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Fish Fishing Puzle!

Like to fish? Are you a fisherman?
Do not wait ! Download this app on your phone , fisherman !The most aggressive . Keep your eyes open and please download this puzzle game now.

It takes up very little space.

If you liked the game, click +1 to your user. So we can continue growing.

Adrenaline , nerves, passion for fishing and fishing. Long waiting times to get a screenshot . Utilize the time to play ! . Complete the puzzle and enjoy the game footage . You must place all the images in order, in the shortest time possible. You can move more than one piece at a time . Play fast and earn time. Many levels of difficulty so you never get bored !The time will fly by you , and you will be fishing much longer.

What are you waiting for? Download it now . You can not miss on the phone of a fisherman !

The river fish are aggressive, have a lot of strength and a sense of smell highly developed.Put a good hook, a bait and pulls the rod. Attracts fish with chunks of fresh fish.

It's for all ages! . Keep your mind and your nimble young hands.Play more ! . Fishing lot! . Solve the puzzle !

Once the puzzle is completed you can save the image to your phone card or use it aswallpaper. Free application and is funded by advertising. It may contain ads in the notification tray and / or home screen .

Keywords : fish, puzzle , wallpaper, puzle .

Are you a fisherman? This is your game. You win !

Category : Puzzle

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Reviews (30)

Jak. S. Jul 5, 2021     

I love the game it is fun and very cool to see all sorts of fish

Dan. S. Mar 9, 2016     

Adds adds and more adds

Ell. Y. Jun 13, 2015     

Ugly fish i n game and has very bad graphics and all puzzles booooooobooooooooboooooo

Amy. J. Aug 6, 2015     

I thought you would go fishing and it is a puzzle plus it is really hard

Pre. B. Jun 20, 2015     

It doesn't work worth anything its not even fishing its a puzzle

Jef. R. Jul 2, 2015     

It not worthit ig a puzzle

Joh. K. Jul 3, 2015     

Lots of fun, Keeps you thinking!

Ang. P. F. Jul 15, 2015     

Keeps you on the edge.

Car. W. May 10, 2015     

It's awesome yaw

Joh. M. Jun 3, 2015     

It's a slider puzzle

Len. S. Jun 19, 2015     

This should not be a game!

Ken. L. Jun 18, 2015     

I give it a 10

Bar. C. Jun 22, 2015     

Not even a fishing game

She. D. Mar 23, 2015     

Not even a game

Bro. S. Mar 16, 2015     

It ain't even a game it is just pics of fish.........Stupid

Ken. H. Feb 10, 2015     

Good to kill time in line anywhere

Kim. R. Feb 21, 2015     

Not a game just a pictures of fishes .

Gar. K. Dec 24, 2014     

Hey this is not a game! Is the stupid wallpaper with the fish and don't download this idiot applications!

Vj. P. Sep 22, 2014     

Do not download this application it is not a GAME

Bry. D. Jul 30, 2014     

Thanks for showing me to fish now I got 7 fish in a bride the for everything fish fishing.

Wes. D. Aug 11, 2014     

All u do is puzzles its stupid

A. G. u. Aug 15, 2014     

Well its ok .... Needs improvements tho ... To spice up d game!

cec. g. Jul 19, 2014     

Don't waste you time ? There is no turtuol to show you how to play the game?

Ell. Y. Dec 9, 2014     

All banged

son. c. Aug 18, 2014     

It was get playing

Izu. I. Jun 1, 2014     

It is a puzzle game. Not fishing game.

Bon. C. Apr 22, 2014     

It is a "throw back" slide puzzle game in which I usually like. However, it keeps shutting down! That is very frustrating. I will be un installing this game ASAP! ! SORRY

Nic. D. Mar 22, 2014     

I love this app . !

Lup. D. May 25, 2014     

I love this game it is beter than real life fishing

Mou. T. Mar 23, 2014     

Some improvement needed!