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Ferrari Roadside Assistance

Ferrari Roadside Assistance
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Ferrari Roadside Assistance offers Ferrari owners protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Ferrari Roadside Assistance app is designed to make requesting assistance faster, more accurate and convenient; a Ferrari ownership experience, when you need it.

• Request assistance for a mechanical issue, dead battery, flat tire, out of fuel, lock out, and more
• Select a preferred dealer to contact for appointments and as a default service destination
• Use GPS, maps and satellite to pinpoint the vehicle location
• Follow a dialogue assisting you in diagnosing the problem and requesting appropriate service
• Retrieve confirmation service is on the way and the estimated time of arrival
• Your Ferrari’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) confirms eligibility for Roadside Assistance, as covered by Ferrari*

Services for vehicles outside of manufacturer’s warranty coverage are subject to fees. Registering your Ferrari’s VIN within the app will expedite service.

Only available for North American Vehicles.

*Subject to certain limitations and exclusions. See your Owner's Manual for details.

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