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Fishing for Kids Catch fish

Welcome to the world of fascinating and fun fishing!If you're looking for training, education, and develop the game for your kid then this informative application is for you and your baby!No matter how old your children 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 of our application perfectly suited for all age groups for both boys and forgirls! Our application is always at hand in your phone, smartphone or tablet!We are developing games that help children: teach, develop memory and attention, as well as contribute to the concentration, perseverance and education.Kids Games: fishing for kids
- it is absolutely free game for the youngest babies and young children of school and pre-school age, in addition it and excellent timekiller adults,it is also a fishing compete for friends who caught the fish and how many, but who scored points.Colorful underwater world will not leave anyone indifferent.Free fishing there is everything:
- Beautiful graphics and animation marine waters, animals, corals, starfish, algae and air bubbles and of course the bright colorful funny tropical fish;
- Joyful music, fun sounds that will not be bored for your child, and has a calming effect;-our little fisherman in a boat will experience the atmosphere of a children's adventure, which of your children would be a good fisherman, or even get the title of the best fisherman?;
- There are many levels of speed so prepare your fingers, collect the catch as soon as possible;Play is very simple
- push past the drifting fish and earn points, it's easier than push bubbles beetles or insects.
The training and educational game for the whole family "Kids Games: Fishing for Kids" helps kiddies to learn the knowledge and skills:
* Math and memory
- Learning to count fish, remember how many. These are the first steps towards education is considered fish together tell us about other marine life;
* Teach color
- the color of the fish;
* Develop reaction and motor skills
- fingers working throughout exciting game;
* Developing visual memory
- what fish caught small or large?;
* Educational games for kid expand representation of the outside world.

The application is for the kids, for all ages. If you liked our applications take time to evaluate it and share it with your friends and acquaintances. Your voice encourage us to develop more and more free training, educational games for the whole family!Thank you!

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