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### fish almanac ###online fish database with more than 125 fish nowavailable language: english and germantake a look and dive into the world of fish arround the world.**
* database will be update every some days ***~ now more than 125 kinds of fish ~id or find freshwater or saltwater fish easy by name, watertyp, typ, sea, ocean or contintent. Choose what you want from dropdown vor write keyword in the searchbar.if you like to support this program or find some wrong informations or mistakes, please don't be shy to contact meinfo@visionandnet.comupcoming....*
* detailed informations*
* more fish*
* more whales and dolphins*
* and everything for free!!!!!*
* spanish language*
* have a nice day :-)

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Reviews (7)

Fir. N. L. N. Jun 30, 2017     

It does not have a huge variety of fish and I could not see the fish I was looking for

Roc. o. Dec 26, 2016     

Great Apps. Thank you

Raf. S. Dec 27, 2016     

Love it

Ron. R. May 2, 2017     

As of 5/2/17 app did not cover Gulf of Mexico, NA. Because of this any fish from that area are not in the listing. I am new to fishing so i wanted a fish identifier for my area. This app does not do that.

wil. i. Dec 27, 2016     

Only shows Europe information

Mic. J. Jan 21, 2017     

I need a flag app to use this app to know what country the fish is found

Ok. D. Mar 12, 2017     

Free fish finder with nice pictures and symbolik