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Fishing Joy FREE Game

Fishing Joy is an insanely addictive game that’s sweeping the world with +65M users worldwide! In Fishing Joy, you’ll be able to have a deep-ocean experience catching magnificent species of fish and creatures the eco-friendly way! The game features stunning deep-sea graphics, music, sound fx’s for a more enjoyable and pleasant experience. Aim and shoot your multi-Level power nets to catch fish and earn Gold and XP! In addition, once your Cannon’s Power Gauge is full, you will be rewarded with a special Laser Gun to annihilate anything and everything on its path! Even the most difficult creatures to catch
- Sharks! Fishing Joy will keep you glued to the screen!
There are 7 powerful Cannons to choose from in size and range. Cast Cannon Nets wisely using small Nets for small fish and big Nets for large prey. The cost of the net is equivalent to the Level of the Cannon Net (Example: Lv. 1 Net will cost you 1 Gold and Lv. 7 net 7 Gold).

Fishing Joy offers:

(1) 15 varieties of colorful sea creatures (2) 7 different Levels of Cannons and Nets (3) 1 Super Laser Gun (4) An Aquarium Mode(5) Latest technology in graphics, music and sound effects(6) GameCenter support (7) Photo enabled for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo (8) Tour the world’s ocean corners and experience the exquisite 3D experience of being submerged under water.(9) Game version available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.

For more information please visit our Website: www.chukong-inc.com

Follow us on Twitter for Fishing Joy updates: http://twitter.com/FishingJoyGame

Become a fan of Fishing Joy on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fishingjoy

Fishing Joy HD Support: game@fishingjoygame.com

Thanks for playing Fishing Joy HD!

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Han. Y. Dec 25, 2014     

I have reached lvl 15 and my score have reached 21k++ when the game start hang and can't be opened. This has happen twice. I have un installed & reinstall twice...but whenever I reached at this level....it will hang and it came out message saying " Unfortunately, Fishing Joy has stopped"

REY. R. Oct 23, 2015     

Hope to have a new update, please add more power shot , it's only have two kinds. I'm so addicted to it together with my wife. My comment is it has a virus.. When my anti virus read this game is show remove from storage device it has a virus.. Please fix.. but all of that its wonderfull

Ker. Oct 7, 2014     

I have near to 50k but now i cant even open the app. First my phone will hang when i try to open the daily lucky chest now i cant even open the app. It states not responding and content under risk. Please fix this, other than this, this game is fabulous except for certain timing when the fishes are bulletproof.

wi. May 1, 2015     

For those who also hate this game, there is a trick. I only use class 4 bullets, and only aim at those smaller fishes with 1 to 4 coins (but in a group of them).. after a while you will see in returns.. I managed to play up to 28000+ coins at lvl 15. Also, I realized that the demages are memorized, so even a shark that you had missed this round, you may still catch it with just one or two shoots of class 4 bullet in next appearance.

Sha. Z. Aug 16, 2014     

Hard to catch fish even with gun 7 ... I at level 19 Murloc but gun 7 is good but you have to waste too many shot to catch jewel fish, turtle, and red fish, I think gun should be more effective in catching fish . It should ...or You can say must improve at least 10 % more in sensitivity of shot to catch the fish.... And now its not working ... When I open the game .. The start screen appears after that it exits automatically... Its not fair.

Ama. T. Jan 16, 2017     

The app keeps crashing whenever I open my chests. Please fix this issue. If not this app will be 5 stars

Teo. B. Jul 8, 2014     

Always can't open up the game when it reach certain level I unistall n reinstall the game I lost all my coins,i been having this issue for 4 times al it so frustrated. Pls fix this issue fast. It so irritating.

Lak. R. Oct 14, 2017     

I really like this game. I hate the fact that once you get pass level 15 the App stops working. You have to reinstall the game and lose all of you progress and start all over again just to continue playing. Great game but please fix App.

Lin. T. Apr 16, 2016     

I have over 2600 coin noe but cannot open to play fame. Keep on not response and need to close.

Jas. C. Mar 19, 2014     

Came across dis game frm rl arcade. Im a good player and can earn 100k over at just lvl 14.. but after downloading this version on my note 2.. I became a lousy player.. COINS DONT GROW! fishes are like wearing bulletproof.. it makes the game almost impossible! Hell! Can someone please fix this? My wife had one on her 4s and she is doing good.. I feel like im a moron pressing the screen for the sake of pressing.. really good for "PASS TIME"..

Ors. I. Sep 21, 2015     

I like it, but its really hard to figure out how to catch fish. There is no system to it. So.etimes one shot with level onecatches a turtle, sometimes I can shoot the turtle with level 7 multiple times and still wont catch it. I would love the game if you would fix it!!

Nik. S. Jan 19, 2015     

I want coins. When I click over the free coins icon. They r asking for redemption code. Whts dis

Alo. A. Jul 23, 2014     

Im addicted to this game is hard to catch the fish but if u have a patience you can earn ur coins i have now 24000 n lvl 17 im a viking keep up d good work tryng now to update your new version.

Sha. R. Nov 23, 2014     

My phone says that the app has viruses so I ve to un install its all updates.

Cal. Aug 10, 2015     

There seems to be a bug in claiming the daily treasure. When i clicked on the chest, it shows me error and it crashes. Please fix the crashes as soon as possible. I am sure that some other people enjoyed this game except there seems to be crashes.

Kan. M. 2. A. Mar 26, 2014     

Im playing this game on both of my tab and my phone, i feel like im not catching any fish, its like they are bulletproof.. my fingers are numb cause of pressing the screen too hard.. but i really lobe the game, graphics are awsome.

Emi. M. Feb 21, 2014     

I am just downloading it and I've heard about how unhelpful it is. So cross your fingers it works.

Luc. Y. Mar 18, 2015     

Had played till a high level and now game won't start. Everytime it loads finish it just crashed.

nya. j. Aug 11, 2014     

When u reach level 10. You will dardly get fishes. When u reach level 14, it will be fully difficult to catch fishes. What does this app do that time? It will ask u to buy from it store. Even 20 thousands in not enough. Ol lol lol a game of business. There are so many game similar to this game. Try to find another game . I recommend u not to install.

R3n. Feb 14, 2017     

I play this game logged in to my Google account.. And this application doesn't have a option to log me in with Google account.. Hope so they work on this

Ser. A. Sep 24, 2013     

I love this game but I cant play anymore. It just crashes when I start the game Samsung Note 2 user

A. G. u. Oct 22, 2017     

This game sucks, I play it to relax a frustrating day but more t8nes than not, I end up feeling more frustrated because the fishes are hard to get. This game is not for you if you want to relax.

Ghi. S. L. Aug 1, 2015     

I loved this game so much..because now im at level 17 and everytime i want to ply it will come out error fishing joy is not responding...

Aii. M. A. Feb 8, 2015     

It says cant download because of error. I dont get it ,, I was able to download it before but after I reformatted my phone it wont anymore

Bib. R. Jun 17, 2015     

I found it quite low features and slow graphics . It looked like a kid game . I mean it does look like cartoon fishes and nets. Felt very bad while playin. Never downloading again.

A. G. u. Feb 11, 2018     

Someone takes my points or gold coins when can t get back in game.it's relaxes me to play this game.

A. G. u. May 24, 2016     

Spent 30+ hours in it, highly addictive, made 22k gold. The game started to crash since today. This game has no cloud save like other games, so i cant reinstall it. Sigh.

Miy. A. Aug 13, 2013     

Its fun but the point counting is all messed up. Its not as consistent as far as the game goes. Its all by luck.

mar. f. j. May 23, 2017     

I play this game for a long time. I hit 100000 coins with alot of powers in hand. Now I cannot even go in anymore. Forced stop all the way. If I uninstall and install again i will lose everything. Is so dissapointing.

Chu. M. May 7, 2015     

very hard to catch fish. even after level 14 its hard to catch fish. thought it would get easier with increasing level. very booooringggg...