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Fuel Economy for Torque Pro

Ever wondered why your car consumes more fuel from time to time? Or how the way you drive can affect fuel economy? So many tips and tricks can help you improve gas millage (fuel consumption), but you don't need to worry about them with us. You just need to follow one simple rule:

► Requirements:1. OBD II reader, connected to your car.2. Torque Pro app, should be installed on your android device. This is a plugin app. It only works from inside the Torque Pro.

► Available Units: MPG, Imperial MPG, L/100KM, Km/L

► Notes:1. App starts showing graphs a few seconds after your vehicle starts moving.2. Four methods are embedded in the app to calculate mileage/fuel consumption. Try to change the method if it doesn't respond or the numbers are inaccurate. It is common for some vehicles to report slightly different numbers on different methods. Some cars might not support one or two method at all.3. Set "Fuel Type", "Engine Displacement" and "Volumetric Efficiency" in your car profile inside the Torque.

✮ Polite Note ✮ In case you have encountered a problem please kindly contact us first, before give us a low rate.

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Reviews (30)

Jos. S. Nov 22, 2020     

Unfortunately, it only seems to record small parts of my trips. For example. I made a 4 hour trip the other day, yet it only recorded two 5-6 minute segments of a single, non-stop drive. I also see instances where it recorded a 5 minute drive is being 15. I did check, and it can access my location when I'm not in the app, so that rules that out.

Kar. P. Aug 3, 2019     

I have this for Torque Pro, it came with my a Atoto A6 device, however when it is displayed horizontally on the screen, on the right hand side the digits are cut off on the bottom. If I can attach a photo, I will at a later date I took a picture but it didn't come out for some reason. Please examine this and fix the display so that the numerals display correctly on the right hand side or the display on a horizontal layout. Other than I can give it a better rating.

And. F. Oct 12, 2019     

Just what I was looking for. The torque pro didn't gave me any useful fuel consumption info, and this fills that gap. It just would be nice if we could delete trips. (Edit) now there is an option to delete trips, but you should avoid it. It works very slowly and buggy. I've just lost all my trips while trying to delete one of them...

Ant. L. Oct 1, 2021     

Does what is says, OLDER DEVICE I have an older no-name brand phone on Android 9, it works fine. You can also just skip the cloud logins which is a plus, Pretty basic but for free, it functions. Only downside is the car models selectable are not that comprehensive.

Dyn. L. Dec 23, 2018     

Good effort, but it needs improvement in design. Screen text hard to read in light and dark theme. I wouldn't expect users to know what's Volumetric Efficiency. The question mark help link won't open. I'm willing to review the rating if those issues are fixed.

Wic. M. May 2, 2020     

Cannot singed in to the cloud with google account. it says.. "Not Signed in. error code: 15, retry!" every time. secondly, it does not save the weight in the vehicle profile. every time when the profile is open, have to enter the weight again when saving.

Tro. e. Dec 31, 2018     

It's an excellent app for a car that doesn't have a trip computer on the dash. You just need torque and an odb elm reader plugged in. I would pay towards getting a few extra fetures like ligin working and the ability to calculate long term continuous fuel economy.

Sha. P. Aug 27, 2019     

Great data tool, works great with my Ford, unfortunately loses a star because I consistently get an error when I try to use data backup to cloud. (not signed in, error code :15 retry!). Using a Oneplus 6

Nis. H. May 1, 2019     

It works fine, but from their privacy policy it sounds like they sell all your data / possibly driving habits to insurance companies, who knows what. The current app seems to work accurately for mpg, has some nice features, but its not worth selling your privacy for that

Erw. Dec 24, 2019     

Cannot login to Google - error 51x, app doesnt record automatically, always start new one if you quit the app/ open another app. Sometimes hang and give a flat data

Jav. S. Apr 23, 2020     

Very useful and informative; however, when you're given the chance to "sign in," it just continures to show an error.

Jef. G. Oct 25, 2019     

In addition to being an inaccurate fuel economy addon, it caused several issues with vehicle diagnostics including message to 'service shifter' and also caused ABS warning light to activate. After uninstalling this addon, problems stopped.

Inc. W. Sep 14, 2018     

App continues to crash on my note 8. Works great when it works. Also unable to log in with my Google account.

Tre. S. May 18, 2019     

FIX IT! I downloaded this app hoping it would work and it doesnt, never did... it'd be nice for it to be a functioning application on my phone instead of a waste....

Gre. N. Jun 27, 2019     

Like others have said, this just crashes on startup. Completely useless which is a pity. Would be nice if the devs fixed it or gave the code away to someone who will.

Ted. T. May 4, 2019     

Very disappointed with this app. It used to work seamlessly in it's paid versions; but developers dropped their responsibility to keep this app working when they decided to give it for free. Totally useless app now.

Rya. P. Jan 23, 2020     

I really like the interface and the data it produces, information is very useful, my only complaint is Google sign in doesn't work, keeps giving me error code 15

Nic. R. Oct 18, 2018     

It wont stay open. And when you try to sign in with your Google account it gives error code 15. Waste of time. App needs fixing. Use the old methods

A. G. u. Nov 20, 2018     

After the first install, it worked for a couple of trips. Then started recording nothing. Reinstall and reset a few times, no avail

Edw. R. Sep 11, 2020     

Good app, but I keep getting an error could keep coming up when I try to sign it in using Google to sync to the cloud.

Mat. h. Aug 9, 2021     

Is there going to be an update to this. Keeps saying it's built for an older version of Android and offers for me to cancel or check for updates.

S. V. Jan 6, 2019     

Hi just having problems logging into it. Stating not working every time I login. please may you fix this problem that is with the torque pro app. thank you

Ros. Z. Oct 20, 2018     

When will it be possible to download a working version of this app? Seems like a great application but unfortunately it's not working on honor 7 phones?

Nit. I. Oct 17, 2020     

I absolutely love Torque it does scanning of dtc's, clearing codes, live monitoring of Engine rpm, Oil pressure, Oil temp, Engine Temp, fuel trim long term, and short term, manifold pressure, Vacuum pressure, fuel pressure and many more. This is an awesome App with the BAFX products Bluetooth OBD-II Diagnostic Interface.

Jon. F. Jul 31, 2020     

Can't open, dnt work in Android 10. I paid for the pro torque version for this tool, and it's usefull.

Bri. W. Jul 30, 2021     

This is great. It's just in driving a box truck that weighs 13,000lbs and the app only goes up to 999lbs...

Gav. v. D. Jul 29, 2019     

worked once, but then upon reinstall it fails to launch. can't delete trips etc.

Dus. J. Sep 25, 2018     

Will not sign in to Google account. Will not import vehicle data. Honestly, rather useless it seems.

Din. S. Dec 4, 2021     

Stopped working after the current update a week ago.there is no icon or symbol for FUEL ECONOMY to click

Pau. M. A. Nov 9, 2019     

Kinda useless, besides for a few expected features, this app wont let me sign in and where there are placematkers like question marks, you would assume that it would explain some rule or define a word and nope, nada, nothing. Come on guys.