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Free Presets for Lightroom - FLTR

FLTR provides free presets for Lightroom CC. In collaboration with professional photographers, designers & bloggers we collected the variety of mobile LR presets. Edit any photo, apply filters, effects & make awesome pics right on your mobile device. Take your photos to the next level!

✓ 100+ Lightroom presets
✓ 16 packs:
‣ Summer
‣ Selfie
‣ Fall
‣ Vintage
‣ Island
‣ Mexico
‣ Maldives
‣ Beach
‣ Bali
‣ Desert
‣ Thailand
‣ Fashion
‣ Ocean
‣ Jungle
‣ Tenerife
‣ Sunset

Choose a preset which suits your photos and create awesome pics for FREE!

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Bat. May 22, 2022     

Dissatisfied that this app does not function as advertised in the promo. "Free filters" are very minimal and basic, they're features that any smartphone already has the full capabilities to do in photo edit mode. Uninstalled.

Vic. B. May 1, 2022     

After the most recent update, the presets will not transfer to lightroom. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice with the same issue happening. "Something went wrong. Please try again later" I'm trying to get a specific preset and this is getting on my nerves.

Elo. V. Mar 27, 2022     

I'm super super mad at Google play store and this app, I haven't even used, I just saw it sponsored on Instagram, downloaded it, opened to try it, and immediately went to subscription, I didn't even press a button or touch the screen!!! And they charged me $500 mxn for a subscription that they cancelled for the next year!!!! I never had a problem before with an app, and my Google access to my payment method, but, this app seems a completely fraud!!!!

Des. C. Feb 7, 2022     

I changed my phone and lost access to the presets. I paid for the once in a lifetime subscription and despite of writing them many times already, still no answer and still no access. Update: been waiting for more than 15 days now since my first email to the address that you provided me and nothing has been resolved yet.

The. S. May 26, 2022     

easy to edit . if u know how to edit . yours picture automatic Perfectly clean and WOW ! 🤍❤️

dwi. k. Jan 17, 2021     

I subscribe this based on the experience I got from using basic preset. And It was a pleasant one. But, it wasn't as great as it was now. The layout of the app has changed considerably better now. And they offer many preset on each separate theme. But, I still can't use those preset easy if most of them can't be opened on Lightroom app. I tried to export photos from other apps and they went smoothly. But, for this app it's a on and off. Sometimes it's work and mostly not.

tor. h. Oct 6, 2020     

Presets don't transfer to Lightroom. Don't waste your money on these presets (I bought the 9.99 for the month, glad I didn't do the year) . Not sure if it's the Lightroom or FLTR application that is malfunctioning but, either way, it does not work. I've had this for a week now and I've asked friends to see if they could get the presets I bought to transfer and they can't get it to work. Yes, we watched and read the tutorial. The presets simply never load. (WiFi is not a problem. )

Mal. E. Apr 30, 2020     

Do not promote it as free preset if it's not free, this is misleading and very bad marketing. Eventhough the price is very cheap compared to other platforms yet I preferred to use more expensive providers for only one reason, 'HONESTY'. Since your advert does not reflect on the actual product I found it misleading from the beginning. I understand there are several methods of marketing to attract new clients but you cannot always use the word 'free' if its not really free. Best of luck

Kay. N. May 21, 2021     

There's a little bit of a learning curve to figure out how this works, but once you get it, it's such an easy way to find presets! And the free version is all you need. Make sure you have the Adobe Lightroom app first, then as you look through presets and click "open" it will save to your Lightroom app. To save as a preset, go to the Lightroom app, in "all photos" click on the preset photo and in the upper right hand corner scroll down where you can save as a preset. I hope that's a bit helpful

Tej. Aug 26, 2019     

If I could rate it half a star, I would. First of all, the app is not free. There's only 1 free preset which is useless. I ended up paying for presets and when it came to watching a video on how to activate the presets, the video link didn't work. Thankfully there was a text version, so I read that and followed the instructions. I didn't get all of the presets I paid for so I emailed the developer. It's been days now since I emailed, 4 days and I still haven't heard back. Won't recommend.

Emi. J. Jul 23, 2020     

Beware: this is NOT FREE!!! Edited: okay so a screen pops up which appears to be forcing you to purchase before you see any of the content you'd be potentially purchasing--you have to x out of the screen in order to view the presets. There are SOME free presets, but the title on this app is misleading as not all the presets are free. You can pay a premium to have access to additional presets. So, still beware--its easy to think you have to pay to play.

Mar. S. Nov 15, 2020     

really like the app. I think most of the filters are too strong on clarity and contrast, but that can be adjusted. it is very useful to hold on a picture to see the before and after, because you can compare your shot to the app's one and see what you need to need to adjust, for instance if the original photo of the app is underexposed and mine is overexposed, I know the filter won't fit and will choose another one, or I keep the filter but I know I will have to adjust exposure afterwords

Bri. L. Jan 20, 2022     

Really basic filters for free,not even a trial for what it shows in the ad to try it out befor puchasing.Deleted it immediately. Disappointed.

Gab. Jan 4, 2022     

The process is ridiculous. You have to copy a photo into your lightroom then paste it into a photo. Would not have purchased if I knew how inefficient this was going to be.

Sha. S. G. Apr 27, 2021     

This app is great! It works the way its been set up. The only reason it isnt a 5 is because its a bit clunky. Scrolling through a lot of images isnt a great way of finding what I may want. A search engine so certain aesthetics would be a great addition. The Themes are a great starting point. But more can be done. I do like this app just want it to be a bit more user friendly 😊

Sud. M. Mar 15, 2022     

it's a good app. You have to use it. it's very helpful for us to copy the preset and paste it on a photo. It's looks very professional type.

RM. Mar 16, 2021     

Great app with awesome presets! People are giving it a bad rating because they don't know how to use. This is NOT an editing app, it has free presets that you copy into the Lightroom App and apply to your own photos there. There are also affordable presets for sale, but the free ones should be enough to get started :) It's convenient to have so many options in one place! Will edit review after I use it a bit more.

Way. M. Sep 14, 2021     

I'm glad I didn't listen to those bad reviews and went along to try it out for myself, I love the free version, it's amazing but my only problem I got, when I save it, it don't save to my gallery, it says "saves to photos", I looked everywhere and it's not found, I tried to go in the settings to change the storage but it's not working, apart from that, the app is excellent, when you share it to "other", the picture is amazing.

Man. F. Jan 28, 2022     

I actually needed one app for videos and I thought this one's gonna be a good one but when I opened it I realised it was for photos only. I wish it had options for videos as well.

my. n. Jan 8, 2022     

Every filter that you would actually use comes with a $$$ charge so just use the filters that come with your phone's camera. This would be more beneficial for influencers and people that post a lot.

Chi. A. Dec 29, 2021     

Nothing is free. You can't even test with a photo to see if you like the product. Once app is installed payment request follows. Not nice. I will have to uninstall.

Tap. H. Mar 7, 2022     

Advertised as a free preset, and you said in review feedback it is and it isn't. Don't bother unless you want to spend.

Az. W. May 4, 2022     

Hi. .why my suscription unable to used. .i made payment for 12 month fee. .but unable to used. .how to fix this!

Mic. C. Jun 15, 2020     

Excuse me for noticing that this app says FREE, however once I installed and opened it, this is ANYTHING but free. Granted, the app is free, but the majority of presets are not. To be fair, they do have a few free presets (11) but you need to pay for everything else. It's not so much an issue with $$, but it's the principle. There are many free presets available thru Adobe's website, and I advise you to download them there. I'm dumping this program as soon as I'm done writing this review...

Dal. A. Jun 1, 2020     

Ridiculously tedious to use. Not hard, but an unacceptablely stupid amount of steps to apply any of the filters to your own photos. It should take no more than 2 taps to import and apply the filters, not 6 and there needs to be a way to batch import all the filters if not all at once, then categorically. The amount of time wasted importing each filter 1 at a time with 6 taps each is insane.

Sus. M. Sep 23, 2020     

I'm having difficult downloading some presets unto Lightroom app. When I try to use some presets in Lightroom, i get a message saying it failed to download original presets setting. Also, I don't know what I subscribed to for 12 months. I had previously subscribed to a 4.99 subscription and when I redownloaded the app because of technical difficulties, it didn't sign me back in, it made me subscribe to 19.99 12 month subscription. I would like to know what exactly the 19.99 was for.

Moe. Jul 30, 2020     

When you open app it asks you to purchase. I clicked on x on upper left corner. Downloaded 4 of the free packs. Tried them and they are amazing i ended up subscribing. 9.99$ for all this a year? That is ABSOLUTELY worth it. Now I don't have to sit there for hours editing photos in multiple apps. 1 click to copy preset and another to paste it into your photo is FREAKING awesome. I rarely ever purchase stuff like the but since the use paypal I figure if it's a scam I can get my money back!.

Vis. A. I. T. M. i. May 19, 2020     

They have amazing presets to choose from, I'm start g to fall in love with this app I downloaded all of them... I'm a digital artist, creator, blogger, who isn't these days. Witch is why I choose to try the free app, I use about 43 different apps and I just wish one had it all. I'm afraid to pay the price, probably not take full advantage of the application it self, that would be a waste and taking space. If I wasn't so broke during these tough times I'd definitely would have anything too lose

Joh. A. Dec 15, 2021     

Before testing it already need to purchase without knowing the result , too complicated to see how to try it out. Probably must review the apps, without us having to try it first, it's definitely a no, A lot of fake ads that makes the apps look so good, is being display and mobile user certainly get more cautious before making a purchase.

MAR. S. Jun 19, 2020     

I want a refund, I canceled my subscription within 30 minutes of realizing that this app is way too complicated just to use a filter and after paying for a subscription, it was asking me to upgrade to an even more expensive premium plan.... it's too complicated, I just want my money back. It's not even been an hour since I got duped.