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This app uses BLE 4.0 to control Fluval Bluetooth LEDs.

Requires Android 4.3 and above.
Requires Bluetooth version BLE 4.0 and above.
For use with the following devices:
- Fluval Aquasky Bluetooth LED
- Fluval Plant Spectrum Bluetooth LED
- Fluval Plant Nano Bluetooth LED
- Fluval Marine Spectrum Bluetooth LED
- Fluval Marine Nano Bluetooth LED

- Manual / Auto / Pro mode
- Independent color channel control and customization
- Multiple preset lighting configurations
- Dynamic effects (cloud cover, storm, etc.) - Aquasky only

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

Rya. T. May 15, 2022     

The light worked great up until the update. Can't connect via Bluetooth. Have been fighting with this issue for months. Customer service asked for details and when provided. They gave me the same steps listed on their troubleshooting page. Word of the wise, do not purchase a light that doesn't have a physical on/off power feature or physical remote. Unfortunately I cannot return for a refund due having it for two years. 6 out of 24 months, inoperable. Rather sad to see fluval go down this way

WIN. T. May 15, 2022     

Great overall for a single setting but the UI needs a lot of work. For instance, the app lets you "save" settings but no clear button for loading them. Similarly there is an export button, but no import button? Fluval please provide better instructions and fix the UI. Edit: Okay I now learned the EXPORT button, despite being called export, actually IMPORTS settings. It NEEDS to be renamed to IMPORT or maybe LOAD. Terrible design failure.

Jos. Apr 20, 2022     

Cons: Touch targets are a bit small and there is no way to manually enter values rather than use the sliders. Pros: It works and allowed to to set up the light on a timer quickly and easily. Not sure if location access is necessary, app claims it is needed for Bluetooth pairing. In any case I'll not take off points for it because the level of permissions don't seem to be unnecessary. 4/5, -1 for the accessibility issues above. Edit: also it's slightly annoying that you need to send the custom profile again if the power is lost to the light. Not a huge issue, but it would be nice if there was some onboard storage on the light to keep track of the current custom schedule and use it, rather than one of the presets.

Ste. G. Mar 13, 2022     

It's ok but that's about all. Not very user friendly, lots of unnecessary functions that I just don't need and yet a lack of very obvious things that would be useful such as the ability to easily edit the name of a profile or a slider to just dim down the current profile without having to set up another and then select it. Changing from one profile to another could be made with gradual light intensity change instead of sudden which scares the fish. All in all I'm not impressed tbh

mr. &. m. Jan 7, 2022     

I like the lights and the app works reasonably well. I only have one issue that would be nice if it could be looked into although I realise it wouldn't be easy to solve because of Bluetooth limitations. I have two lights used on my tank. However if I make slight adjustments to either light and I wish to preview my setup I can only preview one light and not the entire setup. This doesn't really work as I'd like to see the entire setup as one unit.

Nik. W. Jan 2, 2022     

It will not connect to my devices. It worked perfectly up until a month or so ago. I've deleted the lamp, the app, restarted the phone. Nothing is working. Tried everything that was suggested and it still says can't connect to Bluetooth device. So frustrating, I had to unplug the lights so my fish could relax.

Aro. H. May 16, 2022     

Keeps having issues reconnecting having to clear app cash before opening or it won't connect to light. App is missing some good potential features. Integration to current weather conditions. Ability's to set multiple weather settings by times but only seems like you can set weather aka lightening one time. Might be worth taking a page from Philips hue and it's other apps that work with hue.

Jul. V. Jan 14, 2022     

Light is amazing.. app kinda bunk.. can't connect via Bluetooth. Bt is one and I did the sequence app->light->connect but it doesn't even pick up on the scan.. idk if it's because it says 4.0 or if it needs an update. Will change rating once I can get my light on the app Edit: support got back to me and said it doesn't work for the new android version and they're working on it.

Amb. L. Dec 9, 2021     

I love it, however unfortunately when there's a power outage it sets it back to basically 12 a.m. and it will no longer sync to my phone... I've tried uninstalling the app, I've removed the Bluetooth part of the light from the phone and tried to re-sync it and it doesn't seem to work..

Dar. L. Feb 14, 2022     

This app worked very well in the past with little to no issues, now it barely connects to my light, I have to keep unplugging the light to reset it and then plug back in, I uninstalled the app and then reinstall it, the app barely connects to the device and can't even find it when you scan for it, not sure what happened since it worked so well in the past.

Jer. T. Mar 18, 2019     

Sadly, it's more than a bit disappointing. I previously had an old aquafx set up and thought this would be an upgrade, but even though the light will let you do so much, the schedule on the app really won't. No options of colour cycles. I used to have some lovely red, orange and yellows in the morning: white in the day; blue, turquoise and greens in the evenings. With this app, you can't do any of that. You get day and night and you can't even include any off time! Needs a lot of work.

Rya. G. Apr 10, 2019     

I love the light,but I would really love it if there were more details on functionality and settings for the sliders in the color spectrum. There is no instruction manual, but setup was relatively easy as far as connecting to Bluetooth. Not sure why they used "export" instead of "upload" to describe sending the settings to the light via Bluetooth. I'd like more detail on exactly what and how the color spectrum plays a part in a healthy tank. their YouTube channel does not provide much info.

Dav. R. Jul 16, 2019     

Super excited to download the app and try out the new light I bought recently. After playing around with it, I have a feeling of "is that it?". The unit works well with the app. Connecting is straightforward; and, while somewhat unintuitive, the UI did let me do some basic tweaking of the light program. However, I quickly ran into a long list of things it won't let me do. It is a bit of a step up from my 20 dollar light timer; but that's not much of a compliment.

Ter. B. Aug 25, 2019     

Much improved. Now option for up to 6 time points in a pro ( why call it "Pro"?) mode. And the auto mode more sophisticated too. The special effects don't seem have changed much. The new ones don't seem to have any kind of recognisable label. ( Is one sunrise to sunset?). And is there a way to coordinate these if there's more than one set of lights in a tank ( or I guess more than 1tank)?

Ali. F. Dec 7, 2018     

First off, the light itself is very good, though expensive. Bright and nice colour to it, though the white LEDs can't go that low until the next step is off. But... the app is sub-standard. It allows the choice of colours, which I don't think I'll use much, and has a basic 24 hr light system featuring LEDs on low and gradually getting brighter, and then reducing again later in the day. It allows a moonlight feature, but it has to be on all night. There's weather effects, but they are more a gimmick. Hopefully there's an update to improve the app, which is what's letting the light down at the moment.

Stu. R. Oct 7, 2020     

Works one minute and then not the next. Tried to connect on some occasions for 10 minutes or so and tried all manner of reinstall the app, switch the lights of at the socket etc etc but sometimes it just doesn't want to connect. Really frustrating as it is good when it works. I have since spoken to customer services who were very helpful and have resolved my issue straight away with some technical support.

Jam. B. Mar 22, 2020     

Not at all pleased with this: it's ridiculous that you should have to use a Bluetooth connection just to change the timer of the lights on a fish tank. UPDATE: Since the recent software "upgrade", I've been completely unable to connect my phone to the light. If there's one thing worse than having to use Bluetooth, it's Bluetooth that doesn't work. AND: It's crazy that even the shortest power cut switches the light off and you have to reset it. What happens if I'm on holiday...?

K. j. Mar 14, 2019     

Overall this app is ok. Sometimes it can't connect to the light so I have to restart the app, so that's not a problem. In all honestly I wish this app had more configurability. As it is, you can only make the light change in a linear fashion and only on and off. I wish you set completely custom time cycles. It would be nice if they added support for laptops with bluetooth so we could use spreadsheets to provide more customized timing.

Lem. R. E. Nov 3, 2020     

The customization on the app is nice. Easy to connect to the device and easy to understand how to set up the lights. You can change the lights in real time, allowing for plenty of customization and checking how things look. My biggest problem and reason for the 3 stars is that there is no offline mode. If you are not near your device, you can not check or see your settings.

Har. K. Jul 13, 2019     

UPDATE: Don't get too excited. Looks like there was an update, although I can't tell a difference. Like others have said, the app is so limited compared to what the actual light is capable of. And it always reverts back to one of the two presets rather than the custom one I made. At least I think so. Not sure what Upload Successful actually means. And yes, you can't have it go completely off in auto mode unless you don't want moonlight.

Nao. D. Jul 10, 2021     

I agree with other reviews that not having the option to manually input values in pro mode is rediculous. I'd also like be able to at least input half values to make transitions smoother and it's rather irritating that I have to use two time points just to schedule the light to turn off. Otherwise I like the product overall, though the app does have a bit of a learning curve and isn't the most intuitive. I'd probably feel differently if I had connectivity issues but I haven't experienced that.

pau. h. Nov 30, 2019     

Have had a positive experience so far. The only issue I personally have is when I have a power cut or loss of internet I have to manually open this app to reset the light itself. I recently came back off a two week holiday and the light was totally out of sequence. Just wish the light would remember settings in this scenario. Otherwise this app is easily used and totally adjustable. I would like to see some more user preset settings. I.e for freshwater, instead of the trial and error.

Chr. W. Mar 8, 2021     

Good start on what could be a great system. Glad I waited to buy til "pro" mode came out to avoid a lot of frustration. I'm totally baffled that there is no support for integration into any of the smart home systems. Also equally baffling is that there is no provision for any type of remote control beyond the range of the Bluetooth device in your hand. Hopefully some of this is in the works? I really miss voice control of my lights! IFTTT at a minimum!

Lan. Oct 10, 2018     

Great app to use for controlling the lights. The final touch would be to add a feature for more time settings to allow for different photo periods rather than just sunrise, daytime, sunset, and night. Or just preload to say a dozen if its a coding issue and people could turn on and off the ones they want with a checkbox. Would allow total blackout at night. That seems to be the biggest issue as I read through the reviews.

Mel. S. Mar 15, 2019     

The light quality is really good I DO like the light and the ability to adjust it is nice. However the adjustability IS Limited! *Can't have just blue moon light for a couple hours then turn off to complete dark. *Can't set up a dark/off period in the middle of the day. I should be able to set any number of light settings and assign them to a time frame. Shouldn't be limited to two light settings. Additionally I'm missing the dynamic event setting feature on both the Manual & Auto screens.

Ben. S. Apr 23, 2019     

Very very poor on customisation. Not much better than a timer plug. All the different colours and modes seem great. But you then learn you cant set any of them to come on at different times of the day. Or even set a blue light for an hour at the end of the night. Needs updating before I change my score. Wouldn't have purchased If I knew the lack of time set up features was severely lacking. Surely it wouldn't take a-lot of patch work to make this so much better

Gra. K. Jul 28, 2019     

Much improved since the July 2019 upgrade which added the ability to set more complicated timing programs, in "pro" mode. The light now does everything I could want. The light still can't cope with powercuts, the time defaults back to midnight as if it's some cheap alarm clock. But that's only a minor problem really, as long as you don't have many powercuts.

Joh. H. Oct 9, 2021     

So far so good. App has a nice presentation but functionally is rather basic. I recommend searching for the App manual, it makes some functions more intuitive. I like that the Auto mode is customisable for time, lighting, etc so that you can change it depending on the time of year. Nevertheless, it would be a simple enough programing to mimic daylight hours to ones current location. Not sure why Fluval didn't do that, seems like a logical end to what is already a decent APP.

Ray. T. Jul 26, 2019     

Took you guys a while but you finally updated it! The "Pro" settings really makes a huge difference from being an adequate light to a great light. Had some trouble updating the firmware at first. It failed, wouldn't connect, and essentially bricked the light to the point of not turning back on (power button wouldn't light up either). Pulled the plug, waited 15 seconds, plugged it back in. Still looked like it was bricked but this time the app was able to connect and finish the update.

Ale. E. Apr 21, 2020     

Works right of the box. All you need is a modern cell phone and you are good to go, easy to use. Tho for the most part my fish prefer the darker side of the spectrum, this app makes it easy to synthasize artificial moon light, as well as deep blues and reds. Litterally pair and adjust. Even has timers that are a bit tricky but simple once you have used the product for a bit.