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Fishing Sharks GO

Fishing Sharks Go is a free game full with many types of sharks!You able to see different categories of sharks throughout the game play.There might be some sharks that you have never seen before in your life.This is just so exciting and mystery for first time seeing them in real.One of the most important of fishing is to bring the right hook for result.Some sharks are not friendly enough to get close with them because dangerous.Whale shark is the most friendly shark that we would like to contact with.They could be in bad temper sometime so play safe when we go to meet them.This something real in fishing from all the games that you have played before.The game play is different from fishing game that you have played before.We made very real and nice graphic include background and sharks characters.That makes you feel like you are really fishing in the middle of deep sea.This is the reason we build Fishing Sharks Go for all users to experience it.All fishing equipment have to be ready to hook the target that we look for. We do not wish to meet any sharks when we are surfing or swimming in the sea.Simply because one bite from them might have taking away our life in second.We heard many sharks attack cases from time to time anywhere from the earth.So lucky might be able to run away from their mouth but with badly hurt wound.That is so real in fishing journey and it is not just a game happen daily.A scar on the body could stop someone from entering sea again in whole life.There are a lot lesson we could learn from fishing especial on hook picking.We hope you will be more familiar with them after playing Fishing Sharks Go.A game that could educate users and improve their knowledge is something good!
Way of playing Fishing Sharks Go
- Kill all the Sharks
- Protect Sea Turtle

We hope all users like this game and do share with your friends!Enjoy the special journey with Fishing Sharks Go now!

Category : Arcade

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Reviews (30)

HW. Jul 6, 2017     

Its really bad you dont even fish at all

Cra. B. Jun 12, 2017     

Extremely misleading game more like a fruit ninja ripoff than a fishing game

Gin. A. Jun 28, 2018     

It's good but don't really no some things

Con. F. Jun 29, 2017     

Pretty good but I wish u can add a bit more specie

Áng. M. Aug 20, 2018     

Is bad couse u cant even FISH!!!!!

A. G. u. May 31, 2018     

Never play this game it is dumb🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒😤

Gre. B. Jul 29, 2017     

Awesome Cool

A. G. u. Mar 18, 2018     

Loved it

Dai. L. Jan 2, 2017     

God i could've downloaded fruit ninja and had more fun i thought i would be fishing for sharks not slicing them up to make shark fin soup PLEASE TAKE MY AMD NEARLY EVERONE ELSES ADVICE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!! and why is it classed as 18+ im 11 am i scared for life ummmm well..... Obviously not ease dont download save your time.

JJ. Apr 21, 2017     

Bad like gamer lizzie it sucks but

Sco. M. Dec 25, 2016     

Do not waste your time it a fuirt ninja ripoff

Al. B. Nov 7, 2016     

Wow what a incredibly stupid game

Nar. N. Apr 14, 2017     

This game is very good

Cou. S. Feb 12, 2017     

I hate this game

A. G. u. Jan 29, 2017     

Time waste

Div. i. Mar 19, 2017     

it was great

Mag. W. Jan 4, 2017     

Love it

Xav. M. Jan 24, 2017     

This game sucks dick

coo. Jan 31, 2017     

What the heck is this game dumbmaker

Ste. B. Mar 20, 2017     

This game is bull

Iq. S. Apr 5, 2018     

I don't think this game is really a good option..Rather than playing this I can sit and catch flies.. 😢 Why do people make such games... Very disappointed ...There is no fishing in this game which contradicts its name FISHING sharks.. God knows from where do these people take up inspiration..

Qua. k. Jun 12, 2017     

I hat these game Bruce's you kill shark and all you do is kill and slice sharks up😬👹😠

Ali. T. Dec 7, 2016     

It's so boring and dum plus it's stupid and it's not inappropriate

A. G. u. Aug 8, 2017     

This game is so bad my 4 year old brother won't play it he says it sucks and I hate this game

Jay. D. Jul 14, 2018     

More like a fish ninja my brother realllllllllly hate it it is misssssssleaddddding people

Zoe. C. Jan 9, 2017     

Its the dumbest game don't waste your time on the peace of crap

Gem. Mar 5, 2018     

I dont like it because you kill sharks and i love sharks and is stupet :( :(

fis. w. Dec 21, 2016     

Sucks. There is nothing stupider

Jos. R. Dec 27, 2016     

Stupid stupid never download this game

A. G. u. Nov 25, 2016     

The stupid game every played