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Fish Tank Management Game

Welcome to this Fish Aquarium Game, Now you can own dozens of fishes. Tap to feed & raise the adorable fish to help them live & grow. Monitor the tank health by setting up oxygen level, temperature level and water level of the Dream fish tank. Keep the tank water clean and decorate the aquarium with numerous aqua items to make it looks neat and beautiful. AQUARIUM LIVEIts fun to have your own pretty fish tank. Acquire entertainer baby fishes and nurture them to breed. Fill aquarium with various splashy fish, happy fish, breeding fish, goldfish, fighter fish, jelly fish, butterfly fish, rainbow shark and clown (nemo) fish. Its one of the best fish game which covers whole fish life cycle.
AQUARIUM MANAGEMENTDecorate your aquarium with a collection of exotic and tropical materials like plants, sand, coral, rocks, sea reefs, toys, castles, shells, hollow and Atlantis scenery sea fish wallpapers for the epic look. Keep different sceneries as attractive background. Provide your pet fish with the realistic sceneries like lake, paradise etc. Observe, clean and pour freshwater on daily basis. Maintain water level, oxygen level and keep adding the new seasonal fish for your aqua.

These precious, rare, big and exalted little fish live happy altogether in your fish dream aquarium. Feed them with delicious food to make them healthy and fresh. Hungry fish needs a vigorous meal like pellet, flakes worms and seeds in perfect lunch time. Carnivores and omnivores fishes eat different food and seed. Feeding fit and balance diet results in fast growing your dream fish. Clean your marine aquarium regularly before feeding them & save your Dream brave tap fish from health problems and diseases. Conserve your tank records like feeding interval, date of birth, species and breeds that you have kept.

FEATURES OF DREAM FISH TANK APPDecoration Items for Your Tanks, Which You Can Buy & Sell to Earn Coins:


• Attractive Pirate Ship & Reefs

• Sea Shell 

• Pineapple House

• Wooden Container

• Expert Swimmer

• Sea Monster Skull


• Underwater Plants

• Realistic Sea Grass

• Broken Sunken Ship

• Beach Flowers 

• Realistic Sea Environment


• Desert Brown Sand

• Lake View Green Grit

• Lovely Magenta Silt 

• Grey Crush Sea Sand

• Pink Fondness Water Powder

• Colorful Affection Atlantis Soil 

• Black Infatuation Beach Strand

Fish Food: 

• Delicious & Yummy Pellets

• Healthy & Full of Protein Worms

• Mix Vigorous Seeds

Extra Features:

• Awesome Fish Aquarium Management Game
• Great Pet Keeping Free Game Play

• Pet Store for fish tank pro

• Buy New Pet Tropical Items From Fish Store For Yours & Neighbor Tank

• Feed ,Clean, Breed and Grow Fishes to Sell Us Back in Better Price 

• Study Aquarium Fish Management

• Fish Feeding and Supervision

• Excellent Graphics

Why should I play Fish Tank Management?Dream Fish Tank Management is full of entertainment for kids and adults. Learn the techniques to beautify aquarium because dream fish love decorated and peaceful sea environment. Discover the ways to manage aquarium at your home. Feed your fish with the ideal food to become a fish breeder. Tap the download button & try this app, you’ll be hooked for sure.

How to play 
• Decorate your Dream Tanks

• Buy Tropical Materials from Aqua Management Store

• Fill tank With Diverse kinds of Tap Fish

• Increase/Decrease Tank Health for Better Management

• Adjust Water, Oxygen and Temperature

Share your experience with us & with your friends of keeping fish & results of cross breeding like what mutation you kept at your home & what result you get after breeding rainbow darter with Clown fish? Leafy sea dragon with yellow Longnose? Bluetail Unicornfish with Longfin Bannerfish or any other breed you kept in your fish tank.

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