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Fotogenic : Body & Face tune and Retouch Editor


Are you searching the right photo editing app for your mobile photography?

"Fotogenic" is the best choices for photo editing app to suit every level of photographer.

We've created an interactive help for you to understand how to use it for each feature. Even if you have never used photo editing app before, you will create wonderful works of art.

It has an innovative and easy to use interface that creates a beautifully simple user experience. It's easy and intuitive for beginners yet capable enough to be appreciated by professional photographers.

Features :

• Text On Path : Adding text on a path is an important way to create unique text effects
• Speech Bubble : A fun way to perk up your photos is by adding cartoon style speech balloons
• Captions : Add a caption below and above your photos
• Stretch : Make you taller
• Slimmer : It's a snap to get a leaner
• Crop : Crop photo
• Perspective : Fix Keystone distortion
• Rotate : Turn your photo 90 degrees left or right
• Straighten : You can easily fix slanted photos
• Square Fit : Square photo without cropping
• Mosaic : Hide the unwanted parts

• Smooth : Flawless complexion
• Whiten : Dazzling white smiles
• Detail : It provides unrivaled clarity
• Makeup : Adding a shadow for your eyes or paint a nice color for your lip
• Clone : Eliminate unwanted objects
• Bodybuilding : You can get an attractive and sexy body in seconds
• Tattoo : You can get inspiration what symbol to put permanently on your body
• Bronze Skin : Making your bronzer appear naturally sun kissed
• Defocus : It allows you to focus a subject of your photo
• Reshape : Simulate realistic plastic surgeries

• Vibrance : Well saturated colors
• Color Splash : Nice looking abstract artworks
• Color Replacement : Easily change the color of objects
• Levels : Stretch brightness levels in a histogram
• Filters : Hundreds of great photo filters in 5 different categories
• Red Eye : Fix red eye effect
• Lighting : Add depth and warmth
• Channel Mixer : Adjust the percentages for the Red, Green and Blue 
• Brightness & Contrast : Fix too light or too dark areas
• Sharpen : Almost every digital image needs at least a little bit of sharpening
• HDR : Achieve an HDR (high dynamic range) look
• Highlights & Shadows : Easy method for correcting lighting

• Signature : Add digital Signature
• Paint : Perfect tool for those who love the art of hand painted
Artistic Brushes
• Funny Brushes : 40 fun brushes in 5 different categories (Cute,Halloween,Indicator,Kid,People)
• Weather : You’ll be able to transform the atmosphere of your picture in just a few seconds(Clouds,Lightning,Rain,Rainbow,Snow)
• Glowing Lines : Wrap a part of the main object with a glowing beam of light (Glow lamp,sparkle,Fire,Glow Line)
• Seagull : Create a wonderful graphic composition (Butterfly, Seagull)
Live Brushes
• Flare : Add magic to your photos
• Bokeh : Create soft dreamy backgrounds
• Money : Take them, they are flying into your hands!
• Dandelion : Bring happiness to your photos
• Bubble : Add the wonderful flying bubbles
• Petals : Falling petals. Your photos will look very elegant and ethereal (Red Rose,Yellow Rose,Daisy,Autumn)
• Confetti : Essential part of memorable photos
• Shapes : The ideal complement for a fun photo composition

• Mixer : One of the fastest ways to get amazing looking images is by using Blending modes.
• Light Leaks :  Add an artistic touch to your photos
• Grunge : Convert normal everyday photos into worn out style.
• Gradient :  Create natural looking composite images. 
• Lens Flare : Trendy cool colorized photos 
• Vignette : A popular photo effect
• Mask : Highlight a part of your image in different shapes
• Frames : Dozens of Picture frame with 4 different categories
• Doodle : Perfect way for you to add humor or feeling to your photo (5 different categories)
• Borders : Create a simple but effective borde

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Dav. F. Apr 11, 2022     

I downloaded this only for the remove red eyes option, which is a pretty simple function I think most editing apps have, and it was really bad. Couldn't get it to work at all until I put opacity to like 80%, and then it looked really unnatural and weird. It changed my friend's eye colour to some alien glowing green. Previous apps I've used have had an auto-function for removing red eyes and it's been really simple. This was a disappointment. Other than that the app seems pretty good.

Mom. K. O. t. G. a. G. Apr 19, 2022     

I was just playing with the borders and the frames on artwork that was ruined on the edges by water. So I cropped that off and it looks beautiful. I wonder what it's going to look like printed. I will probably most definitely be buying the upgrade in a couple months. I was using the free ones.

She. S. Mar 5, 2022     

As a professional photo restoration artist, I can confidently say that this is without a doubt one of the best editing apps available. I contract hundreds of photos a year from Kodak that their team cannot fully restore & often times I resort right here for the specific needs of that photo. There is really a endless amount of possibilities of use with the tools featured in this app. I highly recommend.

Mod. L. Dec 26, 2018     

It's true that unless you provide a five star rating, absolutely none of the editing features work. Not even the free features! Yes you can go into your pictures or snap a new one but that's all you can do without providing the highest rating. Essentially a scam app. All those great features shown like adding or changing anything, those are only available in the Pro or paid version. I'd rate this a big fat "F"!

Sky. m. C. Mar 3, 2020     

It is the ultimate photo editor if you can upgrade to the pro version and unlock all the features. If not, it is still okay, a little better than most other editors. It will allow you to try a pro feature if you rate it a 5. I only noticed one feature that was for. There should be more pro features allowed to be unlocked as rewards for veiwing entire ads, giving ratings, sharing the app, inviting friends to download and try the app, and posting on social media.

Nat. F. Jan 18, 2019     

It's an okay app. I'm just not really into photo editing apps that require purchasing to use every single one of the better editing options. I understand making people purchase for most of the options, but having just two or three things on the "free" app would probably urge more people to want to pay for all of the features. My phone itself alone can already do all of the free features this app has, so, I'm not really impressed. Uninstalled.

mik. p. Sep 12, 2020     

App is very frustrating. You cannot simply undo your last edit. If you were doing detailed edits and you mess up, you have to learn the hard way that you hit undo and it undoes everything, forcing you to start all over again. The multiple saves and restart is irritating. Also accidentally hit the share button and it shared a picture to fotogenic. It doesn't tell you where the picture went or how to delete it if you want to undo the action. Multiple searches on the internet reveal nothing.

Jer. G. Apr 5, 2020     

Forced a 5 star review to get a trial. Tried it. Interface is a mess, overload and packed with unnecessary information. Couldn't find what I needed, but had to try multiple tools one by one to figure out what they did. One of them didn't work (or I couldn't figure out how to activate it). Many of the tools are redundant, but also severely limited. Overall: a frustrating waste of time.

Dan. D. Jan 1, 2020     

Has a lot more tools than expected and all of them are very simple to use. Ive seen other editing apps advertise a less expensive price point but they seem to focus on individual points of editing capabilities like color splashes, color variances etc... This app has everything in one instead of concentrating on those individual, specific aspects of the editing process. I feel like this was a great deal considering all of the tools that come with it as well the ease of use and tutorials.

Sar. P. May 10, 2019     

You have to have pro version for almost anything but if you give a review you can try it out for a few minutes before committing. Great tutorials, something I didn't even know I was missing. This app does very well at combining multiple quality features that other apps offer separately at a sub par level. Each feature is explained and if you choose to do the walkthrough, its short, to the point and gives you an opportunity to test yourself.

Zan. G. Mar 13, 2019     

I think it's ok. But maybe too difficult for those new to photo manipulation and it's definitely too powerless and limited for us who knows how to professionally edit a photo. Most of the features are for paid users only but you can do some basic editing for free. I like that there is control for brush size, opacity and hardness and that you can add any color. But that's pretty much it I'm afraid. What people said about app not letting you actually edit and blah blah is not true, everything works

Ver. G. Oct 24, 2018     

Haven't used it much but have tried to play around with it to see if it is even half of what it says it does. Seems to actually be pretty decent. The only thing I noticed is you have to pay for a few effects that come free in most other apps. So, either pay for what comes free everywhere else, or have more than 1 editing app, which i think more than one editing app is just weird.

R. H. Mar 20, 2021     

Using the paid version, a small one time fee, unlike some apps that charge monthly. I like that you can retouch both face and body, most phone apps will do one or the other. Plus you can add some cool and enhancing effects. Been using it for a week, it's got a lot of editing tools within the app I didnt know were there. If you're familiar with Photoshop, you'll find similar features with Fotogenic. Just have to get used to working with your fingers or a stylus vice clicking a mouse.

Jac. A. Jun 26, 2019     

They charge 3.99 per item... Meaning that if you want to fix the lighting of the photo that will be 3.99 for that feature, if you want to fix the hdr then that will be an additional 3.99....and that is while it is on sale, the original price (per feature item) is 9.99. Which means that this app would be close to $100 if you were to purchase each item to gain full app access. So stupid and honestly not that great. This is not an exaggeration.

Bri. K. Sep 17, 2021     

Absolutely Love this app! If you are an influencer or in sales and advertising this app is a must have! The best one I've found for basic and advance editing. it even shows you step by step how to use each tool or you can skip it if you wanna wing it. You can Watermark your photos, whiten your teeth, remove a blemish, crop, filters, blur effect, color splash and so much more. I purchased the lifetime subscription and it was worth every penny.

A. G. u. Sep 27, 2019     

This is a great little photo editor. However, it would be extremely helpful if you could designate where it saved files. By default, it saves to you internal memory. I have to manually move all the pictures to my external memory after every edit. Maybe a "settings" button where you change "save to" function and other items.

Hea. H. Jan 15, 2019     

App has some great features, but to access all of them you have to buy the PRO version. The free app is still very good at making photos look better and more beautiful with various tools. I'd give it 5 stars if, 1. it were free and, 2. it were a bit easier to do some of the editing tricks (even though it does show a very quick tutorial video).

Zsu. V. Jul 31, 2019     

There are a lot of great functions in the app ➕ but it's pretty hard to get where to find them. ➖ It's also quite difficult to understand the subfunctions - some kind of system applied to the whole app would make the app much easier to understand and use. You should also make more tools available to try in the free app e.g. filters are quite common in every kind of photo editing apps so that's quite a nonsense to make them available only in pro mode. Yet the app worths a try anyway. 👌

Jen. F. Jan 9, 2020     

Best photo editing app for detailed work, better than Facetune2 in Playstore. I can use my stylus, get the finest detail, save each step as I go. The only thing so far is having to back out and pop back in to go to a new menu selection tion. Time consuming. If u can hit back button to return to menu screen or a dropdown field rather than back all the way out would be nice. But so far this is what I was looking for, not cartoonish edit options, u can do really nice detailed professional editing.

Mil. M. Jan 8, 2019     

I think it's nice, and I only gave the five stars to test the "Pro" version. What I think the developers need to do is price the pro version reasonably; instead of 9.99 or 3.99 per filter. 9.99 a filter is expensive and excessively greedy. I'd definitely pay 12.99 - 14.99 for the app. I'm definitely uninstalling, because most of the filters I already have on different apps (and they're free). When the price is consumer friendly. I'll definitely buy, otherwise. ✌🏽

Kla. S. Apr 17, 2020     

This finally an app that has it right! Just perfect of a split between free and paid features. Free features are extremely helpful for the amateur, still wetting the appetite for the pro features without being in the way. Any paid features are clearly marked as such and show what else you can do with them. Thank you for your great vision for this app, and your business

Pau. A. Oct 15, 2019     

This is a very useful app. I'd give it 5 stars if the back arrow only removed one brush stroke. It could use red, blue, green and yellow wash functions that would tint the entire picture with a slider to adjust the effect. Also, a positive/negative button to give prints the look of a negative would be useful for special effects and transforming old negatives into viewable prints.

Day. May 27, 2020     

Testing the pro version. Will edit when I know if it's worth it Edit: I'm keeping this at 5 stars, I really like the app. It's basically photoshop for dummies, which I very much am. It gives short video tutorials for every option, and has a wide range of helpful tools I mostly use it to smooth out curves and any blemishes. I stick with minimal editing, and it always comes out looking very natural. But you can definitely make more drastic changes while looking natural, too Highly recommended

A. G. u. Oct 12, 2018     

I like the idea of this app, However it's beyond tedious having go back through the tutorial each time one wants to edit the same photos. Even with the same editing tool having to go over and over the same tutorial step time and time again. It just needs a side list of editing options and an optional tutorial section and BAM. 5Star app. As of now, it's waaaaaayyy too time consuming. Great idea very bad layout.

Ron. K. Jan 5, 2019     

Great app. Almost too varied between cute clip art and beautifying a person's face to make using as a photographic tool, easy. Great softening app to dissolve "contrast grain", some nice remove and replace sections of photos tools. NO CLONING TOOL (or I've not found it). There's a lot in here. I think the devs tried too hard to be all things to all photo enhancers. Could've been (1.) to effectively fix selfies and friends pics, beautify, add abs, etc. and (2.) for serious photographers.

Les. K. C. Jan 27, 2020     

After the first hour of use, I am very pleased with Fotogenic. It's very simple to use and features many of the most used tools for photo editing including beauty and body shape enhancements as well as an assortment of professional type filters. Fotogenic adds additional tools in it's pro version. Sure it's not Photoshop, but then again, the Pro upgrade costs only $5.00 !

Sar. E. L. Oct 9, 2020     

Plenty options, zero application. Smoothing tools barely edit, confuses you, and doesn't actually spot correct. When you open the tool, a circle appears, you adjust texture and opacity. You assume you are editing only what you highlight - assume you are "spot correcting/smoothing". Questioning if edits were applied, I examined the before & after. There is no spot editing. It just adds a filter over the entire photo and degrades the image quality. You can only try it if you give a 5 star review.

A. G. u. Oct 4, 2018     

Lots of great options, even just in the free version. Really considering trying the Pro version b/c those options look awesome! Love that this app shows videos on how to use each option. But it is a little frustrating not having any audio instructions during videos. Only constructive criticism to developer would be maybe make the videos with a voice telling you exactly what to do, and also have pause options. The videos go pretty fast. Had to replay some videos a couple times in order to figure out exactly what was being done. But great app, other than that! :) Thanks -Crystal

Bro. A. Dec 6, 2020     

I've had a hard time finding a good mobile photo editing app, then I came across this one! Before I switching between a few different apps to get all the tools I needed which made editing a huge hassle, and something I began putting off. Fotogenic has all the tools and filters I need all in one place. It is user friendly, simple, and useful. This is my new go-to for photo editing. Now I can delete all those other apps that are doing nothing but taking up storage!

Lau. W. Mar 20, 2020     

I use several editing applications and Fotogenic is one of my top 2. And the two offer entirely different types of features(I.E. animation). Easy to use! Fun! Offers basic editing to more finite, professional options! I have is to create a back button that doesn't take you all the way back to the your start. But goes back within that feature specifically. Thank you for a phenomenal application!