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Free Lightroom Presets - Instagram Filters

Adobe Lightroom CC is free to download from Google Play and you can use the available presets here to create your own professional looking photos completely for free.

Lightroom Presets are ready to use photography tools to edit your photos with just a single action. Choosing the correct preset for your scenario will bring very Professional coloring to your photos. In this app, you’ll find presets for different scenarios such as Landscape Presets, Portrait Presets, Instagram Presets and many more, do not hesitate to explore! These are all Free Presets and they will bring a Professional touch to your photos.

These Premium Presets are created with love and they are all favorite ones. Download them for free and enjoy your professional looking photos. You’ll find Desktop Presets(xmp files) and Mobile Presets(dng files) under different download buttons.

These presets are for Bloggers, Influencers and Lifestyle, Landscape, Wedding, Instagram, Portrait Photography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will like to download and play with these Free Lightroom Presets. Find the most suitable preset for your custom need, there are 50+ presets available in this app and the number is counting.

This app is built to create a quality Lightroom Preset community and share those beautiful Free Presets with so many people. Don’t forget to share this app and follow on Instagram for more preset updates.

If you don’t know how to use the Mobile Presets, very simple tutorial is provided.

If you like the presets, buy me a Caramel Frappuccino to show your support and love.
P.S.: DNG files comes with blank images with presets loaded to them, just copy the settings from them.

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