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Fantasy Chronicles

A REAL 3D action-packed fantasy MMORPG with thousands of players around the world!Jump into the Fantasy Land, a vast world of various big maps and challenges!
Keep your unique pets and explore all the possibility with them! Battle as a team in this fantasy world, try get stronger and make more friends!

Features[Rich Gameplays]Free battling, World boss, Pillage quest, Escort quest, Legion wars, Arena, Dungeon explorations, Events and more, you will never get bored.

[Big Maps]Open world, endless views!There are various big maps big open maps for your exploration, take your pet and enjoy the views of the fantasy Land. But please refrain to go too far.

[Unique Pets]Collect more and pet them.Pet are also Mount in this Fantasy World which can travel you through the whole land and aid your battle.

[Free Real-time Battles]Always keep attention!A real-time battle with players could happen anywhere and anytime when you are in PK mode.Get stronger or group up with your guild buddies.

[Fashion Suits]We don't follow suit!Suit will get you stronger, and each suit has its original design, try it on. We have a collection of fashion suits for you.

For questions or customer support, please contact our support by visiting https://www.facebook.com/fantasychronicleshdYou can also email to us at support@raink.com.cn

Category : Role Playing

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