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Fifth Edition DM Tools

A set of tools for building and running a campaign in a fifth edition tabletop role playing game.
Monster Creator:
- Create, save, and edit complete monsters
- Calculate challenge rating and adjust up or down
- Import or Export fan made monsters

Encounter Creator:
- Build encounters using the monsters you create or import
- Include Traps, NPCs, and Treasure
- Calculate the total experience and difficulty
- Roll Initiative and load the encounter's monsters, traps, etc along with your players into the initiative tracker

Adventure Builder:
- Create dungeons and other areas by linking together encounters and locations
- Calculate total possible experience from the encounters and compare with experience needed for your players to reach a particular level.

Player Tracker:
- Keep track of your players experience, level, armor class, hit points, items, and more

Multiple Campaign Support:
- Ability to create separate lists of players and adventures for keeping track of multiple campaigns

Initiate Tracker:
- Manage your monsters, traps, NPCs, and players during initiative
- Roll initiative by hand or have the dice roller do it for you
- Easily track stats like hit points and armor class
- Option to use the dice roller to roll your monster's attack, damage, saves, and skills
- Award experience when encounter ends

Treasure Management:
- Create treasure parcels containing items and gold
- Calculate total value as well as the possible price the treasure might sell for
- Link parcels with encounters

Whether you're building a kingdom or populating a dragon's lair you can manage your entire campaign with these DM tools.

Category : Role Playing

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