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Frequency Generator - Audio Tools & Ultrasound

Generate a frequency, meditate with binaural beats, play with sound effects, or relax with white noise: Discover the 10 high-quality audio features of Frequency Sound Generator!

Single Frequency
• Generate a tone with a frequency between 1Hz and 22000Hz (ultrasound).
• Test your hearing: On average, humans hear frequencies between 20Hz and 20000Hz, but the hearing can deteriorate with age, especially for frequencies close to ultrasound. Some people use this fact to prank teachers in classrooms by generating ultrasounds that only youngsters can hear.
• The sound generator can simulate a dog whistle to help you train your dog by generating very high pitch sounds.
• You may try to use this as a mosquito repellent app (anti mosquito), but be aware that several scientific studies have found that ultrasounds are not an effective solution to repel mosquitoes. Anti mosquito apps usually try to repel mosquitoes by generating near ultrasounds and ultrasounds (between 15000 Hz and 22000 Hz). Same goes for mouse repellent and insect repellent apps.
• Find your tinnitus frequency. Whenever you need, generate a tone that will mask your tinnitus.

• Experience the acoustic beat phenomenon. Generate two close frequencies simulatenously : 440Hz and 445Hz for example. You will hear a "beat" frequency of 5Hz. This phenomenon is frequently exploited by musicians to tune their musical instruments by ear. It is also the basis of binaural beats.

Musical notes
• Play a tone based on musical notes.
• Tune your instruments.

Binaural beats
• Use binaural beats for meditation, concentration, relaxation or to improve your sleep.
• Create your own binaural beats to personalize your meditation sessions. Adjust the binaural beat frequency to your needs.

Noise generator
• Use one of the pink, brown, or white noise generator for relaxation, meditation, concentration or sleeping.

Sweep generator
• Generate automatic frequency sweeps to identify the capabilities of your audio equipment.
• ...or you can have fun by generating police sirens, cartoonish fall sound effects, etc.

Bass / Subwoofers test
• Discover how your audio devices handle very low frequencies. Best suited for subwoofers and headphones.

Unclog speaker
• Remove water from your phone speaker. If your phone is water-resistant and has been in contact with water, the speaker may now sound muffled. The vibrations caused by the generated frequencies will help to remove the water and repair your speaker by unclogging it.

DTMF Tones
• Generate DTMF tones used in telecommunications.

Sound effects generator
• Generate and export random sound effects. Nothing is pre-recorded, every sound effect you create is totally unique.
• The audio file (.wav) export is available for devices with at least Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).
• Concept inspired by SFXR.

More tips
• Available waveforms for the generated signal are: sine, square, triangle and sawtooth.
• Save your favorite signals as presets by using the app menu.
• In the settings you can customize the sound generator behaviour when the app is in background. You can also set a timer to automatically stop the signal after some time: Perfect for falling asleep.
• Keep in mind that the generated tones can be very annoying and irritating for your surroundings. Always use this application responsibly. Also, keep the audio volume low to avoid damaging your hearing or your audio devices. If you rise the volume to better hear very low frequencies, don't forget to lower the volume afterwards before playing higher frequencies: the perceived volume of a tone depends on its frequency.
• When generating ultrasonic tones (20000 Hz and more), speakers may produce additional parasitic sounds. Hearing those sounds does not mean you can hear the actual frequency being played.

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