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Freeform – TV & Full Episodes

TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Young & Hungry, The Fosters, and Baby Daddy, along with dozens of your favorite movies, and live TV*... it's all here! Never miss a moment of your favorite Freeform (formerly ABC Family) tv shows. Catch up on full episodes and check out our newest series like Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After to see what The Bachelor couple is up to!
WHAT’S IN THE APP?• FULL EPISODES: Watch full episodes of your favorite Freeform tv shows – Shadowhunters, Stitchers, Guilt, Switched at Birth and more. Binge watch full seasons of other shows like Greek and Bunheads available to watch for free – no sign in required!

• LIVE TV: Sign in with your TV provider and watch live TV
* from your device!

• TV SCHEDULE: Find out what’s coming up on the Freeform schedule so you don’t miss a moment of your favorite shows.

• FULL MOVIES: Relax over the weekend and watch a variety of movies
- all in the Freeform app!

COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS?Whether you have a comment, question or just want to say hello, we want to hear from you at freeform.go.com/feedback.

For more information visit freeform.go.com/faq.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for some third parties as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies. Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/. Privacy Policy: http://disneyprivacycenter.com/. Children’s Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com/kids-privacy-policy

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

*Restrictions apply. Access to certain content requires current subscription with participating TV provider.

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Reviews (30)

Jan. D. Mar 17, 2022     

I love the shows but the app is slow & often doesn't track what I'm watching (not sure if it logs me out or why this has happened over the past few years). Also I have access to Freeform because I have cable but now you have to also have HULU to watch some of the shows in the app?! So pretty frustrating that I would have to pay twice to watch some of my fave shows in the app.

Ama. B. Mar 11, 2022     

Only 6 adds like every 10 min on a show and every 25 on a movie. adds only last for about 1 minute and 2 at the most.Great app for free movies. I wish that some movies were not locked witch is why i only gave it 4 stars... Otherwise i love it

Jef. B. May 19, 2022     

why have you all not added the login feature with tv cable subscriber on this app!?? it should not have to ask for the spectrum email and password to login! it needs an automatic login feature without email and passwords!!

Reb. K. Mar 25, 2022     

Was working great, updated yesterday, per playstore it is fully updated, everytime I try to open app it says it needs to be updated. Already Uninstalled and reinstalled with no affect.

gav. t. Mar 25, 2022     

Great app until you update it then once you reopen it it'll keep telling you too update even tho you already have and won't load past where it says update when again it's already updated would be five stars but about to down it 2 one star cause I can't watch my show now

B. A. G. U. Jan 20, 2022     

App stars by showing the logo in colorful circles and some arrows, and it takes a LONG time to get past that screen! Plus, the search feature can't find the same content that can be found on the website, such as a movie called "Teen Spirit" from 2011. ---------------------------- The person at Disney should respond to reviews by saying "I've forwarded your feedback to the appropriate team member so they can address this problem." That would show that you care about the feedback users submit in reviews. Expecting me to repeat it elsewhere is offensive. Pointlessly responding to every review without solving the problems is just a waste of everyone's time.

Dou. S. Apr 4, 2022     

I cant get the app to start, I have a samsung galaxy tab and Im just not getting past the start up it just keeps showing the freeform loop

Jon. C. May 29, 2020     

I have so many problems with this app. The connection is extremely buggy, it takes 10 minutes to start any show or movie, and I have to restart it about every 5 minutes. I have a galaxy s9, and I don't know if other phones have this same problem, but the app always forces shows into full screen which forces it into a resolution that makes anything I watch look like garbage. And then there are the ads. They last for a long time and there are so many of them.

Dan. K. Mar 22, 2021     

It seems to be the only streaming network with Hunger Games, so I gave it a try, but had to give up. Commercial breaks every five minutes at blaring volume, with the same two ads every time. I understand ads help provide a "free" service (logging in via my cable subscription) but this is not worth it; I'll just pay to rent the movie. Also, missing closed captions on chromecast and seems to be at a low framerate, though it is HD. Basically, don't waste your time with this app.

L'R. Jun 18, 2020     

The ads need to be placed together at the begining of each episode rather than spaced throughout. The pause and go for the ads does not run smoothly, causing the video to randomly rewind or fast forward when the ads are finished, and then it won't let you rewind or fast forward to the appropriate time. It's absolutely infuriating, making the app practically unusable.

Cha. S. Feb 20, 2019     

my experience with this app has been good sometimes and very annoying sometimes. I use alot of different TV stations apps to keep up with my shows. I was also asked if it streams in English. yes. but it may also stream other languages. I just havent checked.. with the freeform app, i can have great service and it still constantly is stopping for loading then just never loads. when I click out and go to another. it streams just fine. but other than that. it's great

Ash. C. Jun 15, 2019     

I absolutely detest apps that play add every 2 seconds! Why is that? So, a timer shows up on the screen during the ads...fine...2 minutes. fine. Once the timer has expired, it shows a split second if the movie and flips BACK to freaking ads! You can't be serious. Idk if this is a glitch, but it sucks. It will probably be deleted once I finish this specific movie I was looking for.

Mic. D. Mar 24, 2020     

It works ok if I watch on my phone but that's not what i want to do! I want to cast it to my tv. Found a good series and it has been a horrible experience the entire time since I installed the app! I have to select each episode-no autoplay! It's been freezing up and greying out the cast button. My experience with this app has been terrible! I should've read the reviews first and i would've known not to waste my time with it. Do not tell me to call customer support. Just fix this app!!!

Jac. E. Apr 9, 2020     

Horrible.... this app does not work... I can see all the shows but any time I try to stream on my phone it pulls up the video and just buffers. It never plays the video, just buffers until the app crashes. I have reinstalled it twice and restarted my phone several time. I've tried it both on and off the wifi. None of the other streaming apps have ever given me trouble, only this one.

Hey. Oct 24, 2020     

I had such a horrible time trying to watch one movie on demand connected to my Chromecast. I got to the first ad break and it stopped playing. I stopped the casting and restarted where I left off, got to the next ad break, and it did it again, at every ad break. I restarted my phone, reset my network settings, everything I could think of. The app isn't due for an update. It took nearly double the amount of time it should to watch one movie. This was absolutely horrible.

Yıl. K. Nov 18, 2019     

App doesn't work at all. Couldn't even sign up (it buffered). I searched for show(s) I've been wanting to watch, and there were no results, whatsoever. The app is constantly, repeatedly saying, "error couldn't connect to server," "go to WiFi settings," and "retry." (My wifi is working well enough). Clicked on "help," and that page is blank. I sent an email, telling them about how useless this app is for me to be able to use; I'll be receiving a response within 1-3 business days.

Nat. P. M. Aug 23, 2020     

The only problems I had with this app was for the fact the picture would often go all out of focus and foggy looking when ever I watched it. I redownload the app, which worked for the most part before doing it again some odd days later. The second problem would have to be it takes alot of data from your phone so it causes the show to buffer a bit. Otherwise other than that, I'd say it's a pretty good app.

Cai. Feb 15, 2020     

I use the mobile app and Chromecast to watch on my TV. When I start watching a show from my phone before casting to the television, the ads play first of course. The problem is that I can't press the cast button during the ads, so I have to wait until the content begins. When I am able to press the cast button AFTER the show has started, the ads start over. So I have to watch the ads twice. UPDATE: I no longer have to watch the ads twice. 2nd Update: not working again..double the ads! Smh

Lee. J. May 8, 2020     

Extremely buggy app. Take 5-10 minutes to get going, have to keep rebooting. It hangs when trying to verify with Xfinity, it hangs when try to chromecast. It freezes in the middle of shows. I love the shows I like to watch, but hate this tv app. My internet speed is 200 mb/sec, nope that's not it. All my other apps, Netflix, Disney+, ABC, NBC, etc. All works perfectly.

Ang. G. Jul 23, 2020     

I've been using this app on my firestick for months now. I got the email about removing the reward points you use in order to watch shows without ads. I've saved up 1,553 points so I could eventually watch a series I'm interested in. Since they were removing it, I figured I'd go ahead and spend them on that series. Even though it says it's available until the 28th, it's no longer available for me to use my points. The ads are repetitive, and so frequent. I will not be using this app anymore.

Rac. H. Nov 14, 2021     

I used to love this app. but for some reason it won't even let me watch any movies live or regular shows live. Also when I go to sign in to watch something it keeps saying " automatically signed " but then goes back to the screen asking for the cable company that I'm using. I use Xfinity and it's on that screen but the app. still won't load it correctly! This app. needs to be totally fixed or you will lose a lot of customers like me!

Ste. G. Dec 4, 2018     

I use this app on a Sony TV and I'm getting a "Shop" popup in the middle of my screen. I'm on a TV .. I have no way of removing that ad since I can't get the 'X' in the corner. Is this for real ??!!?? Edit - I reached out to support already and they didn't even read my email, but instead sending a generic form email asking me for error codes and what TV provider I use. At last I checked, a store pop-up within an app has nothing to do with any error codes. And since it's an internet thing, my TV provider means nothing. I asked why they didn't actually read my initial support email ... I've yet to hear back from them now. Gotta love the response to this staying to contact them and when I do, I get garbage back. Worthless support.

sco. d. Jul 22, 2020     

I seem to watch more commercials and I watched show. On my Samsung TV if I don't hit exit and try to get back in the commercial freezes and shows the picture but continues to play the TV show all the way to the end with a commercial frozen on the screen. When I exit and go back into the show more commercials. I literally will watch 3 or 4 sets of commercials before I get to see the next one part of the show and I go through that every set of commercials. Something is wrong with the app

Mel. H. Apr 6, 2020     

Stupid waste of time. Don't bother. Locks you out after a couple episodes for no apparent reason? Not even a subscription option, just apparently you have to have a tv provider. Actually stopped working *while* I was in the middle of an episode. Starting watching, left the app briefly, and now I'm locked out. I'll stick with the viewing platforms that work and make sense.

Sky. S. Jun 1, 2021     

The ads are annoying, but at least it isn't like Hulu where you get the same amount of ads but still have to pay to even use the service. 4 stars because a lot of content isn't available to view without using some other service. If I had that service, I wouldn't need this app. Just make all the content viewable for free or don't show it on the app at all.

Blu. Dec 23, 2018     

The biggest issue is that their live tv doesn't work anymore, ever since their new update it keeps saying there's an error even though everything else works like their movie and TV show selection (even tho it isn't much of a great selection😑) I mainly got this app for the live tv cause that's where they showed all the good movies. I tried everything from login off/on from both my account and TV provider, as well as uninstalling/installing the app itself but the same problem continues.

Gre. T. Apr 23, 2020     

I jump through all the hoops. Sign up, connect to my TV provider, select the series I want to watch, select the episode I want to watch, choose that I want to earn points by enduring commercials, it buffers, I hit the "play" button, and... Nothing. It just sits there. I'm staring at a black screen, and nothing ever plays... ever. Makes me kinda sad I ever signed up for this service. I'm running it on my PC, inside of a browser. This is pathetic.

Cai. T. Jun 16, 2019     

I downloaded it for the Non-Stop feature that is new. After a while it had difficulties with my account and it is telling me that I should be patient and it will work again soon. It has been over a week or so with me checking back almost everyday trying to log back in. They provided me with a link to a Disney account services but that was no help and did not even feature a Freeform app option. Needs to fix their account system because I can't even use the app at this point.

Nic. L. Oct 15, 2020     

Constant problems on my tablet. I put on a movie, it refused to load at first, then stopped minutes after. I closed and restarted. I went back to the movie and ended up with background audio playing from a different scene WHILE the current scene was playing. Even on the Xfinity app it's junk. My BRAND NEW Samsung QLED TV has the same issue with the app there and I deleted that because I couldn't watch anything. Only seems to work on laptop/PC. Devs: scrap the apps and start over!

Jas. D. Aug 11, 2019     

I've been watching shows on this app for months now with no problems. Suddenly within the past week the app won't let me watch anything. It keeps freezing and crashing any time I try watching something. Can't even watch more than 5 seconds of a video. I know for a fact its the app since I can still stream Xfinity Go with no problems and everything else on my phone is just fine. Fix your problems. Edit: I have contacted your support team and they were no help in fixing the problem.