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Fish Live

Fish Live is the game for all fish lovers! Raised a fish lately? Play Fish Live and raise, feed and breed your own lovable fishes!
By playing this game you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to feeding and caring for adorable fishes, decorating your tanks with exotic tropical plants, and inviting others to view them in your own glorious tank.

Furthermore you can mix and match your fishes to make your own special fishes, e.g. ORANGESWING + YELLOWFEST = ?

- Dozens of adorable fishes to raise including sharks
- Fish come alive in your tank with awesome 3D animations
- Let your imagination run wild with hundreds of decorations, plants and backgrounds
- Simple and easy-to-use tap interface
- Beautiful and detailed graphics
- Visit, clean, feed your friends fishes and level up to become 'top' neighbors

Important Notice: If you want to switch devices, please bind your Facebook account with the current device first, and then login in your new device through Facebook Login. DON'T uninstall the game before binding Facebook account. Thanks.

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Whi. W. Jun 11, 2021     

A fair few issues that need to be fixed, one being that if you switch phones and log back in, it saves your progress yes but all your goals get reset and even though I'm level 34 I had to start all over again, it's so stupid. Also the internet lag, becareful when purchasing something with cash, because if you press it once but the internet says it didn't work, I pressed it again and it purchased two even though it said it didn't work. Very annoying. Fix it.

DM. Jun 8, 2020     

This is a fun little game that doesn't require a huge time commitment or payment unless you want to. The devs haven't updated it in some time, which pretty much creates an end point once you've completed all the breedings and unlocked all the tanks and fish. The problem is that at Level 43, the ability to watch ads for free fishbucks suddenly disappeared. It also seems that now when I spin the chest, I no longer get positive results. This makes advancing without payment basically impossible.

Jin. d. Sep 17, 2018     

Love this game always. The design is great and the fish type are very special! But several little problems. First, I have to restart from level 1 every time I chang my phone, so consider creating a better account system ? Second, can u consider add a confirm button before players purchase something. Since there has been several times I accidentally touched the wrong fish/decors/plants and the game didn't ask if I really want to purchase like how they did when I sold fish. So i ended up.losing a lot fo cash and coins like that ! Please improve and update and I will rate five stars!

Sta. B. Apr 11, 2022     

I truly fell in love with this fish game and its been my favorite by far, more so since they stopped original pocket frogs. Great play, the tanks are awesome and some get very creative! I just wish there were more events, they do not seem to do them anymore and shame on the developers for this, because this is a true diamond in its genre of games and your lack of dedication taints what could be completely awesome. I changed to two stars because I lost my old game and very upset.

Lin. H. Dec 16, 2018     

We need more fish and more tanks. Also some of the fish are way to expensive. 500 bucks is too much. Maybe change to 100 and we could buy them. I love the game but more fish and the ability to buy more tanks and some new backgrounds. You might also consider seasonal fish and backgrounds.

Ste. P. Mar 23, 2021     

Great game but has one draw back. Game levels can't be saved. If your equipment breaks down and has to be replaced, you have to start the game all over. I've had to start over twice after reaching level 144 and again at level 171. Both times due to equipment breakdown. The game needs to be fixed so one can save the level they are at.

Cyn. S. May 25, 2019     

Love this game and have been playing for a long time, but we need more events. We need new things to purchase like new fish and accessories. Holiday events would be great! New backgrounds and storage to keep accessories we work hard to get. Please consider these changes!!!

Lis. D. Oct 20, 2018     

Good game collectables and tasks to earn fish cash or watch an ad. Sad you have to make a purchase to remove banner ads. Needs updating. Would have given this 5 stars if it was updated or more event tasks were to happen. I have had this app on many devices over the years! and it hasnt changed apart from some new fish.

OG. S. Feb 5, 2020     

So I have been playing Fish Live for some time. And this is coming from a long-term gamer. I really like the app and what you've done with it but I feel like there is a lot more that could be added to the game. I could go on and on but obviously not everyone gets there requests. As for some main suggestions I feel this game could really use collecting different species in the same family, kinda like the wooden tang and sunny tang. Ones yellow ones a brownish-orange.There should be more varients

Val. w. Jul 11, 2021     

Brilliant pet app! :) The next best thing to having real pet fish, and hugely money saving! Lots of exotic types you can choose from and create! And I can take the fish/ tanks with me everywhere! The only issue I have is the stereotype/template profile pics, can you please add more varieties or allow us to use upload our own?!!

Cyn. A. Apr 19, 2019     

i was on level 110 last night woke this morning to some kind of automatic update of this game and everything is gone! back to the beginning at level 1 no fish no nothing. it gave option to log into facebook to retrieve game but it didn't work. i don't know if i ever synced game to my facebook. this is aweful! i have played for many years....now i have to decide if i want to start over or just delete app....

Ang. M. Aug 25, 2019     

Can't transfer games from old phones. I have an old account from 2013 but can only visit my old tanks as a "friend". This sucks. I want my old tanks back that I worked hard and put so many coins into decorating. I do love how this game doesn't cost any real money to play, but I'd rather have my old "tiny2ne" account back instead of having to rebuild.

Tia. B. May 6, 2020     

It is cute but, sometimes the decors tend to like idk if it is bugged but whenever I touch a decor on my aquarium, it intersects to one another whenever I come back after like closing the game. It's weird because even tho the decor must be on behind the other decors, if I touch or move it, it will appear to be on the front and block all the other decors that should be on the front.

Dor. B. Jan 2, 2021     

This is a great game and very relaxing, but I've gotten as far as I can in gameplay. I'd like to know why I'm not receiving anymore ads to watch in order to earn fish dollars. About all I can do is breed fish, take care of them, and sell them. I'd like to be able to earn more fish dollars so I could buy more exotic fish more often. Thank you for a great game.

Mic. C. Jun 14, 2019     

when I started playing this game around 2011 it was fun. They had Easter events and Christmas events.ect. also the had interesting fish to update to. Now I'm in June 2019 I did all the goals and events the only thing to do is go to friends tanks to level up. it was getting boring and not worth my time . sadly I delete this game and uploaded a different fish game.

Mar. D. Oct 17, 2018     

My stress reliever and everytime I've nothing to do I play this game. But, I suggest put more different kind of fish and add more decorations like a pebbles that you can put on the sand, diff. Coral reefs and many more. So far so good tho. Btw, I'm glad you can play this offline. Thank you for that.

FCB. F. C. B. Sep 1, 2019     

I truly love this game app. I have just about every fish, besides the xmas fish, and love when events are happening. But due to I have no idea what, there hasn't been an update or event in about a year. Is this game no longer under management or being administered to? I gave it 5 stars, due to my love of fish and aquarium simulation apps. Try it. It's very relaxing.

Jew. W. Nov 19, 2021     

Had and loved this years ago. Didn't know it was still around. Tonight I'm starting again and wondering why I stopped! I had all the tanks...maybe I stopped because it's so cute and addictive, and therefore time consuming, lol! May limit myself to just one tank this time! Such a cute app. Great graphics. If only more things in the world were so nice, working so well, you know?

Kat. K. Feb 19, 2021     

Love this game ! Have played it off and on for years. Only one complaint. When scrolling in the pet store , it is very sensitive to purchases. You might inadvertantly purchase something unintended. Only bad if it affects cash. Wish I could have more breeder tanks Today all my gifts disappeared as did all my messages from other players. I lost more than 25 fish. Mostly the white whales . I am waiting for them to be restored.

Emi. R. Dec 6, 2018     

I really like the game. It's super fun and addictive the only problem I have is that you can only send certain thing to people. The game would be better if there were more options for gifts or if you could send some of your own fish to trade with people.

Lau. F. Mar 31, 2021     

Love playing the game but does anyone know how to fix the issue of my free spin clock resetting to 4 hrs whenever I go into the game? It starts to count down and if I leave the game and reopen it, it resets to 4 hrs. Please help because I definitely don't want to have to restart the whole thing, goals and all, from the beginning!

Deb. G. Aug 13, 2021     

I have been playing this game on different devices since 2009ish. I'm changing my 5 star to 1 because I hate when you go to add fish to a tank and it will select the one above or under. Which is fine when it's a coin payment. I was saving my cash to buy a certain fish but the game choose to drop a cash fish into my tank. It should ask to confirm purchase that way your apps flaw doesn't cause this issue. I'd love to have cash added back to my account for a sailsword fish I'd never purchased.

Eli. K. May 28, 2020     

I used to love this game a lot. Everyday, it gave me a chance to get some fish cash but a few months ago, it disappeared. Now I have no hope of buying any other exotic fish. Leveling up is almost impossible as it tags along (god knows how many) so many stars. There used to be a pink dolphin. I played this game ever since it came out but everytime I got a new phone, I had to start all over. I wish it can remember my ID & allow me to log onto my old ID so I don't have start all over. More free $?

Bit. R. Apr 27, 2022     

Such a fun game to play, theres only one technical issue which is that the game doesnt allow me to log back to my facebook to be able to save my progress and also back it up in my new phone. Please fix this asap. Thank you

Cha. H. May 17, 2021     

Don't like that I have to start over if my tech fails or breaks the ornaments in the tanks u purchase I wish u could flip them move them how u want them more but I love this game need more cash bubbles too I'm having to start my 3rd time an I'm a little upset bout it cuz I have to get another new appliance and I won't be able to start back then on the level I get too. I would love to see better mermen a mermaids graphics thanks to whom is listening to our wants!!! Maybe you can make some changes

Fit. L. Jun 30, 2021     

I remember many years ago finding this game and downloading it. It still to this way is one of the best aquarium games around. And theost awesome part is that the community is so wonderful and generous! You really feel the love and you can easily make friends on here. Great game and the to soft piano music is really beautiful I love it! One of my favorite games! Whoever made it is awesome!

Lis. P. Oct 13, 2018     

It would be better if you could get more fish and do more things when you get to higher levels. I have done everything you can do and am bored with it now thinking of deleting the app cause there's nothing to do. I'm at level 84 and have been bored for awhile now. Doesn't take long to do everything and get everything.

Jan. M. May 22, 2020     

Fun game. I've played it off and on for years. It would be cool if you could give your own to friends or trade them. Also it would be nice to see a bigger breedin outcome chart. More ways to earn cash money would be nice to. But it's a enjoyable game.

Mar. W. Mar 15, 2020     

LOVE my FishLive, so much that I've had it on every phone I've ever had, since it was created. Altogether I'd say I've created and played at LEAST a dozen different accounts over the years. BUT, WHY are there NEVER any more updates?? We'd definitely spend more $$ on extras for EVENTS for holidays, seasons, whatever. Because even I - your absolute BIGGEST FAN- is pretty bored with starting over in order for it to still be entertaining. So how 'bout it guys?? Show your DIEHARD fans some love?????

Jor. P. Jul 27, 2020     

Starting over (I think?) I have taken a seriously extended leave of absence. When I had paired all of the easier fish and even ended up buying $50.00 (that never showed up in my account. I received no customer service so I ended this game with a giant "Mr. Phuckhew Son" and and had 5 full tanks of the 2 most expensive fish possible There was nothing else to do! So I am starting again RIGHT now! I I am HOPING with ALL my hoping prowess that something has changed and I can get into it again.