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Fingers Monster mmm

Mmm Fingers, its the thing tiny monsters say about your finger, Monster is Finger SlayerCan you protect your fingers from hungry monsters?Can say mmm fingers game, Mmmm fingers, Mmm fingarFingers Monster game is a fun, addictive, one touch endless score game in which you need to save your finger from hungry monsters, the tiny monsters, long monsters, and moving monsters. Touch and hold your fingers on the screen as long as possible. Don’t lift your finger or touch anything with teeth otherwise monster will chop your finger and game will over. Compete with your friends and community.
Hungry features of game

★ Fingers Monster Mmm is Addictive ★★

★ having a lot of fun ★★

★ Time killer ★★

★ Wild ★★

★ Epic ★★

★ Have Monsters ★★

★ Amazing ★★

Category : Arcade

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