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Keep up to date with international news with the FRANCE 24 app for smartphones and tablets, in English, French and Arabic. Watch all our programmes and broadcasts, as well as our live TV feed.Access our comprehensive coverage of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Africa.
Download this app for access to the highest quality news in real time:- Live News Thread- Breaking news alerts- Live blogs on fast-changing news events- All our articles, analysis and videos- Tweets from our journalists and reporters

In order to provide the best user experience, the FRANCE 24 app allows users to personalise their homepage, create a profile and select favourite subjects and programmes to watch and read at any time.The multitask player allows you to browse the site while watching videos. If you can’t look at the screen for any reason, listen to FRANCE 24’s live audio feed
* which works even with the screen off. The France 24 app is Chromecast compatible, allowing you to watch programmes and the live channel on your TV.

Please leave your comments and suggestions on the functionality of the new FRANCE 24 appContact FRANCE 24 directly from the app

*our AAC audio stream is not compatible with certain devices

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