A game does not need access to my contacts and photos. I uninstalled this game

M. D. Apr 27, 2020     

What happened to Bob's burgers pinball South Park pinball American Dad pinball? I bought all of them including Family Guy pinball and Family Guy pinball seems to be the only one available now. How do I get my money back for those games that are no longer available

Luk. H. Dec 26, 2019     

Lots of fun. One of my top pinball favourites.

Jes. J. May 26, 2019     

Decent & funny. Good stuff from Zen.

Dar. K. Nov 22, 2019     

Love it! Big fan of show; big fan of game!

Mik. S. Jun 10, 2019     

its fun and a good outlook

Dia. W. Jan 29, 2020     

This game is cool but you haft to pay

Pla. F. Sep 28, 2019     

Love this still after all of this time

Kin. F. Jan 5, 2020     

Where is my walking dead pinball I paid for!

Ayr. R. Apr 24, 2019     

can't wait to play this game!

Mik. K. Jan 11, 2016     

Its good I have this on PS4 and win10 but the ball physics seem much more rapid than the other systems. The ball seems to travel much faster and you cannot react as fast. I also have been getting a bit annoyed always getting Cleveland's bathtub mode when I do the clam. On the other systems I generally get Quagmire's mode at first. Lastly I think the time you have to complete the Dr. Hartman mode needs to be increased. I run out of time before it can bounce to 30 even in a perfect attempt.

Gra. D. Mar 23, 2016     

Thanks for all your help I've finally got it to work by unchecking background data on google play services it now works and what a great game full marks and great support from bobby at Zen studios. Never thought something as restricted background data on google services would cause so much trouble five out of five for the game.

A. G. u. Mar 7, 2018     

A definite favorite. One of the best pinball game apps on android. Zen always delivers. Great touch response. Realistic play & nice graphics. The only thing I miss is the (opportunity for a free game) number match at the end of most other pinball games.

The. V. Jan 28, 2017     

I Love Pinball! I've been playing pinball since a time when we had to dump piles & piles of quarters into an actual, 3 dimensional, mechanical, pinball machine. This game is exciting and cool and fun! It may be a tick fast AND a bit forgiving, but it plays smooth and is an overall A+

Sar. C. Mar 7, 2017     

Great game so far just got it yesterday. Only thing i dont like is the facebook nonsense. Dont splash facebook in peoples face. Lots of people dont use it and dont like facebook. A small more subtle sign in for facebook is ok but this is over the top. I get the cost of licensing etc. I do! But dont jump on the facebook wagon. My sister does not use facebook and she is who convinced me to get these games. They are great games! Money ok, facebook sign in splashed on screen not ok! Keep up the good work. Thx.

A. G. u. Nov 5, 2017     

Would not load. Froze on the checking license screne. Customer support is non existent. Will never deal with Zen Studios again. They took my money and ran. Extremely disappointed. Think twice before purchasing.

Joh. Oct 26, 2017     

Game will not work on new Samsung note 8. Cannot get past verification even though all permissions are allowed for this game and Google play services....

Ash. B. Apr 28, 2018     

Wish there where more tables. For 1.99 you would think I would have at least two tables or hell at least an option.. but fun non the less. I would download if it was free or at least after they add another table or two. sorry guys

Aro. A. Jul 19, 2016     

Great pinball, great Family Guy themed audio; as with all Pinball FX tables this is top quality. Would love to see some anti-aliasing options for high-end devices.

ili. Feb 25, 2017     

I absolutely love their South Park pinball, and the family guy is good but it's wayyy too easy to get ball out. The way the meg and the center lanes are set up in a way that causes the ball to line down the middle very often.

Chr. M. Dec 11, 2015     

Sometimes the flippers are slow at responding and will cause you to lose. Additionally the same character sounds are repeated over and over, very limited in what they offer. Plus, the may you pay for other features within a paid app? I just love Family Guy and had to get the app. Maybe I haven't seen all of the bells and whistles yet, but it could've been free.