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Farming Simulat0r 2016

The whole game starts from the jug you have a tractor and the ground to the barren mountain and get a new plant seed that is suitable to grow in your land but they need very much maintenance and development of your farm you will have sown and arrange the ever-growing area and there tic activity as an insect destruction of equipment failures, new equipment purchases, warehouses and construction etc.This game is the latest Farming make Simulat0r 2016 alpha graphics the motor so you can begautis unexpected good games but also very beautiful graphics and stunning scenery.

Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

Tim. T. Jul 15, 2016     

DEFINITLY Believe The 1 Star Reviews = For Your OWN GOOD !! DO NOT Download !! ~ 1 Tractor - With NO IDEA wer The Controls Are, Tractor Sounds Like It's a Race Car At The Indy 500,,, THIS GAME Has a L O T of Work Ahead of It! This Game Makes me Wonder = WHY Did The Developer's Even Put This On The Market ? Why OH WHY ?

Har. G. Apr 4, 2016     

This is fn rubbish you dont even farm you drive aurond in a tractor all the time

Jam. O. Oct 1, 2015     

Ads, bugs, glitches, and it doesn't even work, I think this needs more work or it needs to go.

Aus. P. May 13, 2017     

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imr. s. Apr 23, 2016     

Don't download wast of time

Leo. L. Mar 30, 2017     

Is this a joke? this game is soo badly made, doesnt even look like FS , its just junk

Dav. B. Sep 1, 2016     

Can't even move the tractor

har. s. Feb 10, 2017     

Landu game Java he landu game a ver download na Karo time he waste handa a ver ak star Dana he pana se nai ta comment nai Kat sakde a ver

Dil. H. Oct 13, 2016     

Love it

Deb. T. Aug 13, 2015     

Hate rip off

Jad. L. Dec 4, 2015     

Love it

A. G. u. Jun 1, 2017     

i think that it is intresting

RAV. G. Dec 14, 2016     

Loved it

Ank. P. Oct 14, 2016     


Pre. D. V. Nov 7, 2015     

The tractor does not even move in the direction you steer it. Waste if download time

Cla. H. Jul 5, 2016     

Who ever made this needs to do a lot more work on this.

Har. S. Aug 31, 2016     

Is not very good but okk

Ish. P. Nov 1, 2016     

What is this .it is not good

Ani. R. Dec 4, 2015     

Don't download this game

Rah. P. Apr 17, 2016     

The Game is the goods in all Farming Games

Cod. C. Jun 19, 2016     

This is the worst game ever made!!!!!!!

Utt. K. Jan 27, 2016     

hahaha try this game and enjoy the real farming

Nav. N. Nov 8, 2015     

The game is very interesting

Lan. L. Mar 8, 2017     

I downloaded it to see if it was good, but when I opened it all Icould do was spin with out stoping. They were right. It SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE THIS JUNK, AGAIN, IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gur. A. Feb 14, 2016     

My brother play this game

A. G. u. Oct 10, 2016     

Never click on the download button because the kids of game it is

Tus. P. Oct 26, 2016     

Gf jeep c is not the

Col. U. Oct 11, 2015     

If I could make this game it would not b racing how is it a farming game

Mah. K. Sep 4, 2016     

Need more games

Mar. P. Nov 8, 2015     

It doesn't let me drive and there is nothing there