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FAST Arabic Keyboard

Freely upgrade your Arabic keyboard to FAST Arabic keyboard for a fast, accurate and speedy typing experience –

The FAST Arabic keyboard will allow you to type Arabic with ease and comfort on your mobile phone.

With 23 keys, you can generate all Arabic letters with fewer strokes. The FAST Arabic keyboard supplies large, comfortable, error-free big size keypads and simple layout to deliver easy, fast and accurate typing experience to our valuable customers.

The FAST Arabic keyboard offers new layouts like 4 X 3, 4 X 6 and vertical or horizon mode with patented technology to enable one to type Arabic in easy and convenient ways, free from typos, with customization to maximize easy typing.

The FAST Arabic keyboard offers character suggestion to type Arabic in a new intuitive way to maximize your typing speed.
The FAST Arabic keyboard allows you to insert emoticons directly without exiting, and Emoji keyboard features learn and predict your favorite emoticons. You can even create and save your own emoticon table to quickly insert emoticons in your text.

Just by up-or-down dragging with your finger, you can insert ḥarakāt (Arabic vowel) with ease and also you can insert Tatweel with left dragging to emphasize your word. This is a unique function that other Arabic keyboard solutions cannot provide.

Category : Productivity

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