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Family Locator

Family Locator & Messenger by 24 locator provides, you the current locations of your family members so you know that everyone are safe or not safe.
Are you worried ?? :: when you are not close to your loved ones.Don't worry we are introducing new app by which you can easily monitor your friend or family. You can access real time location of your family memberand your friends. Parents are worry about their children's age between (6-18 years). No need to worry install Phone Tracker and monitor your children reach at school or not. They are safe or not. You can send instant massage from this app no need to switch another messenger.Now tracking is very easy and accurate by using Phone Locator.

>> You can create group like as: 1. Family : Add family members 2. Office : Add office members 3. Friends: Add Friends You can create more groups and add members.>> Add members in groups for track.>> Members can send and receive free massages and Chat with each other.>> You can manually change your location sharing on/off from app. When you turn off your location sharing we can't share your location to anyone in group.>> You can invite new friends by sharing app via messengers or contact no.>> Panic alert button send location and emergency alert to all members in a group.>> When user off location sharing or lost connection on account of any reason we show his/her last location on map.>> You can Refresh location any time. (To get Real time location)>> If user turnoff GPS, disconnect internet and uninstall app, User last location shows on map with Time and date.>> You can see location History.>> Admin denoted by red text color.

>> Find your misplaced or stolen phones (Find my lost phone, Lost Phone finder) > Find your phone by tracking your friend phones.

Note : This app works accurate when you turn on your GPS. This app find your location with cell phone network but this can be inaccurate some time. Than we suggest to users he/she turn on his/her GPS for best result. This app under Google policy because of we do not share your location without your permission. Your google play store should be updated new version.

If You have any suggestion on any problem contact us :Our support team help you as soon as possible : mail me support@24locator.com

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Reviews (30)

The. B. May 6, 2018     

But I registered and signed up it said that my email was already registered and it's circle jerk and he would not let me do anything else anywhere it's a bunk app in short it's sucks

ter. p. Mar 9, 2018     

Do not download this app . It doesnt work its got a virus. And there email is fake

san. s. Jan 19, 2018     

I have just installed. And checking how really I can get real time location of my friends n family. With chat, I think I am not able to see message I received unless I go back to chat menu Thank you

Gau. N. Nov 6, 2017     

Not showing correct location.. also its always showing (updating address plz wait).. not sure how other users are rating good.. its misleading.. not working as proclaimed..

N. A. K. Dec 27, 2017     

Very very very usefull application. Every one must download it

tdh. g. Dec 1, 2017     

does not show right location and not continuous showing

SAT. S. Apr 10, 2018     

It's ok but it's need network

Vet. N. Apr 23, 2018     

Super use full

A. G. u. Apr 21, 2018     

Its very use

sak. p. Nov 3, 2017     

Thanks supper app

A. G. u. Jan 7, 2018     

Improvement the app

A. G. u. Feb 17, 2018     

it's ok

Hie. C. Jun 9, 2017     

A decent service that's free. Free! First day of trying it out, no issues. Just need to make sure wifi and location is on. Delays are inevitable when location is in a building or where signal is poor. Not the app's fault. Here are a few suggestions regarding the EMERGENCY BUTTON: 1. It's a bit small and too closely situated in between two other icons. Most emergency situations are panicky and frantic. User may have a hard time "centering" his/her finger on the correct icon, wasting precious time, if ever they tap on the wrong icon. So maybe.. a) Make the icon larger, more conspicuous looking (just a red exclamation point)  b) Put it in a separate, isolated, location  c) Most users will find it hard to tap on the top of the app for the emergency icon. Esp. in situations where only one hand is available. Maybe put it somewhere on the bottom of the app? Thanks for your time and for considering these. I want you to succeed because this is a great app which you also made free.  I sent you this as an email but was told your email address is disabled.

jam. h. Oct 5, 2017     

The ease of registering, adding family and friends. Plus the flow of app to Google maps. Accurate location. Gives movement alerts. Gives me some peace of mind when my children are away from home.

A. G. u. Oct 8, 2016     

You can track your Family and Friends. It's perfect app for tracking and massaging. It's better than all other tracking app. Best App.

Kri. K. T. Sep 2, 2017     

some what ..ok.but I try to accept friend request it always says something went wrong please try latter..

A. G. u. May 9, 2017     

Excellent n 100% reliable app. Those who have problem with this app may surely have problem in their handsets.

RaS. W. Dec 13, 2016     

It finds me ok sometimes. Never finds my mom, keeps saying she is at home. Also I am getting odd messages that people I don't know have moved.

मौत. S. *. Aug 15, 2017     

It is not show to accurate location.. So plz updated it for correct location

Sam. A. Oct 30, 2016     

it's a fully android app to chake. and some dough

G. N. Apr 9, 2017     

Guys it's a very good but delay the reports So its nice app

Cur. B. Sep 27, 2016     

Seems to work well. People complaining about inaccurate locations need to check location settings on their phone to make sure that GPS, network, and cell are all checked. The location is only as accurate as your phone settings and the view of the sky for the GPS to work accurately.

Nar. S. Oct 10, 2016     

Turn off all screen overlay but app keep asking permission. Once deny app display improperly and can't continue. Uninstall immediatly !

Muk. M. Jun 3, 2017     

GPS, wi-fiailed, mobile networks all are enabled but failed to update location..!

A. G. u. Jun 23, 2017     

Would like to know how to map out everywhere they have gone not just where they are right then. Like a stop and start confirm home address as both ends

tra. b. Dec 18, 2016     

It keeps updating every minute. Accuracy is off and when home it have me at different places

Ett. L. Jan 11, 2018     

Now there is to much ADDS and doesn't locate so well

Hee. J. Sep 16, 2016     

Amazing application... Helps to keep track of your family

A. G. u. Jun 23, 2017     

Would be better if it updated location history for every place you stopped at for longer than 5 mins instead of every 30 mins

Jef. H. Oct 8, 2016     

Does just what I need without all the add on crap. Good app