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Fishing World

Grab your rod and prepare to travel the world!
Fishing World takes you to beautiful lakes and peaceful rivers in search of over 300 unique species of freshwater Fish
- this is the Ultimate Fishing simulation!

* Every lake holds a terrifying monster fish with its own unique story
- catch all of these legends to become the ultimate Fisherman!

* Compete with other fishermen to earn Prestige in hourly, daily and weekly Competitions.

* Band together with other fishermen to create Fishing Teams and take on the world!

* Learn the secrets of each lake
- the secret spots where monster fish live!

* Hunt your target fish with hundreds of different baits and rods.

* New and exciting fish and locations being added all the time.

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Nao. J. Mar 17, 2022     

To begin with I really enjoyed playing this game, and then the other day I got moved up to the pro league, I'm only a level 120 and didn't have the super xl heavy rod so fishing competitions became impossible! Even in the smaller hourly ones it is near impossible to win them because everyone else in the pro league has been playing for forever! And then today I unlocked the super xl heavy rod and found out it was all bought with gold, not even a single coin option! I'm not saying to play!!!

nin. w. May 7, 2022     

I enjoy the game. However I can't even play anymore because it's frozen. The man came up saying he has a feature to share and then nothing. I can press on anything and he just disappeared.

Saᴋ. S. Apr 19, 2022     

Super Time Pass Game!!!Offline and so much fun...But theres no vibration or any sound when you get a bite.

C. S. B. Feb 7, 2021     

Amazing good time. Graphics are beautifully displayed. Good way to forget there's a real world to fish in. No cleaning or eating of the fish! That would be most amazing. Need to release developer contact info. I've had problems receiving the in-game purchases, like new rods or new bait not being applied right away or at all? Other than that, it's my favorite application. I'm on level 180, but it has taken me a very long time to get there, lol.

Zso. E. Apr 18, 2020     

I loved this game a few years ago. I gave it another go now, but it seems that a few things got not functional since than. First, there's no vibration when you have a bite. But the most frustrating bug is that it counts the catches towards the challenges up to a certain point, than it resets the challenge to zero. And than it doesn't count them anymore. Even with first, easy challenges, like catch x number of fish (any species) at a certain location. It resets as soon as you would reach it

Chr. D. Nov 20, 2020     

This is an excellent successor to games like the og Flick Fishing for iPhone back in the day. Lots of bait types, tons of fish species, decently difficult fishing, varied, interesting locations- and best of all, it is not pay to win. The only thing that seems odd is I am not sure there is any way to recieve in-game currency without purchasing it. Still, you can fish and compete just fine without spending a cent!

Jus. N. Jul 25, 2019     

This is the best fishing game of it's kind that I've tried. However more work needs to be done on the controls. When you hook a big fish the bar is way too sensitive and can go from the top to the bottom in an instance. This makes the game feel like it's designed in a way to force you to lose fish and therefore makes you feel like you have no control. I'm only a short way into the game so maybe this changes as you get better gear, if so I will edit my review. Some text is really hard to read.

Tim. S. Dec 6, 2018     

This game is extremely fun but the crashing is an issue. Telling people to turn the sounds off should only be a temporary fix. You guys NEED to get a PERMANENT fix for the crashing that lets people hear the game as well as playing it.

Gus. B. Jul 25, 2021     

Fishing World is one of the best fishing games out there, with simplicity and many fish species there are, it is fantastic. The only issue with the game is you can't earn gold easily. As a beginner, you have to buy gold because if you enter a tournament, you'll get schooled by the more advanced players. Other than that a great game.

Ang. H. Nov 6, 2018     

I like the game but its hard to stay interested when after about 3 fish it kicks me off. I like that it doesn't take forever to get to game play due to long loading times. If it did i would have already dropped this game. Just fix the bugs and my rating will go up.

Jam. B. Jan 30, 2019     

Its so fun but needs bugs fixed, I keep catching fish and as soon as I use the net my screen goes grey and the game freezes on the grey screen. Other than that its really addicting and makes me want to go out and fish for a living.

All. S. Nov 20, 2020     

Very realistic, love it! Easy game play challenging mishions! Developers Would like to see more live animation added? Like birds ducks fling insects snake in the water frog jump titles slide off stump! Also fish jump out of water while reeling in? Keep up the great work!

Kat. V. Apr 15, 2020     

I love the game but the app unfortunately sucks. It constantly gets stuck and restarts and then it takes an unknown amount of energy. If the app was better, definitely a great game, but as is it's too frustrating to play.

Kim. H. Dec 24, 2018     

Fun game when it's not glitching and freezing. Lost several bait items. App keeps freezing and restarting...and no, it's not my internet connection. Most likely an uninstall, not worth the hassle

Ica. F. Feb 28, 2022     

Best fishing game, relaxing and easy to play.

Aan. J. Apr 25, 2022     

The reward either challenge and level up cannot be claimed, make it bugged and rigged. Sometime connect get lost even tho my connection is stable. I hope this problem can be fixed.

Jen. S. Jan 5, 2019     

Too many crashes. This game has too many crashes and i end up losing my bait, energy and my big fish when it crashes. Fix the bugs and this would be a great game. It crashes every fourth fish now.

Fra. P. Feb 8, 2019     

game crashes every 5 fish when i reinstalled it i lost all my gold right down to nothing and my two good fishing rods...they were replaced with an inaccurate piece of junk...i am not happy and will look for another game if i cant get this corrected. UPDATE I just got a response from the guys at fishing world letting me know they are working on the problem...that alone rates a better rating than i originally posted...thanks guys i am looking forward to a fix.

A. G. u. Feb 8, 2019     

crashes every 5 fish I lose fish and gold and equipment fix the bug and it would be a great game.Please fix it I really like this game.Thanks for that input it worked game is awesome no more crashes #1 fishing game out for sure.

Sha. J. Jan 10, 2022     

Great game, lots of fisheries, baits, grounbaits & fish. Sweet graphics too. A few faults need fixing. This is the reason for 4* from me. Good job though developers. 👍

Mar. F. C. Jan 11, 2022     

I love th simplicity and the ambiance. I hope that the developers would make it a little bit smoother.

Era. I. Apr 27, 2020     

I gave only 1 Star because I lost my level 70 account which was connected with Facebook. I don't know what happened but when I logged in with Facebook my progress wasn't there. I would really appreciate if you'd help me.

fat. w. o. y. Jun 29, 2020     

Its a very easy to get used to the controls the reading isn't complicated and u get a fish in between 3 and 10 seconds.its a fun game I recommend. But my only complaint is do you really need internet to play this game?

Jp. p. Dec 23, 2019     

The fish escape almost every time and why would a fisherman need constant energy? I've never known a fisherman die of no food. Totally ridiculous and designed to make the player spend coins and buy more. What fisherman would eat non stop cakes? No wonder there is a obesity epidemic throughout the world. A half pound fish breaks the line? Give me a break!

Lal. S. Aug 31, 2019     

It wont let me log in as soon as I downloded it and tryed to go on it sent me back to the prevous app I was on its quite a shame I was looking forword to this game the graphics look grate(thank to the refrence photos) if you could make the game work with other hard drive that would be great!

Mag. J. Oct 24, 2018     

The game is amazing and i would give five stars if it did not crash. I would be ok if i only got the crashes, but my friends also get crashes.

Alm. B. Dec 13, 2020     

Dear devs awesome game sometimes crashing and i think it is very difficult to fight in competitions to earn gold plus super xl heavy rods cost gold! Please fix this and make some more sources for earning gold please.and give rods as gift to top ten competitors in daily and weekly. Hope you will listen to my review.

Jos. A. Nov 30, 2018     

I actually like your game a lot, but it keeps on crashing on me after I catch a few fish. I know it's not my phone cos I have all kinds of memory. Please fix this issue.

Bri. K. Nov 1, 2020     

Awesome game not much ads at all! Fish are all based off of real life. there are also real locations like mississippi river, nile river. Good baits. Good rods. Good game. Best fishing game out there, you might have to spend 20-50 dollars every now and then not accualty all lot

Dyl. S. Sep 16, 2018     

I love this game! When I'm not out fishing in real life, I'm playing this game! The only additions I'd like to see would be a couple new fish, like Atlantic Tarpon, Cubera Snapper, Papuan Black Bass, and the Tapah Catfish.