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FOX NOW: Episodes & Live TV

Watch full episodes of your favorite FOX shows LIVE or ON DEMAND!Catch new primetime shows such as Lethal Weapon, Pitch, The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon and Son of Zorn LIVE! Or stream returning hits like Empire, Gotham, Scream Queens, The Simpsons and more!Enjoy the FOX primetime lineup LIVE or ON DEMAND the day after broadcast by signing in with your cable provider. Don’t see your cable provider? Don’t worry! The latest 5 episodes of our new shows are always unlocked and new episodes of our returning shows unlock 8 days after airing on TV!If you are having trouble using the app, please visit our help pages or contact FOX support at http://ask.fox.com.-----Access to all available full episodes on FOX NOW is part of your pay TV subscription service. We support many more than 70 providers including Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS. Visit http://www.fox.com/fox-now-tv-providers to check the devices your provider supports.For questions regarding content, signing in with your TV provider or technical issues please visit http://ask.fox.com or tweet us @FOXNOW.We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see http://www.fox.com/policy#ads. You may also download the App Choices app at www.aboutads.info/appchoices.This app features Nielsen¹s proprietary measurement software which will measure your viewing for market research purposes, like Nielsen¹s TV Ratings. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (30)

Mel. K. May 23, 2022     

About every other commercial break, the app stops and says I have too many streams open. I then have to restart the program I'm watching. Since I only watch this app on my phone and am not sharing with anyone, there's no way that's true. It feels like it's just a grab for more ad time.

Kel. G. May 11, 2022     

Update May 2022. No improvements. Still locks up at the worst places. Nov 2021. Sadly, the sporadic buffering is 100% annoying, because it comes when a person is making an important point or a new video is playing. The buffering sometimes last 10 to 30 seconds, but more often lasts minutes to a point where we have to close the app. Maybe a future update will improve....maybe.

Ros. D. May 21, 2022     

This is the most stupidest app I've ever deaaelt with. No matter if you sign in or not it will still make you repeat it THEN not let you out ever when you sign in. So now you have to do the same thing all over again, but guess what? Your 'tv provider' will NOT be there. Every 30 minutes we have to sign in only to spend another trying to find our tv provider. It's ridiculous because they show so many others except tmobile. This app is ridiculous.

Kay. B. May 1, 2022     

Not the best app. You get what's called a "preview pass" on certain shows and it only lasts for 5 minutes. The ads are part of that, so by the time you get through those, you only have about a minute left. It constantly buffers, freezes, and takes forever to load. I downloaded this for one show (and yes the show is one with a preview pass) and this app leaves so much to be desired.

Dan. A. Jan 26, 2022     

After trying out a number of other TV Show Streaming Apps similar to this one, I discovered three important things; 1. Of all the apps I tried, this one works better than most. 2. Like most apps of this type, the selection of available shows is extremely limited (despite what they advertise). 3. When I finally did get to watch the only show I could find on the list that I was interested in watching, after signing in and sitting through 2 minutes of ads, I was finally able to enjoy the app.

Dr.. J. Jan 8, 2022     

Doesn't work. I just installed the app for the very first time, on only one device, and it keeps telling me I've already exceeded my streaming and that I need to close any streams on all my devices. Even though that made no sense, I closed all the apps on all my devices, but it keeps giving me that nonsensical message. I can't figure out how to troubleshoot this error through the apps help center, so I guess I'll be deleting this app if it doesn't magically start working in the next week.

Hea. B. Feb 27, 2022     

same as others. Have never had an issue with this app before. No updates have happened since last using it. Yet now I am receiving a message that I have too many devices connected to stream. This is the only device in the household so that is physically impossible. Your programming code stepped on something else and you need to fix this immediately.

Bud. E. Mar 23, 2022     

App constantly freezes, glitches, etc.. while trying to use. I have downloaded this app on multiple devices (phone, tablets, tvs) and it has the same issues across all of them. If you like watching programming that freezes, skips, sound is out of sync with video... then this app is for YOU! For the rest of us sane individuals, it sucks. I now understand why Aikman and Buck fled from your network like horses from glue factories...YOU SUCK!!!!

Max. A. T. May 21, 2022     

This is the best app I could ever use for the FOX TV Network WLUK channel 11 News or the Foxnow TV network 20th century entertainment from Green Bay Fox cities of Northeast Wisconsin And you really need to try out because is the best and highly recommended TV rated 1 for anything you can imagine and I really love this app so much to stay up to date on everything else completely All on 1 as The Foxnow Mobil app

Kar. P. May 17, 2022     

The app stopped three times in one show saying I had to many screens... I only have the app on one device. It's impossible for me to exceed the screen limit unless the limit is zero?

a. p. o. t. i. May 8, 2022     

When I try to open it it keeps crashing and it keeps giving me notifications that its not responding it doesn't work at all and I'd like to use it

Dar. D. May 10, 2022     

A worthless application. I've used all the major OTA broadcasters streaming sites and this by far the worst.

Jas. S. Feb 27, 2022     

App works well on my tablet, but there is no option for casting to The TV for this version. The same app on my phone has a casting option, but the playback is sometimes not the greatest with that setup. I guess I won't be using this app to watch the shows I missed when first broadcast.

And. K. Apr 15, 2022     

This app glitches on each of my devices. I'll be watching a show (rerun), and the app will just close on its own. It happens at least once every episode I attempt to watch. It's very frustrating.

Rob. S. Apr 13, 2022     

Absolutely worst app I've had. Every few minutes, tells me I'm exceeding my services yet this is the only device I use on. Did everyone of their troubleshooting things, still a big POS. (Only on TV side, not news side so guessing different platform but still junk)

Nat. S. Mar 29, 2022     

This app need to have the "Draw over Apps" feature so the video can continue playing while you do other things on your phone. It's extremely limited in its usability without that ability

Dia. W. Feb 18, 2022     

I love all the shows fox now brings to the table. I think, way More than other networks. I do wish though that i could get even more 60 minute free passes. But they're quite generous with it compared to other networks! I can almost never watch a whole season of anything on nbc, because it's locked.

C. D. B. Mar 4, 2022     

I signed up to stream some favorite shows, including Joe Millionaire then all of a sudden it wouldn't let me see the newest show unless I was back w a cable provider. I was ready to pay for a subscription, but was not provided. I cut the cord earlier to go straight internet because of the high cost of cable. They get you pulled in w an initial low introductory price and then gradually go up and up in their monthly charge!

Tho. H. J. Jan 19, 2022     

Using a Motorola device. I personally can't understand why there are so many bad reviews. I think it's pretty darn good. May improve my star rating after a few more weeks. Easy interface and everything is watchable, no problems whatsoever. Just wish my local news programs were available.

Reb. K. Apr 3, 2022     

My favorite shows are locked unfortunately. Everything is about money these days. If I had a TV provider I wouldn't download an app on my phone to try to watch my shows. Apparently I just won't watch my shows from Fox. At least abc unlocks the show after about a week same with cbs on most shows but not fox they must need that money.

sel. b. Apr 1, 2022     

I only gave you 3 stars and wish I could give you more. The reason is: I loved this app and used to watch live tv, but now I can't!! It gives me that error message telling me about I don't have this in my package. I don't understand! I watch this channel at home on cable and non cable tv all the time. What does this mean!!? Please help and explain, thanks

Jon. W. Jan 16, 2022     

Absolutely horrible app! The fact it's 2022 and this app has to buffer constantly while also just going complete blank screen is crazy!! Btw all tv's in house are connected by either net cable's so it makes the app so frustrating!!!!

Mat. J. Jan 23, 2022     

Horrible. Downloaded for one day on one device and kept getting kicked for hitting my device limit for streaming live TV. Complete trash. Do not download. Paramount Plus, Hulu, Disney, any other streaming service is better than this garbage.

Bil. C. May 6, 2022     

Still a POS app (5-6-22 update) from these moron devs. What a joke they are. Still says "Too many streams playing" and there are no streams playing on any device. Also says the stations are not in my streaming package. Why can't your inept devs fix this problem or just admit your devs are losers that can't fix this app. Do you not read the reviews that many people can't use this app because of the problem described above. Idiots.

Ash. B. Apr 18, 2022     

I have my youtube tv account connected and it Keeps telling me I don't have access to the show I want to watch and to contact my cable provider. I definitely do have access to those shows. As soon as they fix that itll be a 4 or 5 star app

Ste. D. Feb 26, 2022     

Often get 'you don't have this channel in your package' error which is incorrect. Stream will often stutter and just drop after about a half hour. Poor execution.

Mar. H. May 2, 2022     

There is no way to open it. You install it and the Open button disappears. Just flashes non-functioning pictures.

Bat. B. Jan 10, 2022     

Unistalling on my phone and tab, because FOX app is giving me Too Many Streams error messages to close one of my other devices. But when I try to close FOX app, I get an error message. So this app is useless. I guess I will just continue to watch FOX on my TV.

Ste. M. May 19, 2022     

Quality choice shows quick response time, wish I could watch without cable

Sta. May 4, 2022     

Doesn't work says too many streams when I haven't even used it yet and then said fox wasn't included in my DirecTV plan when it clearly is. A huge mess of an app.