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Ford SYNC® Destinations

SYNC® Destinations exclusively from Ford and powered by INRIX; with specialized content for active SYNC Services subscribers.

• Routes and Destinations 1. Access cloud-based SYNC Services account on-the-go. 2. Fastest routes to your favorite destinations, searched locations and Ford/Lincoln dealerships – all powered by INRIX’s industry leading traffic and road incident data that covers over 2.8 million miles of roads in over 32 countries. 3. Download turn-by-turn directions using Send to SYNC. 4. Quick and safe on-the-go access to the latest traffic reports, turn-by-turn directions and destinations using simple voice commands via SYNC AppLink™.

• Vehicle Finder — Helps the driver save the location of his/her parked vehicle. This app also features a parking meter timer with alarm and a provision to take a picture of the parking lot/space

• Find a Dealer — Searches for a Ford or Lincoln dealership, makes a phone call and accesses the dealership’s website. The user can also download directions to the dealership into his or her vehicle through SYNC® Services.

• Roadside Assistance — Makes a phone call to an embedded phone number when in need of assistance.

Note: Downloading turn-by-turn directions is available only on 2013 Model Year vehicles with SYNC Applink. 2012 Model Year vehicles equipped with Sync Applink will also be capable once updated (via USB upgrade). Please visit support.ford.com or support.lincoln.com for details of software update availability.

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Reviews (30)

Jud. B. Mar 19, 2022     

The app is not updated or supported. Several options not working. Says "cannot connect to server"

Rya. B. Nov 6, 2021     

This app should be removed. It is no longer supported or able to be used by any of the owners who expected more from Ford. I bought one of the listed Ford's with in vehicle navigation listed as an extra just to find out Ford ripped it out but kept the app up.

epi. p. p. Oct 4, 2018     

Is this app no longer receiving updates? I use it for Bluetooth & lately it has been saying "a problem has been detected & sync cannot be found" mid use.

Mic. S. Jul 2, 2015     

The developers have no concept that you can have two people in the same car. They have disabled the ability to login while driving. Oh, you can reset your password and what not, just can't actually login. Thanks for wasting my time. Im going to use google maps instead of the 1,100 dollar navigation option on my 2 year old vehicle. Signed, the navigator.

A. G. u. Mar 7, 2016     

The concept of the app is good, but there is a lot of room for improvement from a technology standpoint. One of the most glaring oversights is the fact that you cannot copy and paste into the address where you are trying to go. You will have to manually type it in each time. If the developers spend some more time improving this app I could rate it higher.

Pau. B. Sep 15, 2016     

I find it interesting that once an app successfully connects via Bluetooth, I can close the sync app and the other app will keep running. Sounds like Ford could have just scrapped the app, at least for Android users and added direct functionality. It's hit or miss on if the app ever let's other apps be read. And it's usually miss. In 2016, I'd expect Bluetooth access to be baseline, not the faulty "product" of some inconsistent application

Edi. A. Aug 1, 2015     

Username/password combination didn't work. Changed my password, temporary worked but I have to sign into ford owner, Ford owner requires to set new password. Did that, app asks me to log in and tells me username /password combination is incorrect. I know I didn't forget my password after 5 seconds... Not working.

Tho. W. Mar 28, 2015     

Sync maps does not know there is a business in Las Vegas, NV called Harrah's. It asks for a business name but it doesn't actually seem to have any businesses in its database. Skip Sync, use Google Maps. Ford would do far better if they would just set up Sync to mirror the phone screen.

Ray. M. Mar 30, 2017     

Ford needs to add other routes to there map. I know some of the roads that I travel and want to take but it only has just that one route. Need other route options expecally when there is heavy traffic delays. Ford needs to look at how Google maps has there's set up with the three routes you can pick from. I expected a little more for $60 needs much improvement​. When you go off the planed route it will suppend the route until you pick it up again.Hope the come up with an update for it soon.

Ada. M. Dec 14, 2016     

Just bought my ford fusion. installed this app. i log in. it tells me a i need a ford owner account and a sync sub. it tells me that I do have a ford owner account and need to activate the sub, and I click the button that says it will take me to to sub page. it tells me to log in AGAIN and then just takes me to the Ford owner page which does not even have anything related to the sync destinations app at all. App gets F-

A. G. u. Jun 26, 2015     

Bought a 2012 F150 & was told by Ford this was the app I was searching. It wasn't. I'm going to give it a try. Used the app after $60 payment. Everytime I needed new directions, it would ask me to verbally confirm the request. Used my phone to update, so I had to end my calls & satellite music enjoyment for app to use my cell service & radio speakers to work. Get a GPS from store, update your cell to show info & delete this bad app & redundant pay for use service. Bad Ford! Bad app! No soup for you!

A. G. u. Aug 5, 2015     

I purchased a new Ford vehicle with MyFord Touch and Sync services; upon trying to login to the app using my Ford Owner credentials I keep getting an error message stating the information I entered is incorrect. Though the credentials work just fine when accessing the full web page via a computer rather than a mobile device. Not sure why one works and not the other. Unfortunately the app is useless at the moment until the problem is resolved.

Jar. F. Apr 30, 2016     

The sole reason I downloaded the app was to allow my passenger to set the destination because the nav voice recognition is horrible. The app locks you out if your car is in motion. Last Ford I'll ever buy. Suckered me into an expensive infotainment system that is worse than a cheap aftermarket radio and a garmin.

Kei. N. Aug 6, 2014     

This would be a decent app to use with Applink if users weren't required to pay $60 just to access features If you want to require your users to pay a yearly subscription cost, then atleast let me use Google Maps instead via applink as an alternative. Be nice if they would open up the sync coding so that someone out there could make apps that people could truly use rather than only what Ford says you can use with applink. Stupid to drop $60 for a year

Gre. S. Nov 26, 2015     

Not being able to copy and paste an address into the "route me to" feature makes using Google maps a better option. Please update that feature. Take away the separate boxes and allow it to work like Google maps with one entry line. This is a billion dollar corporation. Use money to make a useful app.

Mic. C. May 11, 2016     

The process of sending a destination to SYNC has a lot of steps and transfer is slow. It needs to make a phone call to send the destination to SYNC. Would be better if it used Bluetooth. There is no paste so I can't copy an address from Google maps and paste. Can't send directly from Google maps either.

Cam. C. Jun 5, 2017     

It worked great until a week ago. Now it says I don't have an account even though I can log in in a computer. I removed the app 3x and even set it up under new emails but still won't "sync". My friends say "typical ford"... I'm really bummed because I really liked it.

Mar. S. Jul 16, 2015     

I don't like that I can't manage alerts from the application. I do quite a bit of driving every day and I can only manage my routes alert from a computer. Should be able to do that from app, as well. Also, traffic alerts are not always accurate. Many times it tells me that there are no incidents, only to find myself stuck in traffic, whereas if I check Google Maps, the incidents are in there. What's the point of having a service that's delayed or not even accurate?

Chu. W. Feb 20, 2016     

Ford wants $60 to use services my phone already provides through android auto. I want to use the screen in mycar for whatever I want not having to use sync services. The entertainment system is already crippled by the sync system. This is the only downside of my Ford focus.

Gab. A. Apr 10, 2015     

So far directions haven't been bad except 1 time. Routes are fine, no problems with sync. Takes a literal min or two to download directions. makes it convenient when you want your phone free to do other things.

Joh. R. Jun 4, 2016     

Absolute joke. Once I paid for the service and opened the app it said I needed to login. Did, but then was told I had an owner account, but not a sync subscription (which I did) tried over and over but kept getting the same message. Initiated a chat with sync support and was told I could use Google or Map Quest instead. Good answer. The app and ALL the features, not just directions, are a selling point for the service. Ended up frustrated, wasting time, and canceling. Don't waste your time and energy.

Sea. D. Jul 2, 2017     

I'm not sure how good this is going to be since you can no longer sign up for a Sync Services. Ford ended it on July 1st 2017. Hopefully they'll change the navigation and traffic parts of this to be free without a sync account. I can't even try it now.

Ton. L. Jan 23, 2015     

I tried loading an address via the application to my car. Over half the time the download to the car fails. I tried using the email address in the application for support and the answer back was to point to a website to get the phone number to call for support. What the heck is the point of the email address if they are just going to send you on a roundabout way to a phone number? Bottom line, you would be better off getting one of the old AAA TripTiiks.

Har. L. Jun 25, 2016     

Send to sync no longer works. Has worked perfectly since 2013, now longer accepts my user name or password. Tried to re-register but will not accept changes or even a new user or new password. DELETED until an alternative app is available.

Chr. H. Nov 21, 2014     

I haven't been able to use the app yet because I was looking to use it for the route to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital but the app cannot find it. It does however find me a Veterinarian. Same thing right? Can't we get a better mapping service? Ford is a giant among car builders but only an ant at this app. Very disappointed that this is the companion to my new car. Makes me sad... Update - going to head to the Wisconsin Dells... This app cannot find the Wisconsin Dells.

Rob. Jan 1, 2016     

DRAINS BATTERY! Tried it for the first time on a route I know well. It took me to a road that has been closed to the public for two years. If this happened while trying to find a location I was unfamiliar with, I would be upset. Otherwise, it works as advertised.

Cyn. M. Dec 6, 2014     

I like that there's an estimate on travel times. But I don't feel it takes traffic into account. Most days I know to add at least 10 mins to my work drive based on their estimate. But I do like that I can add an address from my phone and it syncs to the car. That's the best feature.

Chr. B. Feb 25, 2016     

My free GPS works better than this. It has to dial a phone number to reroute if I make a wrong turn. So paid all that money for something that I won't use again and definitely won't renew.

A. G. u. May 7, 2017     

Did everything I could to get this app to work, this and everything else that has to do with Sync are an absolute failure in my mind. Keep hearing how Sync 3.0 sorted out all of the known issues and now left all of the previous versions basically in the dark. Terrible services from a terrible company.

Dev. s. Jul 4, 2015     

Why pay for something that is free elsewhere. Plus to many loops to jump through just to get the directions. I will stick with my Magellan.