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Foscam Viewer

This app is especially designed to work with Foscam IP cameras. Please make sure you have the following Foscam camera models before download:
Agasio A503W Agasio A603W Agasio A622W Agasio M105I FI8602 FI8620 FI8904W FI8905W FI8906W FI8907W FI8908W FI8909W FI8910W FI8916W FI8918W FI8919W FI9801W FI9802W FI9805W FI9820W FI9821W

App Features:
- Guaranteed to work with all Foscam cameras (Receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with our app).
- Remotely view and control all Foscam IP camera models .
- User-friendly interface. Fast loading .
- Record video and take snapshots from your IP cameras and share videos via email
- Hear audio remotely (Support 1-way audio)
- Unlimited number of cameras. View up to 4 cameras on screen at a time .
- Instantly capture camera's screen and send via email
- Perfect for home security, pet-cam or workplaces.
- Designed for both phones and tablets
- Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) (available on selected models)
- Developed by 3rd party developers. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Foscam company.

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (30)

Jam. H. Jan 2, 2019     

Does not work all of the time. When I first downloaded the app, it worked well. I added a new foscam camera, and the only way to see it is to edit camera and then select view camera. That worked for a while, but now when I select view camera, it goes back to the matrix screen.

Rog. N. Apr 10, 2021     

Problems from the start, installation was easy and quick but every time I try and add a camera the app crashes and I have to start again but it crashes. Not got it to work at all.

D-E. L. Jul 24, 2019     

Not working anymore after updates. I can't view any of my FOSCAM cameras now with the latest upgrades. The new updates on 7/24 fixed the problem. I like the quick response and fixing the issues.

wil. b. Aug 5, 2019     

Had no problem setting up camera. Connected right away. Only problem i have is why does it not record sound? I can hear people talking during recording so why does it not capture it? Hope i get more of an answer than "Hi, thanks for using the app".

Jon. G. Apr 7, 2020     

I have two foscam cameras and this app was the best free app I found. Can't get the presets to work but other than that I haven't had any issues.

Yun. Aug 26, 2019     

Excellent app! Much better than the discontonued vendor's Foscam Viewer. It would be even better if this app could contol alert setting.

Mik. M. Dec 15, 2020     

The video is much better but I still don't know where video recording button is not pan tilt controls

SK. S. Jul 26, 2019     

doesnt work on my samsung note 2 phone anymore after todays update. update support send me older version of app that works thanks

tom. c. Feb 11, 2020     

Easy to set up and work with. Worked better than the foacam app

Raf. E. Jul 9, 2019     

Great piece of software. works fast and reliable

Mi. M. Mar 8, 2021     

Works well. Needs more functions like motion detector.

And. C. Oct 9, 2020     

this app runs with ads and requires users to ack before exit.

B. X. May 1, 2020     

It works, but with annoying ads

Lia. A. Apr 30, 2022     

Cameras do not connect on the app

Mik. E. Jun 29, 2020     

Easy to use and functional

Jam. t. Nov 11, 2020     

It works great and easy to set up!!!

Bil. A. Mar 26, 2021     

Working Great! Best app, I have ever used for my Foscam camera.

RtR. Oct 31, 2019     

Love it. Great app. Very nice way to control my IP camera

Agu. T. Sep 2, 2020     

Its works... have not problem till now... nice app...

mik. h. Nov 15, 2018     

excellent security camera viewer....works well with Foscam cameras

Mur. S. Sep 25, 2018     

For the free version, Awesome!!!!

Wal. J. Jul 5, 2019     

i only wish i could auto record when there is motion

Osc. G. Jan 28, 2020     

Very good and universal

dre. Apr 16, 2020     

Works well at my house, but can't use it when I'm away.

Ell. O. A. I. Dec 4, 2019     

So far great. Only time will tell.

Wil. H. Apr 13, 2019     

easy to use.

Ton. S. Jan 12, 2021     

Easiest install I ever did.

Dav. N. H. Aug 26, 2021     

Wouldn't support VPN

Nei. G. R. Nov 14, 2020     

It will not start ^

BI. M. Oct 29, 2020     

Works very well with my Foscam cameras. Consistent operation. However, expand causes app crash.