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Flying Trex animal simulator

Flying Trex animal simulatorFlying Trex animal simulator is the pet animal . Here we are with a crazy flying Flying Trex animal simulatore in flying games. This is a crazyFlying Trex animal simulator that never happen before the crazy fly, so get ready for the lot of entertainment which is for all ages this crodile or crocodile is easy to play. You just tab the button of the screen to fly the crocodile and help him fly to the farthest as possible as you can.
Pick your device and start to fly a crazyFlying Trex animal simulator crazy fly under your command for lot of realistic environment enjoyment. partner finden und many other tiere like krododile or a big new cat monster ??What do you think about the crazy cat monster ??Go now in the Colloseum and fight is a crazy monster!!Fly a aweosome animal its a big animal that you never have seen before.The ultinate crazy Flying Crocodile 3D Simulator Chase the simulator crazy fly have wings like a demon a demon that was a angel.Find the awesome ultimate Colloseum in the world ??!!so you will play the crazy Flying Trex animal simulator demon animal.Find another animals like the goat and fight who is the best crazy fly in this game.???The goat bat or crocodile crazy flying??Or the elephant all are in the Colloseum the new big Colloseum is near in the world.All animals are inside and you only find them

Features:-->elephant crocodile bat or goat ?? Find them!!-->Big crodoile or a boat goat ??--> Find the secret animals !!-->partner finden und many other tiere like krododile-> Big Arena A very big arena inside->Fly a big arena that is about hundert bigger than all other world its crazy !!->Realtistic crazy flying crocodile /elephatn/goats-->Realtistic ragdoll with many nice animaton.-->Big Colloseum world

Category : Adventure

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