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Free Tube Music, Music Downloader, Offline MP3

TuMusic the application to listen to music

What will you find?
* Download free music
* Radio FM AM - Broadcasters by countries
* Download Browser
* MP3 player (offline music)
* BASS or 3D bass or treble equalizer
* Multi-process MP3 download engine

It is an application to listen to music online without interruption promises to search all the music you want you just have to search by artist or by song title, a quick way to search your songs favorites You can quickly play from thousands of free music catalog.

Free music player plus lightweight easy to use . You can do whatever you want, from text messages, play, use GPS navigator among other things and keep listening to your favorite music.

• Music streaming with just one touch

• It has one of the best MP3 music player
• Millions of your favorite songs in the palm of your hand the best mp3 music player application
• Enjoy online music without interruption there is no need to authenticate, there is no need to start section and with thousands of songs


• Has a music search by title or artist
• It has a playlist screen or playlist where you can add the songs you like most
• It has a favorites screen that is similar to the playList
• An advanced search for millions of free songs
• A very elegant multi-task player
• Popup with navigation controls so you can handle playback without opening the application
• Search with suggestion
• Music in high quality (Recommended with WIFI)

- Autodetention of download links

* MP3 player (offline music)

Now you also have MP3 players with an elegant design download the music player to enjoy your favorite songs that you have locally on your cell phone.

MP3 Player is a free music player with integrated advertising to be used with your local music files.

Some things about the player:

• Music player, songs, and mp3 player with high quality.
• Play songs in random, order or loop.
• Scan all audio files automatically.
• Mark songs as favorites and customize your playlist.
• Lock the screen controls and play from the notification bar.
• Supported formats: mp3, flac, mid, wma, rtx, wav, m4a, aac, amr-wb

* FM AM radio
Online radio stations RADIO for mobile, will allow you to listen live internet radio stations to listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

- Note that all download music is provided under a CC license.
- This Application is not a YouTube downloader.

Category : Music & Audio

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