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Frelp: honest answers to your questions

Find out what your followers and friends really think by creating questions on Frelp and sharing their links on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook or wherever you like. They can be honest because they can answer anonymously. In the app they can reveal their identity if they wish. You can reply to answers and share if they are inspirational or funny. You can delete any answer you don't like.

Use Frelp to ask your own questions:

- Get honest feedback from your followers.
- Find out what your friends really think about you.
- Get an honest opinion about the way you are dressed.
- Find out if you should buy something or not.
- Discover who likes you.
- See what your followers really think about a picture
- Learn you can improve some aspect of your behaviour.
- Get constructive feedback for work or classes.
- Get advice, tips and personal coaching to help you do better.

How it works:

1. Use Frelp to create questions with images about any subject.

2. Every question has a link. Share the links with Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, email or any other tool. If you don't share your questions you will not get responses.

3. Followers and friends respond anonymously in a web browser. If they have the app they can reveal who they are if they like. They can see everyone else's responses if they want.

4. Get the responses in the app. Reply if you like. If you don't like a response, just delete it so nobody can see it.

5. Share responses that you enjoy as a picture in Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. To attach a link to a Snapchat pic, just copy and paste the ask url.

6. When you answer a question in the app you can follow it to see what everyone else has to say.

Works across iOS, Android and the web. Even if your followers and friends don't have the app they can still answer your questions in a web browser.

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Reviews (3)

fai. b. Dec 9, 2017     

Great feedback app, and you can delete any stupid comments

A. G. u. Dec 8, 2017     

Better than Sarahah and works!

Dar. R. Dec 18, 2017     

This is amazing app for help people