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Fuel Pay

Fuel pay app is basically to facilitate customer on the route . App helps to find suitable fuel station for that time requirement of consumer it shows Type of fuels , Rate , facilities available at petro pump and discount offered by petrol pump .Customer will have to visit to the selected fuel station and tell the otp to the pump attendant to verify the order and the customer, then the pump attendant will provide the fuel to the particular customer.Fuel station will know the type of fuel , quantity, and vehicle no once order is placed
Fuel pay customer app:
Step-1: Customer will have to registered (free )with mobile number then he enter the otp for verification which is send on the registered mobile no
Step-2: After step1, customer can create the pin to login.
Step-3: After login customer can see the fuel station and select the fuel station of his choice or requirement and request for fuel by entering the vehicle number, quantity,amount etc.
Step-4 After requesting the fuel customer got the unique 6 digit code(otp)for the particular request.
Step-5 After step 4, Customer HAVE TO STOP at the selected fuel station, (customer also have a facility to click the track pump button to get the address from map. )
Step-6 After step 5, when customer reaches the fuel station, customer have to tell the unique 6 digit code(otp) to pump attendant.(here he need not to tell anything except OTP because merchant had already received the requirement )
7 once vehicle gets fuel customer May pay either cash or online
8 After payment customer will get msg
‘’Thanks for your Visit at our Fuel satiation ‘’

But again we confirm that this app doesn’t offer online sale it just help customers on the way to catch best fuel station and reach there to get delivery of the product and services.

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