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Fashion Hairstyle Salon

Hi, welcome! We are happy that you have chosen to visit us in this beautiful day. Today we'll really have good fun and will definitely become very good friends. You'll be able to know Emma, it wants to go to an important event and desperately needs you to be able to prepare. We recently opened a beauty salon, many women come here and every time we receive praise. Today, through this makeover salon game for girls, you'll be able to work together with us, will be doing the most interesting hairstyles and even to make the most appropriate cosmetic treatments. We know that going to help us do that our salon to become the best in town. Surely you have a beautiful hair and this means that you care him very well. You can learn more tricks about hair and you can even make new friends.For everything to come out as we want you will have to follow all instructions of this game for kids.Success!

- Our friend is in the station, she expects the bus but a car passes and now her hair does not look very well.
- Now our young wants to come to your salon;
- For starters you have to do cleaning into the salon;
- Wash carpet;
- Clean the dust;
- Collect garbage;
- Wash the window;
- Arrange furniture;
- Clean clothes;
- You will have to write down appointments;
- First client wants a very special hair treatment;
- Wash her hair;
- Cut the damaged peaks;
- Apply perfume to hair;
- Then prepares a steam treatment for hair;
- Emma is the second client;
- Collect leaves from hair;
- Wash her hair with warm water and shampoo;
- Dry her hair with a clean towel;
- Cut the damaged peaks;
- Comb hair;
- Apply a steam treatment;
- Wash her hair with special soap;
- Rinse with warm water and then dry the hair;
- Then choose the most beautiful accessories to highlight the hairstyle;
- Choose sunglasses and jewelry;
- Young looks great, you did a good job.

Thanks for your help, please come back every day through this beauty salon game for girls.

Have fun!

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