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Find My Kids - GPS Tracker

Find My Kids tracks lost or wandering children quickly and easily. A few of the benefits of owning this free app are:
-Automatically receive place alerts when your child returns home or arrives at school-Easily keep track of your family members without having to constantly ask where they are-Having phone battery levels monitored, so you know whether their phone is dead or they just aren’t responding

Find My Kids contains a superior phone and uses state-of-the-art GPS navigational technology to track your children. It is the essential app for anyone who has experienced the stress and worry associated with a lost child.

Lost Kid Found, With Find My Kids

Find My Kids makes it easy to pinpoint the location of a missing child whether it’s your child or someone else’s. Better still, the app’s navigational assistance can guide you to them, making lost kid retrieval quick and easy. To track kids, Find My Kids uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. Essentially, cell phone companies know a mobile device’s distance from cell phone towers. Find My Kids secures this data from cell phone companies and displays the phone’s whereabouts on the app’s map. From there, it’s easy fro you to retrieve the child’s location.

Find My Kids Offers Real Time Location Data

Plan your next family gathering with this family tracker and end multiple texts to learn everyone’s arrival time. Kid Tracker can alert you when family members have checked in at a location and thanks to GPS tracking technology, kid tracker can also advise if someone is running late.

Battery Tracking of all Circle members

Find My Kids has smart battery consumption, and lets you see how your child is charging his or her phone. You can also get alerts when the phone battery is low, so you can send reminders to your children to charge their phones. Find My Kids also lets you see how the battery is being used, so you know how quickly it is reaching empty.

GPS Tracking to find Kids, Friends and Family

Find My Kids’ GPS tracking app uses GPS coordinates and state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the real-time whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Find My Kids app on your phone and your kids’ phones. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon on the GPS tracking navigational map so you’ll know exactly where each family member is at all times. No need to send annoying “Where are you?” or “What’s your ETA?” texts, Find My Kids puts this information at your fingertips. And to make life super easy, we send you GPS tracking alerts the moment your kids arrive at the appointed location!

Reliable Kid TrackerThe Find My Kids app is a very reliable Kid Tracker. It can pinpoint the location of registered mobile devices, smart phones and even old school feature phones via the app’s website, 24/7. Our GPS Phone Tracker lets you locate Android Phones and iPhones. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is invite your family members or friends and you can start tracking them on your phone.

Innovative and Versatile Kid Tracker

Do you constantly wonder or worry where your children are? Find My Kids can help. Its state-of-the-art GPS system can keep tabs on registered phone, using satellites to triangulate the exact location of every phone registered to your account. If a phone is ever out of satellite view, Find My Kids uses triangulation via the nearest cell phone tower and the cell phone carrier’s data to determine your child’s location. This versatile kid locator also offers printer-friendly directions to your child’s location. Find My Kids is compatible with Androids, whether you have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or another phone carrier.

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Reviews (30)

Hay. d. Jul 29, 2019     

signed up for the 7 day trail. come the 7 days u need to cancel the trail so you are not charged. well i was not able to figure out how to do this. i tried emailing, calling looking up different contact numbers and have had no response. i have been charged almost 70 dollars and there is no way to get it refunded. it is a great app but i dont want the extra premium stuff and want my money back...

Tan. M. C. Jul 25, 2019     

I really like this app. I'm alerted every time my kids location changes. However, it's not 100% accurate. It usually gives an idea of the address/location where my kids are. It doesn't give their exact address/location. With that said, it still works rather well and I feel safer with it.

J. B. Sep 27, 2019     

Worked for a couple of months. Now just says phone switched off or no network. Have to force close app and re open for it to work. Pretty hopeless now as can't trace my child. Downloading a different app now. Hopeless and unreliable

Lis. O. Sep 2, 2019     

Very reliable and gives history of movement. Downside is uses a lot of memory on my phone but maybe all the tracker apps do I'm not sure. This is the first one I've used.

She. F. Nov 18, 2019     

Good app, but sometimes accuracy is off: target will bounce around to different areas within seconds when there is no movement. Alerts don't always sound when phones go into motion or stops traveling.

She. S. Nov 9, 2019     

At first I was excited about this app. I even told alot of my family and friends for my nieces & nephews. But no way.... the accuracy of the location for my children is off. My kids can be here with me and the phone notifications said they left school or left the house etc. So no I'm not satisfied with it. I'm looking for another app and going to delete this one. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Lor. M. Aug 12, 2019     

Gives me a real sense of relief because my kids (12 years old) just started past year to go around NY on their own. with this app, I can always check where they are if I am concerned. It's been a game changer! I've recommended it to several other moms.

Fay. F. Jun 30, 2019     

This app only worked well for one day and I fell in love with it because I could see where my daughter is. No longer in love it's now just a big disappointment I've Been trying to us it since and all it say can't locate and stable at one place for 24hrs and more even when you been around london! not happy at all!!

Ang. S. Dec 16, 2019     

When I first installed this app on my phone it was very accurate. Not anymore. My son has been home from school for 20 minutes and it is still showing up hes in town. When I'm at work it says hes still at home causing me to unnecessarily worry when hes actually at school. Please fix !

Ric. D. Oct 2, 2019     

We have a family of 7 and this app is a God send.... I love the when I get a notification when my kids go to and from school and are home again. Just a quick glance and I know the status of everyone. I can even tell when my ex wife speeds with my kids in the car!

Chr. M. Oct 17, 2019     

This app is awesome. Our daughter just started a new middle school and ride a bus. One day during the first week in the afternoon, she got on the wrong bus. Long story short, I was able to call her and keep her calm. This app gave me the ability to get in my vehicle and brought me exactly where she was. I don't even want think about how this situation would've ended up if we didn't have this app. Everyone that has kids, needs this app!

Lun. L. Jun 11, 2019     

DON'T USE! Terrible. Tells me my child is in a different place when I know she's somewhere else and often cannot locate her at all, especially when it's important. Also cannot find a way to cancel my subscription before my 7 day free trial is up

Jan. F. May 19, 2019     

Easy to install and add people to, very accurate. I have an autistic son who sometimes can't find where he is. This gives him the confidence to go out on his own without worrying if he gets lost as he can text me to help him

hay. d. Aug 18, 2019     

well for a few months was ok, but now is terrible, said that my son is home when he is not, I try to track my son and all I see is, that he is home since many days, hahaha, that is totally wrong, I like this app but I think I have to quit if is not fix, because I need something that really works

Min. G. Nov 14, 2019     

Installed this on my phone last night. Very impressive! Love that it's a free app and service. I would really like more info on upgrading and how you are billed.

Tri. L. Sep 4, 2019     

Our family uses this app, it comes in handy when one of us may be unable to text because we are driving. We know what time each of us will be home according to where we are on the map.

Gen. B. Nov 19, 2019     

I love this app it give me the opportunity to let my kids have a little freedom. It also let me know what going on in every area like crimes, rapes, robberies and even sex offenders. it also lets me know when they leave a location and how fast they are going if they are driving on with someone how fast are driving it's a great app for safety. 5 Stars 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟

Jo. D. Jun 13, 2019     

awful app won't work with mobile data on which is kind of the point of using it while your kids are out and about. also really drained my battery. won't be using again

Kel. M. Oct 24, 2019     

I love this app and I'll tell you why! My husband and I have 6 children in 6 different schools. I work in multiple locations a d my husband often has meetings out of the office. We can all rest a little easier knowing where everyone is at any given time. 💗💙💙💙💙💙💙💗

Jes. H. Jan 21, 2020     

Overall it's ok. Doesn't seem to work well on my son's phone. Isn't always super accurate on location but gets in the ballpark

Sol. T. Nov 18, 2019     

Love this app, we have it on each mobile device we have, so easy to track where everyone is. Location provided very accurately.

Dom. E. Dec 29, 2019     

We've loved this app! Gives you peace of mind when your kids are driving. It's always been accurate, unless their wifi is off, then it can be delayed.

Tab. H. Jul 8, 2019     

We are brand new to the app but so far its terrific. We have a large busy family coming and going and I'm excited to see how well this works for us!

Ste. J. Oct 31, 2019     

My son has the app running on his phone and WiFi turned on. We are sat next to each other at home yet the app is saying he is still 60 miles away in London where we were yesterday lunchtime. Why hasn't his location updated automatically when mine has?

Mic. B. May 16, 2019     

me and my daughter love this app, we can be at ease knowing we know where other are, only problem that happens from time to time is its a bit behind especially when arriving home.

Sar. B. Oct 26, 2019     

Works for the most part but sometimes it goes haywire and shows the travel routes as the birds fly.

Jam. S. Jul 25, 2019     

helpfull app. but, location names are not accurate. needs improvement. To get a 5 star rating.

dav. b. Jul 22, 2019     

works very well. pretty accurate so far. like the notifications.thank you. a bit of peace of mind.❤

Kay. C. Sep 6, 2019     

I bought a phone for my son because of summer school so he could call me when he is leaving school, but I was still not satisfied so i was looking for a app so i could track him just to see him get home safe and then i found this app am very happy.

Dav. A. Nov 12, 2019     

Couldn't get started,wouldn't let me change country. So went where my other junk goes, in the bin. Or should I say the trash.