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Oil and gas calculation library. Flow-Xpert is a comprehensive library of certified flow and fluid property calculations used in flow and level measurement systems.Disclaimer:Our math functions follow the standards, including any inaccuracies contained in the standard. In some cases we extend the ranges to produce workable results even though the parameters are outside the standard limits (sometimes some results are better than none at all). Our functions have been rigorously tested and we keep testing them as we add new functions. We are proud and committed to provide you with the best library as possible. Errors can however still be made, and if you are confident you have found one, we would like to know.Supported standards:AGA, API, ASTM, GERG, GOST, GPA, IAPWS, ISO, IUPAC, NIST, DensitometerPermissionsREAD_PHONE_STATETo generate unique device id for registrationWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGETo send screenshot with emailINTERNETTo register and receive news items

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